Minecraft Big Brain – Skyblocks #2
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Minecraft Big Brain – Skyblocks #2

August 30, 2019

Oooh Ken: Ooh *wheeze* Both: Oooooh We are back baby Skyblock part 2, where’s your monstrosity of a cobblestone generator? What happen’ to it Well someone pushed you off wait, that was me. So now we have to restart We have to start over again! Noooo! How do we do it, I can’t, we can’t remake that. But this time we do it and we do it right Ken Look, I kept telling you last episode. NO YOU DON’T! *arguing* All you have to do look, break the ice, make the water flow We gotta go down see right here you broke the extra block no, it needs to be one in between you smacker. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Wait, how do we do this? Perfect Yeah That took us 17 minutes last episode 17 But don’t forget that we said how to do it right the very start of the whole video it just took us 24 I actually some some kids recognize me and they were like, where did you post your sky block? I’m like you want more of that I was like, do you have it like if so how to make a cobblestone generator and then they were like, I don’t know I’m like, okay cool. No one actually. Nobody actually knows they just like Now now we make here you get one pickaxe – oh, yes Senpai, let’s mine the freaked out of this Yeah, I don’t know why I thought it would wake up with two of us. That makes enough Yeah Thank you for for me we’re speedrunning this there you go alright Yeah, can she believe a Smee but here takes a kit? What what’s wrong would have to invent new swear words because minecraft Well, you start using the word flip. What the flip? Can’t dig the dirt, you know, that’d be bad. Okay don’t like craps down to pick this up or something Oh my god, you’re still back. I am. Okay. Well, I can’t ever pick up stuff I won’t burn myself a lot. You can get like the right spot. You know, this is Like an art okay wait, I’ll do it. I’ll do it because I think it’s easier for me to grab them Yeah, I guess yeah the desync that’s what I blame Anybody using the using the precious dirt to make a bridge right now. Are you serious? I need I need a baby Are you serious? I need You using the dirt right now. We need to get back to where we were When we get over there, we’re gonna have to like make a farm or something. We I can’t believe you right now Like am I crazy? But I think our cobblestone generator was actually better it was Weirdly enough you could actually catch it without it. You didn’t have to worry about breaking your dirt or anything You just used to went to town. Yeah, I’ll put the stuff in years. It’s easier I could Never seen the memes they shouldn’t there wasn’t good news. I just thought however almost like this are you doing more like yet? All right, but we did it the good way. Yeah, but did you see ours though? How good it was? So what are we supposed to do next? It’s like what we’ll see Ken. We’ll see okay Well me okay, cuz I’ll see more blocks out here I mean technically we can make infinite blocks now, so there has to be some other mechanic to it, right? All right Well, I mean don’t we just after we get the cobblestone you’re pretty much this guy’s survivor, right? It’s gotta use what we have I don’t know. What’s the point of Skyblock really? We’ve already beaten it. I miss our cobblestone generator So much You can never recreate art That’s a problem. All right, we’re good bing-bing-bing-bing Whoa, I know how you and bridges are don’t start with something else. Geez. Hey, hey stop stop right there criminal Criminal scum no screaming bong Bing you got to do the that one. Okay, cool We made it. I put bucket there wait, so we have obsidian. That means we have to go to the nether realm next eventually Yeah, that’s oh That’s awesome. There’s a whole lesson, right? Okay, so that means we need flint and steel What are we get? How are we gonna get Wow look first off How are we gonna survive, but I need to eat something eventually. I’m gonna die eat me. Oh, Well, we have character we have a character so we can make a cactus spawn Hey Oh, actually we have melon we can make melon spawn Oh, so now it’s going to go grab like all the dirt from over there, right? Okay, so I have melon melon and then I plant Madeline but then I have to make it. Oh my god, this is awesome We need to like dig up all the dirt right in like an hour. I really shouldn’t have wasted all the way Not only would we ask okay Give me one I got one. I got one. It’s gonna live right here kid. See we Can we use the one water that we have to make