Moment by Bear Archery – A Quick Bow Review
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Moment by Bear Archery – A Quick Bow Review

August 16, 2019

200 inch buck stepping out. Draw back. Hey guys Dan Pickar here with Eastmans
Bow Hunting Journal today we have a 2017 Bear Moment. It reminds me a little bit of the Bear Escape from last year. It’s a 31 inch axle to axle. 340
feet per second IBO, this one is 29 inch draw length and it has a 6 inch brace height. So it’s definitely a fast bow. We have a speck of 80% let off so it should be
pretty comfortable. What I like this year about the Bear Moment is the grip
specifically. Its got a nice flat back shelf to put your palm up against. Its kind of a
slick composite plastic and so it slides in your hand a little bit and it’s
pretty comfortable, so I like what Bear did this year with their grip it’s
definitely one of my favorite grips of 2017. Shoot the bear moment here. That first
half of the draw cycle is nice and easy and smooth, you get to the peak and then
you hit the valley and it you know it feels good it’s not as jumpy as the bear
escape in my opinion. It seems like that 80% let off is super comfortable I feel
like I could hold it back here and hold on an animal for quite some time and not
get too tired. Shoot one downrange nice and quiet has
the dual string stops so it’s definitely nice and quiet on the shot.
I’m curious to see what kind of speeds were getting out of this bow, so we’re going
to shoot one more downrange and then we’ll shoot once through the chronograph. There we go. Okay so we’re going to chronograph Bear Moment. We have the 406 grain carbon express maxima red arrow here 350 or 350 fine. So we’ll see what we’re getting 29 inch draw 70 pounds, IBO 340. 308 wow that’s a cruiser. 308 that’s pretty quick, and that’s a quiet 308 too actually. Lets do one more. 309. Alright guys, 309 feet per second
out of a Bear Moment that’s pretty crazy for how compact and how quiet this bow
shoots with a 406 grain arrow. So I’m going to shoot a few more downrange,
thanks for watching this episode and be sure to like, subscribe, comment below.
I’ll answer any questions you guys might have and we’ll see you next time
with Eastmans Bowhunting Journal for another bow review.

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  1. Do ever you try any heavier arrows (aluminum) to find out speed or maybe a penetration test? I know these bows are made for speed, but I'm curious of the penetration abilities. Thanks.

  2. Holding this bow with 80% let-off is very comfortable.The draw is smooth but I feel all 70 of the pounds until I reach the break point…..Nice Bow!

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