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Mi madre en la villa | Víctor González | Samsung Paralympic Blogger

November 18, 2019

Well, guys. It’s visits day today. My mother and my sister are coming to see the Village, to get to know where we’re living and see my bedroom, which is what worries me most, because my mother is a bit picky with the cleaning thing. I’m going to meet them. I’ll introduce you to them. Hi, I’m here at the Olympic Village and I just arrived and so I’m going to go see Vic now and I really want to see his bedroom. To see how he has it, how it’s organised. Because without mum by his side I don’t think he organises it very well. Hi! I’m Vic’s mother and I’m here at the Olympic Village, I came to pay a visit. And well, I’m going to see how he lives and how he’s doing. Let’s see how this goes. Oh, my God! I can see here… what’s this? God! All this clothes to be washed. But Víctor, you’re leaving me… Hey! Everything! Everything’s dirty! How are you living like this? You know I want you to dress up, well combed. And, please, Víctor, this… Where do you wash it? Or do I have to come wash it for you? How do you wash these clothes? Or do you intent to go like this with it? Very well. Well, I just found a wonderful place to wash your clothes. With some incredible washing machines and let’s see if I know how they work. I don’t know why my son is going around in that way. Let’s see how this works. Come on. The clothes. What a washing machine! So good. This looks so good… Let’s see. So I have to come from Asturias to Korea to wash Víctor’s clothes. This is unseen! And now let’s see how this works. This goes here. Let’s see if I can read in Korean. Let’s see if I can read it in Korean. Because one… I understood it. I stay a little longer here and I’m already talking Korean. And now I presse “push” and it’s done. Well, I also found out where I can iron in the Olympic Village. They have everything here. See, it’s very comfortable. But this, my son, not anymore. You iron it yourself and, if not, find somebody to iron it. Now. Well, I came here a bit worried with Víctor’s food but, of course, I was going to bring some food from Asturias. But when I came here and saw all this, it’s wonderful, they have food from all the countries. This is incredibly good. Fantastic. I’m very happy that he’s also very well fed. Very well, very well. Well, I’m leaving the Village already, very happy because I saw Víctor very good there. And although I had to do his laundry, well, that’s nothing. And I’m leaving happy because he’s very well attended by all the Spanish delegation here, all the people around and the athletes are very well attended.

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