like a infinite water pool? Are you able to do that out of just one block of water? No you need for you can I make make like like I don’t know like two spots and like put it down and pick it up and put it down the other spot real quick No, you can’t man sucks. So does your you and your no, sorry. Okay be rude how do I make I Got it. Somehow I got it. Okay, cool. I don’t know why I made it in stone. What a waste. Okay, so but I’m gonna say is we got this whole block here. There’s like three down of dads Okay, so now we plan to Medellin Anyway, well just say yes spread this dirty out here, right? Oh wait, this is not a melon gross Dang it. Were you waiting to me? Well We have all this dirt beneath us, we’re not using we need to spread all this out, right? So you’re like dig down and get it all damn your big brain. Okay, because I have to say before you hear me. I am spread out spread a Problem I have an idea we should spread out as much as possible Oh, good thinking. Yeah. Yeah. So how deep this is go three. There’s a Mmmm, I don’t know how we get the very bottom pieces though without them falling off maybe Do everything. It’s getting bigger. I like it. Yeah. Yeah, I like what he gets bigger. Wait. I can’t we’re playing minecraft minecraft sake ah Just play We need to pick the lava back up so we can dig around and I don’t know is the answer When will you have to use our big brains magnet then do we have to like, oh dang it. I lost one Sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry Oh my goodness your mom. Okay, we’re gonna it’s over playthrough over. No I’m worried about more trees. Don’t worry. I got you more tree. Yeah You know if we started planting trees, then we would actually have like epic trees right now but no do we want to let me such a pain to get enough cobblestone and go under this so we don’t drop any and Make the most of our space that we have. Yeah, we are moving everything from the bottom up We just move everything from the top down so that way we don’t worry about the bottom blocks falling into the void now That’s a bigger brain. Yeah I Think it’s too late for that now though. We should know that before a cobblestone generator will work out with it What if we make cobblestones? Well, we still need turn the darkness for the farming if we make cobblestone I don’t have a pick anymore since that not me off Oh, oh The water Oh garsh. I think we have some good space. Yeah last night. We party started perfect or anything gamers, but Do it pro gameplay. Wait retching how the Frick did we get flint and steel. Ah, I see a question big brain big Yeah We use the lava to open the nether or maybe it’s like in the if I go dig through the sand blue I already have obsidian. So I Don’t know. Oh, yeah, maybe there’s something in the sand. That’s a good idea. Yeah big brain. I need more trees. Come on. I appreciate Yeah I’ve dug down and then bid 100 You find anything don’t look out there. What what happened? Oh you see the island at all Okay, okay, this is another test 11 the chest is still there we don’t need to win well, what about our cactus Okay, don’t touch the sand because it’ll all fall for some reason I’m concede really okay give me the pumpkin Hey Yeah, just grab it do we need the sand though? I don’t know I’m sorry. I didn’t know you freaked up and I never forgive Africa fer. I Just realize we can’t actually probably build Downwards like you said, look, I’m doing it. I’m doing it. Can you grab my block? Give it back? I’ll call the cops my bad. Sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Sorry My best forgive is not an excuse I’ll yell as many times as I want All right. Okay. We are maximizing our efforts yeah, I’d be careful this block right here if you want to get unless you want to get a Lavage to pick the lava back up something get the. Mm-hmm. Then we can’t put it under there. We have to leave these here Leave those little fritters. Ah I mean I made up see I just I tell you this We’re really gonna cure Like we’re just focused on you know, just doing the stuff That’s so much on what we’re actually saying to each other. Uh So if I if I pull this one out, it’ll make the water go everywhere I’m just I’m just worried that we’re gonna need that stand for something How do we get the yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you find it It was gonna fall because I took two boxes Sam. I didn’t I didn’t think this island was gonna fall listen to yourself Who thinks the hallways gonna fall everyone who knows minecraft? Oh, just like I just like I try to tell you how to make a cobblestone