MIKE TYSON’S PUNCH-OUT!! (Teens React: Retro Gaming)
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MIKE TYSON’S PUNCH-OUT!! (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

August 27, 2019

(Teens React: Gaming intro) Tori: “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out”. I didn’t even know Mike Tyson has a game. Morgan: I’ve never played a Nintendo Entertainment System. Does that make me lame? *laughing* “1987” I wasn’t even born! Jeannie: You’re gonna make me play a game from 1987, there’s cooler games out there, you know? Labib: Ooh”Punch-Out”! Hey! Let’s go! I wanted to play this game so badly! Josh: “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out”. Not just “Punch-Out”. Ethan James: I heard it was like good, at some part like the last “Mike Tyson Punch-Out” battle, like that’s like the worst thing in game history. Tori: It can’t be that difficult, there’s only like, three controls on here. Labib: I’m amazed, alright let’s go. It’s about to come in. Watch this. Jeannie: “Starring Little Mac and his trainer Doc. Louis. Also playing the role of Mac, It’s you!!” Josh: Damn, I’m cute. Tori: “Little Mac vs. Glass Joe.” Ok. Labib: “Round 1”. Let’s get this buddy. Ethan James: The graphics are Next-Gen. They’re out of this world. Tori: These graphics are amazing like, Call Of Duty has nothing on those. Morgan: Is that Mario? Ethan James: Referee is Mario. When he’s taking a break from plumbing and saving Peach, he’s refeering Punch-Out. Jeannie: Is that one me? Is this one me? The little one? Oh, ok. Tori: Even though I’m shorter than you, I can beat the crap out of you. Ethan James: Ooh! In the face, in the face. Oh! In the gut, in the gut. Josh: I’m just killin’ this guy. He can’t even… Oh! What is that? Oh! I’m tired! I can get tired. Morgan: Am I getting tired? Why am I pink? Ethan James: Alright this is it, this is… no. Ooh! Dodge! Boom, boom, boom, boom. That’s how you do that. Tori: He like literally winds up his punch and then he goes for it. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I’m so good at this. Ok. Ooh! Dang it! I didn’t dodge the right way. Stop it! Get up, get up, get up. Just keep on pressing the button! Ooh! Oh! Ho-oh-oh! Oh, I got you now. Wait, you can’t end the round. I’m about to beat this guy’s face. Labib: He’s “Saved by the bell”. Ethan James: “Do I have time to take a nap before the fight?” No, you don’t have time to take a nap before the fight. Cuz, I’m about to beat your ass. Morgan: Where’s the little Bikini girl? Doing my round two. I’m digging the music. I want to buy this soundtrack. I wonder if I can get this. Jeannie: It’s a great stress reliever, you’re just punching things. Tori: This, honestly has to be one of my favorite games. Morgan: *gasping* A star! What does that mean? Josh: Mm. Oh! Got a star. Ooh! “Get out of my house” with a uppercut! C’mon. Oh 4. Ethan James: And that was 3 minutes. Morgan: I don’t know if you notice or watch The Office. Cuz, that guy looks exactly like Stan Lee. You can’t even tell me it dosen’t like, I swear it is, it’s him! Josh: Glass Joe, you’re gonna get wrecked. Labib: That guy has no cardio left, he’s gassed, he’s gassed! Come on, come on get up, get up! Do it for your country. Get up. Alright come on. Slip that, slip. Wow. Should’ve slipped it. If this is a TKO I’m gonna be mad, Oh What? Is this supposed to be this harder or do I really suck? Morgan: *sighing* You’re killin’ me Glass Joe, litterally. *gasping* I’m getting up! – Do not do this to me right now *gasping* That did not just happen to me! Ethan James: That was the one T… Ooh! That’s it. that was it. And he’s out cold. Tori: The whole objective here, is press all the buttons and eventually you’ll win. Cuz, I, there’s no strategies here. I’m just litterally pressing all the buttons. Oh-ho! Dude I’m awesome! Jeannie: How do I punch his balls? Is there an option? How do I do that? He looked totally knocked out. Dude, I don’t even box… But I won. Wait. Is it count to 10? Oh! Yay! I won! Josh: Mm. Uppercut, did another uppercut. Ok two uppercuts. If he dosen’t stay down, I swear. One?! I just hit him with two uppercuts! That’s not fair! What? Damn these go fast. “By decision, the winner is Mac!!” That’s me. I’m a boss. And I look like an ice cream cone. Ok. Do I fight somebody else? “Von Kaiser”. Gonna get wrecked. Tori: This guy has an awesome mustache, I don’t know if I can beat him. Jeannie: Oh he’s bigger now. Ethan James: He is faster than Glass Joe. Josh: Alright let’s see what he can do. Oh! Ok. Oh. Ok. Tori: Stop hitting me! This is technically bullying. *groaning* Ok. Round 2. Can I go to Round 2? Ok, I survived Round 1. Ethan James: It’s all about knowing where he’s gonna punch. When his camel toe is on the right side, you have to dodge to the right and knock him out real quick. And then he’s gonna go to 3 or 5. What? Yes! No! Josh: Ah! Jeez! Jeannie: *bleep* this guy! Hate him! Hit him in his stupid mustache. Tori: Oh! No, no, no, no! NO! Get up, get up, get up, get up. Come on! COME ON! Please, no! This isn’t cool! Josh: “Final Round”. Mm,mm,mm. Yeah, you’re not even buff. Oh! Ok, I thought he had full health, but I three hitted him. Mm! With the knockout like a boss! Ethan James: Nice! That’s it! That’s the button masher! And TKO! Winner! Josh: Ok so I’m fighting someone for the bout now? Ok. Ok. So I got Piston Honda. Ethan James: That’s the name of my first car. Alright this is it. Josh: What the…? He’s huge! I’m kind of scared, he could just step on me. Oh! Ok. That’s a lot! Oh! That’s a lot! Ethan James: You’re doing a little dancing? Nice. Ooh! Wrap and Punch. Jeez, jeez, jeez! Josh: Oh it’s over. Ethan James: Alright. Josh: “Sushi, kamikaze, fujiyama, nippon- ichi…” That’s racist, that is racist right there. Ethan James: The Gameplay is very simple, anyone can pick it up and play. But that’s so cheap. It’s just the cheapness that makes it difficult. Josh: Oh no! Oh no! I’m going down! Oh, I went down. Get up, get up, get up, get up. Ok. Sweet. Ethan James: This is it, this is the one. *sighing* Ugh,god. I feel like I’m in a real boxing match right now. Jeez Louise! Ok. Josh: Oh I’m tired, no! No! Ah! Ethan James: Oh, goodness! Josh: This is hard! This is hard! No! No! No! What? Ethan James: No! No-ho! Shut up! That was hard! Morgan: So when I lose, I am unhappy with the whole game like, the whole game isn’t fun anymore. If I’m not winning. Tori: Since I’ve played this game, my self-esteem is like plummeted. Labib: The Gameplay was simplistic and fun. Jeannie: Catch me on my toes, and I want play again. Fine Brothers: Do you want to fight Mike Tyson? Jeannie: Yeah! Tori: Oh, I will play Mike Tyson, like that’s what I came here for! Fine Brothers: There’s a cheat code to get directly to Mike Tyson. Press start, go down to “Continue”. Put in “0” by pressing “A”. Move right to “3” Put it another “3”. Jeannie: How do you know the cheat code? Tori: This long and complicated. Fine Brothers: That’s it! Ethan James: I am facing the one and only: Mike Tyson. Jeannie: Is that Mike Tyson? Morgan: Oh! That’s his face tattoo. Was this before his face tattoo? Labib: So I’m like a straw weight. Going against a heavy weight. Ethan James: “27 KOs”! Jesus! Josh: I am going to get him first try. I’ll take this on. Labib: Bro! He’s huge! Morgan: Oh, no! I am scared! Oh, no! He knows all my moves! This is a joke? Ethan James: Jesus! Jesus! What?! Jeannie: Oh, he’s good. He knows what he’s doing. Already? Already? One punch? That’s what happens? Oh my gosh. I don’t think I can do it, I don’t think I… Again? No! Labib: Mike Tyson, you ain’t *bleep* bro. You’re ain’t nothing. Pff, TKO! Josh: Oh, I almost… Oh! I hit him! That’s not even fair! What? Ok. Tori: All I want is One punch on him, This isn’t fair! What the heck? He’s so much stronger… What?! Ethan James: Oh, no! Jeannie: I think this is like an impossible level. Josh: Mike Tyson is a cheater. Ethan James: Now I’m surprised he didn’t bite my ear off honestly. If they added that, the Mike Tyson bite. Oh! This would be the greatest game of all time! Thanks for watching us play Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! Any other retro games you want me to play? Comment below Subscribe…or you might get punched out Alright guys I’m going to go train to beat Piston Honda…see you later

