Missouri National Archery in the Schools Program
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Missouri National Archery in the Schools Program

August 17, 2019

>>Crowd: Whoa.>>Anybody can do it.>>Yeah, it’s the most popular
middle school class.>>Good shot, bulls-eye.>>It’s something you’ll be
hooked on and it’s really fun.>>First place goes to
George Guffey Elementary. (cheering)>>The first day of school
every year first thing I hear from a 4th grade kid,
“Is this the year we do archery?”>>We started in 2007 with
the program in Missouri, and we got over 5,000 kids
learning archery in the schools
right here in Missouri. You don’t have to be big
or strong or fast or athletic. Anybody can do it.>>The way this program
is structured, it is super safe, it is
something that every kid can do.>>Every one of you can become
a professional archer. Every one of you can go
to the Olympics. Every one of you
can go to tournaments. It’s a lifetime skill
or a lifetime sport.>>It’s popular with kids
in rural areas, kids in urban areas. You don’t have to have any
prerequisites to do archery; anybody can do archery.>>Okay, that was better.>>Archery just has so many
different things going for it. It’s really not surprising that
the program is so popular. .

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  1. Coach Josh Littrell is heading up this program for the Ray-Pec School District! Way to go, Josh! I hope a bunch of kids get involved!

  2. I wish my schools had it when I was a kid. I'm addicted to archery but really didn't discover it until years out of school. This is a great program and should be in every school I think. No sights just all instinctive shooting. It'll help get the kids off the couch and from in front of the video games and TV.

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