Mo Salah Exclusive Interview in New York, 2019: Taylor Rooks Meets the Egyptian King
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Mo Salah Exclusive Interview in New York, 2019: Taylor Rooks Meets the Egyptian King

October 8, 2019

what would you say to those people that maybe believe he’s a one-hit wonder I don’t you can’t answer them how long did it take you to crawl out of that sad moment I go to my room it was like almost crying every day here at the police report offices in New York City we were going to go across the pond into from Osama but we really just got to go like across the street to his hotel cuz he is in New York City Mo is obviously one of the most recognizable faces around the globe and he’s one of the biggest soccer stars ever but he’s making news right now for more than just this no it’s the very first thing I think that when I look at you as I see this hair and it’s fantastic how would you describe your hair sexy you know what the hair really has a mind of its own there’s a Twitter account dedicated to your hair did you know that most al lawz hair and it’s just about your hair and how it look that day the people in England they miss the kind of hair very capable on dino and long hair but the kids and they were forced I love my head so much well that’s one thing in soccer I feel like hair is a big thing and a lot of players their hair is a part of their kind of soccer i didn’t–it II do you feel like that with your hair with my head yeah I just feel like this is my style this is my how it looks like so I don’t want to change that love it but you’re probably next summer I gonna do a new haircut I’m not sure okay now I actually have a video for you that was sent to me that somebody wants to say hi why do you think it is this is spent every moment in my seat now listen then you know the man is a pure scorer all know what the numbers are crazy amount of gold in amount of games I mean he’s up there with global brand even though he’s not with me he was so excited to hear they’re talking to you he’s so it’s so good so calm I need him before I like him a lot and he’s great player and a great person in American football I’m not a great great fan but I like it now because it’s still college football so he has totally big target in his mind and he has passion about it and he wants like rich history who has better hair you are older Beckham junior it’s very easy to decide me let’s see you’re thinking about going blonde okay is it sometimes nice to come to a place like New York where if you go outside overseas I’m sure you’ll get mom everybody wants to talk to you but here you’re able to blend in does that feel nice or do you feel like you blend down here that’s what I expect before I came but after I came there’s like a little bit difficult when I came here and see the people also react the same way as Europe so do you ever feel overwhelmed being Mozilla as a human being you wanna just feel free listen when I say it’s a lot if the people will take it in I’m complaining I’m not complaining but it’s just some time you feel like you want freedom to work to do whatever you want so you come to New York and you did not be yes we are breaking the law jaywalking too cool to see that even if someone sees you that’s like a big moment for them that’s honestly what that’s what I take each each moment like that when I get like okay come on guys it’s too much I just feel like okay you make his life better or he just feel happy yeah so that’s something also makes me feel good yeah yeah I think I’m happy about that yeah and it’s a fun place to see like it’s fun it’s fun I wish I could come again in the summer so okay so I know you tried some New York Pizza yes New York is known for food but it’s not it’s gotta be as good a little tradition here because I can hear my name so edition new but how great is that like cuz I feel like in Egypt you’re probably the most famous person that has come out of there okay you know what I know the there’s a few songs ya thinking right yeah so expectations for you are pretty high in the football world like last year you have 40-plus goals so now it’s like anything less than that is due to this big slump right it’s like the expectation from the peak from the people is very very high so so basically you score 40 something last season now they want you to score 60 next year I wanted you to score 90 and this doesn’t work like that what would you say to those people that maybe believe last year was just a good year he’s a one-hit wonder what would that message be I don’t need to even to answer them I must have them in the field so I mean till distance to the top scholar on my team is very close to win to title this season so what are your memories of the injury that you suffered and the Champions League level it’s tough time it was very bad but you know final Champions League big dream for yourself and for the city for the fans for everyone what win the Champions League you won’t win it also to read the history it was also before the World Cup one month before the World Cup and when I fell down when I go up to my stand on the ground and I felt something it was like my in my mind was paying more than the body because I just felt Wow the Champions League is over for me and the world comes over I just felt like I don’t deserve that I’ve had something my shoulder immediately I went to dressing room was just crying it was it was very tough for me at that moment how long did it take you to crawl out of that sad moment I think this is still hair until now I mean because you didn’t win it so you feel like you were close to win the Champions League final or Champions League and even when it I go to my room I was like almost crying every day yeah I can tell even when you talk about it now that that was definitely a very like a a defining moment for you yeah actually honestly it’s tough it’s tough when I think about it because it’s like something kill your dream like it’s the Champions League final the world’s Cup but in that in one moment like I disappear this is so so difficult it’s a bit when you were growing up I know you were going back and forth from fields to get better tell me about some of those those moments for you you know like wow that’s like that was me like when I was very young I used to play in the tree not thinking about how he come in the future how big you would be like it’s it’s a lot of things to change it but it’s like also getting emotional when you feel like wow this kid could be one day a huge player or very famous so that’s something really very nice and also when I sit like a young player or the kids planes to it I’m just hearing English when they gonna be famous when they wanna be you have money you will have everything and you will be happy so just enjoy the life now [Music] so what are you motivated by in life I just want to do everything I could do or even just in my mind lights there’s many thing and I feel like it’s so difficult to keep it so I put it as a target then I try to reach it what are some of those targets I think at each one of them yesterday so I think it’s difficult to see on an Egyptian and one of the hundred and nineteen people in the world so that’s something very very huge and something also motivate intubate me to to do better and to improve myself in in the field and of of the field what is the number one issue in the world right now that you’re fighting for I think the woman right that’s the most important thing I think something we need to change them in the Middle East more I’m not saying we’re creating a woman bad way what I’m saying is we have flexibility to do that much better it’s something in our hand in our minds there was a video that went around of you playing basketball so I’m gonna show you that video and I want you to walk me through this basketball workout okay let’s see was baby first ever busted in my life then it wasn’t terrible that was the first time sighs okay yeah I think it was the kid you can hear well the first time even anything that was much better I practice every day maybe in the doom who are something my basketball players now that you’re more into I like to burn gentlemen yeah okay LeBron Ellis student work in the posse cosmetic Durbin so scary remember didn’t about him I played in the first team in my country when I was 17 years old so I was very very young for the other players so from that time I just like oh this is my chance I’ll never miss it yeah I have to work harder to dedicate myself to what the diamond do recovery dedication yeah yeah that’s amazing and you did it yeah I know Adele actually I showed you the video he was like you know I just admire him like I said mutual respect for him so well yeah the people liked him a lot in England yeah the players talking they ask me even how do you see him did you meet each other do you know each other before I say aha it’s awesome ABO yeah have you met LeBron James yet no I’m not yet okay but one day one day yeah he’s a little um yeah I mean had chef answer so every show we do and take me segments and now it is your turn to take me somewhere already yeah take me to your favorite goal ever oh it’s different it’s different because it’s it’s about how the goal is important for you but for me I think the gold start to change my life more is that the World Cup game doctor we I scored the penalty I scored against Congo when we qualify to the World Cup top 28 years so that’s something I have to choose it take me to the best part of that commercial shoot with I think I can choose the trick shot you know the one with the first time that was it was very nice but all the commercial had fun on it so so you did that commercial with Messi most of the most of the people according to his player ever that’s something very huge and something like very very excited for me and for the team also so that’s something great take me to your morning coffee routine that’s something never change so wake up in the morning shower do meditation then get a coffee then put a clock how many coffees throughout the day do you have depends in Italy I used to have more because we’re copying Italy’s dinner so we end every interview with a closing video selfie and picture selfie so now it’s your turn okay here with masala and all that hair thank you very much great the hair today okay perfect thank you were great thank you [Music] you

