MOMOKOMETAL Makes “Fake Chocolates” for Valentine’s Day 【ENG SUB】
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MOMOKOMETAL Makes “Fake Chocolates” for Valentine’s Day 【ENG SUB】

February 13, 2020

Everyone!Happy Valentine!It’s middle school 2nd grader, Momoko Okazaki!Everyone, how are you going to spend your Valentine’s?Yes! This year too I’m going to make “fake chocolates”!A “fake chocolate” is when I take chocolates or cookies made by my mother.I pack them, then hand them out to everyone saying it’s from me!Um, everyone probably already knows this…I always, every year, don’t make the chocolates!Also! Speaking of Valentine’s, there’s the Valentine Live, right?Everyone, arf, ar…Everyone, are you looking forward to it?Let’s all get hyped at the show!Well then, I’m going for it!Seishin junichi.Aburi karubi, aburi karubi, aburi karubi!Bye bye!Then, who’ll go next? Momoko, wanna go?Ah, shall I? Okay.Will you? Will you?Yes, yes.Go ahead! Momoko, go ahead! Momoko…I can’t stop myself.Um, this time…At this place, I shall make a declaration.What? What? You kinda sounded smart there for a second!Declaration! Declaration! Go ahead.Yes.This time, on Amuse Mobile’s video, I had said I’m going to make “fake chocolates” this year.Oh, what’s a “fake chocolate”?A “fake chocolate” is when I take chocolates or cookies made by my mother, pack it and say it’s from me…Ah, in other words, not made by Momoko.Yes, yes, yes. That’s right.But this year, for a change…I’m going to make homemade cookies!I’m glad but will it be okay?I’m glad but Momoko, will it be okay?Yeah, this year my mother wouldn’t help me…That’s right.She was like, “nope”.That really was for the best, right?I wonder if my tummy will be fine?Maybe. Don’t worry…No…Put it on heat properly, okay?Yeah, got it. Got it.What if we get sick?On the other hand, if you turn the heat up too much, you will end up charring them!I will make it with love.I messed up a bit though.You messed up at the important part, didn’t you?Yes!Eh, what do I say. But…During 2016…During 2016’s Valentine, I said, “I will make chocolates this year”.Ah, she had said it!I didn’t make them.What is that?!I didn’t make them, did I?Well, I mean really…This year she gave us fried chicken.Fried chicken!It was fried chicken!Eh? You made fried chicken?No. She bought them.Sloppy!I was with her when she bought them!Yeah. I needed someone for advice on how many I should buy.You couldn’t make chocolates?I couldn’t, right?It was bothersome?Just a little bit!Yeah, well…You know, I do think that making them would kind of refine a girl’s femininity.Right? Yeah.But like eventually, there’s that part of me that depends on my mother.That’s why…I gave up!You gave up!So you couldn’t refine your femininity?Let’s stop here!“Let’s stop here”, she said!Yes.

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