cobblestone Whatever generator for three years. No one listens. Oh, here we are. Oh my god. I can’t believe you You tried to kill me I guess if you get hungry just follow from da Oh Ever need to make melons. You’re making the water go everywhere. Look at you. That’s what she said Why would you say that? I don’t know why this tree not grow Why does the grass not come Bank? Oh God I feel the Commons can they’re coming back I think I can feel people typing right now. No. Oh Do you have your pickaxe still I think I put it here. Okay great. Threw me off the edge I don’t have anything and then yeah, we’ll get some more sticks here. Oh dude, if we put it here it actually work No, no, it doesn’t work at all. Can your homies get some more saplings? But why hey I called a block good meat didn’t get me me Me so good play Minecraft use me small me make Sand off all whoo. Whoo, did you get any more trees? No We actually just have one dream one tree. It’s that’s is it grow? Gotta pray that this one actually gives us more we’re gonna rat tree real fast. Oh my god. I’m so confused. What is happening? I don’t know. This should be turning This should be turning epic. You got a hoe it did you know it? Okay plant pumpkin here In the middle Okay. Oh, I’m king Megara. I had more than just that one Now that’s all we had but a will grow don’t worry. It’s the next that we go like in another. All right. Ah, Don’t further. No, I don’t see I don’t see anything. What are you sand for you can make glass with sin Well, yeah, we need glass. Maybe I just okay. I’m not here. What is your big brain? Tell you can my big brain Tells me let’s see. I Hope not really usage we can make it a TNT gunpowder Sandstone glass look at our beautiful building my god no-one’s ever progress this hard a falling block again I don’t think it matters. You hear that gamers Ken thinks the sand doesn’t matter Oh soon as you got a big youtube Please go ahead and throw this off on me because when it does matter BIC Shut up, you stop it. Alright now we progress because I’m I don’t know what else good this point Oh, maybe we can lit the oh, I got it. I got it. I got it Ken big brain Don’t don’t look up anything big brain big brain. Alright, I got it. I got it. Lava the lava would lit dead portal Let me let me just stop you right there Yeah, we’re on to about 15 minutes ago and I say hey do we gotta use the lava? Well do it Where do we build the portal vein? Ah? Here. Well can ya we could be we we got play a cobblestone. We can do it anywhere right? We don’t use cobblestone wob Between how much does it take you get tin, but wait, do we do you think cuz oh god my brain my big brain Okay, fine. Okay, we put it here. The only reason I’m hesitant is because you’re supposed to be the minecraft pro I am Thanks, bro. You think I’m pro? I mean, you played a lot more than I have lately. That’s for damn. Sure No, no. No, I play very this is gonna be a portal I’m saving us money Ken. I couldn’t possibly understand if I got you. Yeah, yeah Bro, that’s right. I am yeah, wait how many blocks you got left? Frick yeah only cowards build obsidians with rui Hurry, okay, so you only like pickup the LOB and like throw it over there in there or something Yeah, we’re gonna we’re gonna make the love of throw out over there Okay, I will be the lava boy you I was just gonna say you are the designated lover boy. Oh I’m glad you had that idea. I’m so excited. Okay, it’s lava time. Damn. I’m so smart for thinking about that We should use the lava. Yeah, you’re like just a genius and it’s that part out where I said it Where do I just throw it in here? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Don’t drop the bucket I Just I just I All right attempt to attempt to what a great that day you had Okay, maybe needs to flow from a higher spot like this Pumpkin the pumpkin the pumpkin shave the pumpkin. Oh It’s so tiny did you know you put it work did he work? Oh it worked look. Yeah, you can go go cuz I Okay epic time enjoy. What is this? Do we make a different block? How do we lit the portal? This is hot. This surely has to be how the forefathers did it of Minecraft I got it you drop it here What the Frick how are you doing We can’t even get the tree to grow we can’t get the tree to grow we can’t get the portal open the sand Thing out there fell Oh our pumpkins watered wait It’s not getting hydrated here. Is it hard rain in the can’t tell I don’t think it is I think this game is buggy, and I don’t like it anymore This do you think you need the cactus or something? What the heck we’ll use a cactus. I’ll