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  1. Yeah, like they couldn't just find walkthroughs on youtube or text ones on Games Wiki or Game FAQs like anyone else.

  2. Yeah games were actually hard at one time, how about that?  I guess now they know how good they have it with modern video games.

  3. You should make them play the original Zelda game. Don't give them any hints, just let them figure everything out.

  4. We owned this and in the day bunches of fun, but looking at it now, too funny. It was all there was. Boy have times changed.

  5. One of the greatest games ever. This video illustrates why I believe video games were infinitely harder back then. Kids these days have it easy.

  6. There are so many comments I could make right now after watching this. If you grew up playing NES when it 1st came out, you know what I'm talking about.

  7. I loved this game! I can't believe how old I am, LOL. True fans and players know that there is definitely a pattern for every boss that allows the gamer to beat them easily. Tyson is the only one I found without an easy (not easy for me at least) exploit.

  8. I love the music when Mac gets knocked down.  Also would've liked to have seen them try and deal with King Hippo.

  9. i would like to see them play super mario 3 (NES) Pacman (Atari the wooden one) Super nario world (SNES) Sonic (Sega Genesis) and a game called D (play station1) alsd The legend of zelda (nes)

  10. How about teens go head to head in "Atari's" pong? Or "Intellivisions" Burger time (is avalible online.)

  11. I'm so glad they let them play Tyson. Now they understand when NES games me made cry in frustration.

  12. i wonder how 80's and 70's kids feel watching these kids use modern lingo while playing their generations games

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