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Miya Guide for Beginners || Mobile Legends✔

August 19, 2019

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  1. Dont forget to like this video and Subscribe to my channel for more….This video was requested by Park. And if any of you want to request for videos then you can reply to this comment.

  2. Hi,im park chaeyounf that you met in the comment in alic e guide,im just barrowwing my cousines phone because im on a vacation in here ,tnx for this, its a big help for me aņ to my cousine because she use miya……..believe me,im park,tnx bro but can you do karrie pls?and NaNa because my cousines need it and they already subscribed…..tnx again bro and i will be stay tuned to the karrie

  3. For me depende po sa gumagamit. Miya user po ako, and sobrang dali lang po para sa kanya sina Karina, Natalia and Helcurt. For me, pinakakahinaan niya po talaga is Franco tsaka si Nana.

  4. It was so perfect for me than the other pro tutorial😍I was so lucky coz i saw this video.Thank u for the tutorial😊

  5. How did you get those heroes to just stand there like that? Is it like a practice round??? Coz I wanna record my hero as well and I don't know how to demonstrate like you did without actually using real enemy heroes

  6. Im expert in miya and most mvp but thanks God u gave me more tips i ever have before. Subsribe your channel for my appreciation ❤

  7. Tips: (I don't know if it works, but for me, it does)
    I used 1st Skill:Fission Shots first before using 2nd Skill:Rain of Arrows to increase it's damage.

  8. u think.miya is also weak to johnson especially if someone is riding johnson even with her ulti it is hard to escape.

  9. For the spells, I use the healing spell so i can heal my teammates beside me. But i learned other stuffs from this video, Thanks!

  10. Miya can’t attack lord in 5 seconds. It happens that you got all your items early game. Lord HP increases every time in the game. Since it was only 2/3 minutes lord had less HP. Triggering it so Lord can be easier to kill. Good guide and tips though. 🙂

  11. ifist of miya is haas clow and next wind talker scarlet pantom blade of dispair baekersfury demon shoes blade of dispair again

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