ever talk back about cactus alright Wait, I actually haven’t good stuff. Well now I can die When you forget to write your last will if you if you look up Skyblock, there’s like a list of challenges It’s like stuff to do like stuff to challenge yourself to do because this cow block is literally just you know The two blocks that’s it. Everything else is just gonna make it on your own right? So there’s no more islands I don’t think so. I think that’s it They just get too and then they’re like, good luck If you get to the second island so you can get food and actually survive then you spread the dirt out and then from there You’re just like you’re just surviving until you can go to the nether and do whatever in there But how would you go to the nether? I don’t know. That’s I don’t know how you do it Oh, I got it Oh big brain big brain big brain. Oh my god big brain big brain. I’m so excited about that Oh, you’re gonna burn the wood. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh Wow, that is huge brain. How did your brain get so big? Minecraft what? Pop rock five right brain food. Are you are you eating the big brain food? Thank you Are you eating the G fuel straight up and ready there actually do you feel? Alright great. Let’s do it. I’m doing ready. I’m going lit. How do I lit it then without it like just disappearing Uh, I mean, yeah, but it was a mob but, you know, just put it next to it little love tap and it work It’s just I do not. Is this wood way. I think you have to wait for like a Lava flip to hit the thing. Really? Yeah big brain, I guess one. Nope. Oh, it’s flipping. Yeah. Yeah, it’s get away Nothing’s working the seeds grow grow grow Do we have to like, but nothing’s happening What you read or something no Sides can’t explain this I think we need a different method. Yeah, I think it’s gonna work, right? Okay, I needs to go like like the lava needs to like go What are you doing? What is this? Like it needs to go Help me my brain I want to alarm you eating what melon grew melons gone. No, what did you do? Well, I definitely didn’t do that and look down and it was gone Your big brains of the next level right I have no idea what’s going on Are you just trying to get this small brains? Don’t talk to big brains. Oh Dang it amazing This is a good idea though 10 just watch I am I’m watching. Let’s see it. I mean at this point, we’re pretty much gonna die Yeah, I can no don’t speak like that. We ice. Keep turning back in the ice It’s not water anymore. What is happening? Alright, we have a problem Kim. It’s a really big problem. Yeah, okay I’ll try and explain it for a small brain. Okay, okay play a week The Lama needs to flow on this level. We built that I built him sitting him too too far down So we need to lower everything And the only way to do that is if I jump off and I place the block while falling big brain Why don’t we just like make some water go over the edge lights? freakin I heard that one big brain. Yeah. Oh So big very nice. Very nice Okay. All right. There’s hope in the world. Okay. So now the Louisville will flow here the Thing will be here. It will be burning Oh A big where’s the llama? What where’s the llama you had it? Off the edge of the lobbyists game so no that big brain wait don’t burn me alive What What is today’s We have to start over it Because we’re just running ahead of everything. Are you kidding me? You need to Do you need to move the lava? I don’t know is it’s flowing How do you do it, why is it flowing It is flowing underneath how the Frick is it’s not burning its magic wood If if you just throw the LOB on top of the wood, will it work or will it just disappear burn? What is this wood made out of? Huh big break Okay, big brain Though the bucket down or something before you die with it. I Have a big brain right now. Yeah I’m gonna finish to eat More lava means more flipper dippers right you go. Try me more lava more lava, we may use it here We should probably protect little tree. I mean we already lost melon Oh, sorry, okay. Well eventually something should catch on fire, right? Yeah. This is this is big Oh, I see it. Oh that was close. Well place more wood so that it’s more likely to catch on fire, right? Are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. Okay, so ice I put the random and then once they’re on fire We’ll connect them Christian mark everything my big brain tells me is that kind of like what you did like dig the two out and then just put Would over the top of it and then just wait Ritz. I like flip up and hit it burn. That makes sense. Mm-hmm Like where