Mom warns other parents about dangerous online game
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Mom warns other parents about dangerous online game

October 9, 2019

tonight and only on News five an alarming online trend aimed at children law enforcement agencies around the world say kids are being lured into dangerous acts today I caught a lot of Springs mom took to social media to warn others after she says her daughter could have fallen prey News fives Jessica barreto caught up with this mom and her daughter Jessica what they tell you well it’s definitely scary for both of them and really it’s any parent’s worst nightmare that mom tells me she never expected her daughter to be exposed to this threat online expense especially since her daughter was totally unaware she could been lured in the first place and now they’re taking this close call and using it to spread the word to other families you can do it I promise go go like any mother Danielle Williamson does her best to protect her daughter so when she found out social media accounts featuring this creepy looking girl named Momo we’re encouraging kids online to physically harm and even commit suicide as part of a sinister game called the Momo challenge she was alarmed that little girl’s face freaked me out and I started reading that article and when I got to the end of it you know it said that they were posting it online the scary trend catching the attention of law enforcement agencies across the world this police department in India posting a Twitter video on the Momo challenge cautioning people against responding to any unidentified messages on social media also this tweet from another Police Department in Mexico and even st. Johns County Sheriff’s Office in Florida warning parents while they may not know Momo their kids might and that was williamson’s worried so she asked eight-year-old Luna if she recognized the picture I felt really bad because I showed it to her and she covered her eyes almost automatically and I was like Luna I know it’s scary I don’t like it but I need you to look at this picture Luna said she’d seen it on YouTube before I clicked on the video then it showed the picture I was like hmm I thought it was terrifying because what about the eyes because they’re like popping out she said that she had seen that girl’s face and that she knew her name and she said that her name was Momo and I was like oh dear God thankfully Luna didn’t fall prey to the dangerous game it makes me upset because one you know I don’t want my daughter to I think that that kind of stuff is okay to do and after learning how serious the consequences can be she’s steering clear I don’t want anybody to do that anymore sensei now I know Williamson hopes her post will serve as a warning to parents to keep a closer eye on their children and who they interact with online that can hope that we all stay aware and keep our babies safe I reached out to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office neither had caught wind of this trend yet and as of right now there aren’t any reports of kids falling victim to this within the u.s. always watching out for you southern Colorado Jessica barreto news 5 that is creepy

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