Mini Rosha for Paladins [Tibia Solo RP Hunt]
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Mini Rosha for Paladins [Tibia Solo RP Hunt]

February 21, 2020

When there is a lack of creativity you end
up with a spawn thats a copy of another but weaker. Here is mini roshamuul. This spawn either goes by the weakened frazzles
of feyrist or more commonly refered to as mini rosha. All you need is access to Feyrist to get here
by doing the threatened dreams quest , and then in feyrist head here. This spawn was the start of the downside of
what led to cipsoft having to rebalance the game. I remember when it got introduced even though
the monsters were much weaker than the real ones from roshamuul
the drops were the same making this insanely profitable. Soon after it got nerfed and then a few more
times after that And shortly after the next update introduced
diremaws making the same mistake of introducing easy spawns to hunt and highly profitable Nowadays mini rosha is back to being good
as other alternatives have been nerfed aswell. Keep on mind this spawn is for profit. unless cipsoft decides otherwise And at the current state of the spawn i would
say it should be safe from balancing. The spawn consists of 2 floors and is unlikely
to need them both unless you’re like lvl 500 or something. But in average i would recommend this spawn
for lvl 200 to 300’s. Starting here at lvl 200 will be difficult
so be aware of that As even though they’re weak versions of roshamuul
its mostly because of their hp. The damage can be pretty close to the real
thing so the way i hunted was of semi kiting, as
you can definetely get headshot otherwise. I wasnt using life leech imbuements but even
with those i wouldnt feel safe standing still so do it at your own discretion. For equipment prioritize physical resistance
and life leech protection The pathing on the second floor is just a
lap around the cave like this and on the first floor is running through out the whole thing Last floor will be the best so try to get
that one if possible. in average the experience is around the 1.4kk
at around lvl 200. and Profit tends to be higher than 300k an
hour but less than 450 unless you get very lucky. Another thing you can do on this spawn is
to start the mission a dream come true from the threatened dreams quest and after killing
your first 200 monsters you will get access to face the mini boss Kroazur. After doing it the first time it can be repeated
every 2 hours without having to kill monsters again. this boss has a chance of dropping gold and
silver tokens aswell as other things. Since is easy to do and you are already hunting
here then you can do it. But is not worth to come here just to do the
boss and get out. As this is a monster that has been nerfed
multiple times and now you only get around 1 drop every 10 kills or so i would say. With that said thats all there is to this
spawn. if you’re a lower level paladin watching this. Like around 90~ if you get access
to feyrist and then come through a fire portal you will be at an area with these same monsters
where you can kill them with single target mostly 1 by 1. Thats all i got for this video. Thank you for your time and if you want to
support the channel please consider donating tibia coins
to gudii donation, it will be used to create more content. thanks for watching See you on the next video

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  1. Your videos are really great. I really like short and information dense tutorials. But please answer me, why don't you use quicklooting?

  2. Bro I hunt these creatures at Fire Shrine and I like them a lot. Profit is pretty good but the frazzles bite very hard :'(

    I haven't tried the cave yet since right now the "Nightmare mountain" (Fire Shrine) is good enough for me. But when I'm higher level, I'll probably come to this cave and use diamond arrows.

    I want to use diamonds against this mini rosha, edron heroes old fortress, and glooth bandits.
    Semi-kiting is of course safer, but standing still and tanking like an EK is easier and lazier xD.

    Do you know what level I have to be to stand still and tank 8 with diamond arrows?

    Thanks and keep up these paladin videos! 😀


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