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  1. Great interview but gotta add.. Egypt used to own it back in the day before America was on the map..(there's a house down my road thats older than America etc)… is it really any surprise Egypt is still producing Kings!

  2. And now , one year later he won the champions league. What a lesson ! We have to keep working hard no matter what ,and believe in ourself no matter what others say , Love you Mo ❤️

  3. Best part of him is to be open minded and humble in any case. He has kinda charizma makes you feel better when he is around. I have just watched it so i could say he achieved one of his another target by winning of 2019 cl cup. I am happy for him and hope they can end 26 desperate years and get the premier league title in 2020 eventually. ???

  4. He’s playing for the biggest club in the world no doubt about it the best supporters no doubt about it…. fuck Barcelona Madrid And Manchester shit

  5. 6:12 to 7:45 ramos listen – ramos must take red card then mo salah deserve the champion league- hit me like guys please

  6. ماشالله التواضع والطيبه الي هو فيها مش طبيعيه كل الاحترام نيويورك نوره فيك

  7. Mohammed is a Muslim Arabic man……shy to talk about his religion and trying hard to please people even if that is not allowed by his Creator, but you know he doesn't want people to say about him he is a backward man and a fantastic Muslim……..???????❤

  8. الكابتن محمد صلاح
    بنحبك فخورين بيك
    يارب من نجاح لي نجاح يارب
    فخر العرب وأفريقيا .
    سفير الوطن الغالي العزيز مصر
    وكمان سفير الدول العربية
    تحيا مصر _تحيا مصر _تحيا مصر

  9. Sergio Ramos is the real legend. Hazard is the next big super star. Madrid will put him in his place soon.

  10. والله واتجمعنا عند النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم طه بدر الدين

  11. That's a surprise. At 3:33 minutes: I thought that New York would provide a semblance of shelter from the scurrying star-struck sapiens since there is a lot of ennui which seems to permeate the New York air. Even John Lennon had peace! Maybe with Salah, this was a prepared visit known by the interested.

  12. The hypocrite who support the sexual harrassers and prevent them from getting punished ,how many times this fraud runner is going to manipulate the world so that he can win an award .

  13. fucking hypocrite talking about women rights and how they should be treated only to have better chances to win prizes. In less than two month his team-mate in Egypt sexually harasses tens of women and girls and he defends him although the public opinion is against it. This hypocrite person deserve no respect!

  14. When you want to achieved your dream you most work toward. Mo Salah is really committed play in the pitch.

  15. Mo is a class act! How he carries himself and how he deals all people is how most Muslims I know actually deal are and enter act with people!

  16. Did this girl forget about aboutreka he is definitely the biggest. That's what happens when u don't watch the sport and u comment on it

  17. Mo is one of 3 world class strikers we have that make us the greatest attacking threat in world football and Anfield the most feared place to play in Europe. Ask Messi Coutinho Suarez

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