MONSTER HUNTER WORLD (Honest Game Trailers)
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MONSTER HUNTER WORLD (Honest Game Trailers)

November 17, 2019

The following trailer is rated “H” for “Honest”. From the people who brought you evil houses, From the people who brought you evil houses,
streets that fight, From the people who brought you evil houses,
streets that fight, and crying devils, comes a series about Japanese Jurassic Park that newcomers will deal with
the only way they know how: comparing it to Dark Souls– Monster Hunter World. Embark on a voyage
to a newly discovered continent and experience the thrill
of colonization for yourself as you literally carve out a place
for yourself in this brand-new world by exploring its jungles, deserts,
and weird coral forests, tracking down the biggest thing that lives there and beating the s#!t out of it
in the name of research, then making a giant hammer out of its head,
and killing its entire extended family with it. The circle of life really IS beautiful. Dive face-first into the most
accessible Monster Hunter yet, as Capcom brings the franchise
out of handheld purgatory, finally letting you hunt monsters
like a real person with an actual controller, then strips out several layers of
unnecessary bulls#!t and hidden information that meant you had to play the game
with a wiki open next to you, resulting in a Monster Hunter that’s actually
something a sane person might want to play. Congratulations, Capcom! Your game is now slightly less complicated
than learning a foreign language! Grab your insanely oversized weapon of choice, play some prehistoric dress-up, chow down on an insane
amount of food for a single human and head out into a brand new
Monster Hunter world, featuring more elaborate maps with no loading, a tracking system that isn’t
a massive pain in the ass, a slingshot strapped to your arm
for annoying the wildlife, multiple camps and fast travel, a grappling hook that lets you
zip around like Stone Age Spider-Man and monsters that actually
interact with each other, in a hunting experience that feels
more epic and intense than ever before… …as long as you don’t mind the rest of the game,
which basically feels like doing your taxes. Experience the 100-hour loot treadmill
that is still at the core of Monster Hunter, where you’ll gather materials
to make potions and tools so you can fight the same monster
over and over again and never get that one part you need
to finish your dragonflesh dress, then grab some pals
and hop online to hunt together, experience the shame
of carting in front of them, and then STILL don’t get the parts you need, in a gameplay experience that would be REALLY
tedious if the combat weren’t so awesome! I am a monster hunting god! S#!t! Oh, s#!t! OH, S#!T! OH, S#!T!! So sharpen that knife…every few minutes and roast that meat for an entry that finally brings
monster hunting to the mainstream, because aside from the fact
that the game’s pretty fun how can you say no to a game
where you get to make a badass cat friend? I shall call you Mittens I shall call you Mittens and together I shall call you Mittens and together
we shall drink the blood of our enemies! Awww, you’re so cute! Starring… And… Scalebound. If you’re ever having trouble with a fight,
just send up an SOS flare. Three Japanese dudes will show up and
destroy the monster in, like, two minutes. Carry me, senpai! Comment below on what you
want me to read in my epic voice! ” You’re just jealous because the voices
are talking to me and not you ” “Someone call quarantine,
cuz your smile’s contagious” “Anime is a mistake” “We challenge all players!
You cannot beat us!”

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  2. DAAAAAAAMN the Mittens joke… beautiful! And suddenly the Monsters will actually be killed by the delivery boy who killed himself because he couldn't live with the guilt 😀

  3. And beating the sh*t out of them in the name of research. It could be so true if we still have dinosaurs as our biggest animals instead of whales. In Japan, when you want to eat something, you "research" them first :').

  4. I love how I came here from the previous monster hunter honest trailer and one of the first things they say is that newcomers will compare it to dark souls. Did we forget, "makes dark souls seem like super smash bros." Lol.

  5. Lmfao!! ????? That last joke about the sos flare was racist af. But so goddamn true. It feels like you summoned the gods.

  6. I think that the not getting parts is the least active in world even rare parts can be traded in the elder melded for gold wyverian tickets

  7. Tbh you don’t have to kill a single monster if you don’t want to. You can capture them. Apart from elder dragons that’s change the entire ecosystem with their presence.

  8. I wish that's how sos worked I always get the noobs joining. very few times I get the more experience players. I dont do sos often I'll just solo the monster or have my pals join me.

  9. Yooka Laylee lmao I'm dying

    But I'm kinda sad you didn't mention to SHARPEN YOUR HAMMERS after bashing all the pets in the head

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