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Million Dollars, But… Achievement Hunter Sandal Scandal | Rooster Teeth

November 16, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of million dollars But I’m Jeremy Dooley joining me today are Jack Pattillo and Ryan Haywood guys have been on the show a couple of times before So I’ll start us off Wait guys know it’s like 9 o’clock I know it’s a little late to start drinking, but no I’m just saying where’s the Irish car bombs 7:00 in the morning It’s time to drink some beer yeah You get a million dollars It’s a lot of money but every day for the rest of your life a different type of object will gain sentience for the sole purpose of being a prick team *Chuckles* Feel like a door or something like that could just like slam in your face Or you try to open it like out a door every door their network. They’re like real live through this one. Please not get now Your pants would just be like I’m unzip the thing is they’re really good at I think you’re talking to that one girl you really Like and then they just drop and then she’s like hey, and then when they realize she likes it they come back Yeah Lose your wallet. Just kept jumping out of the back of your pocket everything guys fuck stay in there So someone else’s wallet can crawl up into your pocket and frame you and that’s true You Could have like lights that just like either you wake up in the morning There’s blasting you in the eyes or they just never come on Like what? They’ll do is. You’ll turn the switch on nobody no lights and you’re like light bulbs out, and then as you go to change it It could be your fucking bed, you’re asleep the bed fucking walks you out of the house Wake up in a field you Did a drink machine would be a real bitch anytime Like you go to get soda. It’s like vodka. Oh you’re getting a coke. Nope you’re getting lip Hmmm I don’t know I think I’m out on this one I deal with enough assholes already What’s one more exactly you know what and I’m gonna go for as well I think there’s some humor in being like that chairs a prick today. I Gayle but I just get so Million dollars significant amount of money But every time you fall asleep every time you go unconscious you wake up with a 1 foot pile of dirt on No matter where you go matter where you are that sounds like every morning is terrible every morning is a lot of vacuuming Yeah, I’m worried about when you take a nap like you fall asleep at a desk or something you got a rough night couldn’t sleep And wake up your heads on your desk or something If you fall asleep on a beach now everyone’s gonna think you’re a zombie everything looks normal just Sleep I feel like this would be a terrible thing to have in like a frat house because people would just be like hey watch this Alright Jeremy oh do you think million dollars for three years like terrified of being buried alive I Don’t think I could do it. Oh, I’m in here me. You’re out gonna pass. I’m gonna do it. I think so Million dollars, but any time you see someone wearing socks with sandals, okay, you must hug them hug them Wait do we have to kill them, you know? I I assume that not everyone’s on for the murder game Let’s just say you have to tackle Leave a tag in them all the tag senses. I could have exactly alright, so you supply a person What’s the first action well obviously? First you got to change into some camera second you got to get into their lives Right like you got to follow them you got to find the moment you got to really lock into them It would be great if they turn around and saw you know right you how fast do you think a person in socks and sandals? Can really escape they’re not gonna be able to run fast enough Like I’ll be talking like setting traps and apart Ron and get him you didn’t get like those big bear trap things happy-go-lucky I wearing this tank top and jeans shorts and socks and sandals walk down the street What if one day you’re sitting there at the breakfast table and your kid walks downstairs Wearing wearing sandals and socks and their asses get intact your kid will know better You know why because at least once in their life. They’ll have been next to you when you went one Kid walks out to the car as you open the trunk and there’s something See what’s on his feet? That’d be like him. Ah see the rest of your life. You have to hunt and tag Yeah, you know what doesn’t sound that bad to me I think there’d be some fun in the hunts there could be yeah, I’m in I’m in alright. I do it hell Yeah, all right the hunters Well, thank you for watching another episode of million dollars, but you guys had some good questions today. We got some money We’re a little richer. I think I’m convinced it Ryan is he’s already hunting people hey guys Thanks for watching million dollars, but if you enjoy this episode you’re totally gonna dig our card game We’ve got the party game as well as the expansion packs available at MDB Just go click the link find out what terrible horrible awful things you and your friends would do for a million dollars It’s a really great game. I love you

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  1. What if you wear socks and sandals? Like you get black out drunk one night and wake up in socks and sandals?

  2. i like how my main question was hm i wonder if jeremy actually dips and if thats his earl dibbles jr shirt or not?

  3. One time in basic the fire alarm accidentally got pulled and I full sprinted down 2 flights of stairs and like 50-60m to across the st to safety

  4. Can we just acknowledge the fact that Ryan was writing “An ode to Diet Coke” at the start of the dirt nap scenario

  5. im still waiting for the day that i see a news article about a person tagging people who wore socks and sandals

  6. could not do it I see way too many people in socks and sandles not that I have a problem with hunting the entire football team but too many would remember

  7. The dirt scenario would be the worst for me because I have Narcolepsy. So i randomly sleep at any time and end up having dirt on me 24/7

  8. Define sandals. My Keens are close toed and qualify as safe for factory workers to wear per OSHA but are still classified as sandals in shoe stores.

  9. What I would do:
    No, because it'd be very inconvenient for my mornings
    No, I don't want to hunt people for a living

  10. Wait, so if they take scenario 3 and see someone in a movie wearing socks and sandals, do they have to hunt down the actor and tag them as well?

  11. “It’s seven in the morning; it’s time to drink some beer.”

    Jack has invented the new Achievement Hunter slogan right there.

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