I am w habla and then the blocks directly above it the wood. Oh That hit it on it are you kidding me? I’m just burning they look like I’m burning to you Okay, I have a new idea. I don’t feel so good. I have a big brain. It– Okay, cuz go in the would go on the would Gonna get you’re fine go jump on the wood bird birds my body Oh, Sad just burn but you are burning white. Haha. Okay new idea we burn tree that’s Crazy, why does tree not grow we did bone meal for tree? I guess You know we could get bone meal if we actually had like enough surface area to her bad gas bond that we could like The bad guys dropped for it. Oh my god. I have a big brain idea boy Bad guys can only spawn when there is no when there’s light darkness so we should make a platform over there And cover it with from light so get brain. So they oh my god big brain. Let’s do it. Yeah Yeah, that’s big brain. Thinking big brain. Third good I have the water here. So we need to make a cobblestone generator My god, yeah You see how big this lavas right now. We can make all the cobblestone. Oh It works yeah, nice perfect right there. That’s the sweet spot Betty’s back baby baby’s back If you like get down here in the water and catch it all. Oh my god, this is Great eventually, we’re gonna run out of tools a big rain It will catch on fire when we’re not looking it’s like milk it only burns when you’re not looking What what did you say to me? I can’t wait for all the Minecraft kids with small brains to tell us what we’re doing wrong. Yeah small brain It’s gonna be something like, you know, you got to put the lava this way to make it burn or something. Wait. Why? I don’t know like water and lava are just weird. Okay? Nobody understands how they work like magnets except big brain people Under this Jump in the water. Don’t lose all the cobblestone. Please. Put it down. Nobody there. What are you doing? Well, what else don’t muscle to put it down it you’ll be a jump off and like do it magical Anyway, I just down here so we can start like building downward because you know Kenta what? We just need to kill them. They Spawn first. Yeah, but monsters can’t spawn their BIOS. The point was that we build it on the other side You know how I supposed to build it under? Build that only island built like a if it needs to be a 5 by 5 squared I know here’s them on the island. The other Island. No, I was not there. It doesn’t exist We’ll make one. I just need 10 blocks Give me a block so I can start jumping off and making it, you know, or you know It can it’s becoming more and more clear Throughout this playthrough that you’re not actually big brain. Are you serious? Are you are you are you serious right now? I’ll say it I’ll say it then I’ll say oh, we need 50 cobblestone my brain just made out. That’s quick math exit My brain is pretty small cuttings build up. Yeah, I’m an idiot The whole time like I need to build down I have to build down but don’t talk to me. Okay be great Okay, we need safety Table stones dude, and we’re running out of pickaxes No All you have to do run through the lava and and hit their water but you picked the water up oh wait No, you put it back down didn’t I can see? Yeah Big brain candy to build me a bridge because I can’t lose the bucket. Can I build you a bridge? He says Jesus Christ You jump to that. Thanks, babe. We do the water just so we can make blocks quicker over there yeah, the colorful generator moving the cobblestone generator is mobile God Tree doesn’t grow because maybe you’re treating tree like garbage. I love tree. I love I want to see this generator. You’re gonna make Don’t mess up our one block of water cuz I get back I wall run Ken. Oh Stop it before it’s too strong you get more lava. Oh, no you Pig you live again? You want some dude? Look how much we made. Oh No, no, wait, wait. Wait, it’s the Water It’s all we have now, I don’t think you even have that long run Oh Tree will never grow. This is sky blog. It’s the best Pro-gamers here. She oniy how it’s done. Yeah, let’s just read there. It’s no problem. Oh Yeah, dare dare, we come back in the future to try to finish this smash like if you wanna stay for more big brains Smash like if you have a big brain, then we’ll see you next time. Oh, please god. No What you never played super simulator You know, it’s fun right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion But give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not not convinced yet. Okay I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that’s a great price

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