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October 7, 2019

“This is Metal Gear Online, the tactical multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.” “Choosing the Infiltrator class in MGO allows you to move fast, quietly, and use a powerful cloaking device to hide from enemies.” “Stealth is a vital part of Metal Gear Online for all players.” [Muffled] Now the real trick is to know when to strike. [Muffled] Right… now! Here we go! Pop! Ge– Oh. “Stealth is a vital part of Metal Gear Online for all players.” SHUT UP! With two boxes? This is genius. He can’t – he won’t be able to tell which one is the real one and which one is the- uhff Only now can I unveil my secret weapon: Metal Gear Harold! Starting at only ten dollars. He doesn’t know. Just look at his face. You can tell. He doesn’t even know I’m here. He doesn’t know, he do- He knows. This one’s mine, this is my guy, I got this, I got this. … and somebody else killed him. *grenade drops* Luckily, he drops a grenade when he dies. Everyone does, like Call of Duty, my favorite game. *Pop!* What? What!? *GASP* Come to Papa Dunk. *inhales deeply* Oh my god I actually accomplished something in this stu- Don’t look at the fuckin’ dog! Stop that! Idiot! I hate this! Bye – bye Bye-bye guy- Oh! I’m back in the game baby! I- ah- I’m outta the game For good this time. *gasps* I’m back in the game! ehhhhhhh I don’t think I like th- Shit! *laughing* He didn’t see me? *MGS sneaking music plays* Operation “Hidden Dunkey” is activated. It is my objective to- *Music stops* It is my- *Music resumes* It is my sworn duty to take down this man. Don’t shoot him! Stop shoo- asshole! Thank you Dark Souls. “Stealth is a vital part of Metal Gear Online for all players.” Hey it’s me! You see that guy down there! Off the roof baby! Oh my god It worked! “Stealth is a vital part of-” DIE! “Stealth is a vital part-” FUCK YOU! “Stealth is a vital part of Metal Gear Online for all players.” WHEE! Hey! “Stealth is a vital part of Metal Gear Online for all-” Uh oh… Oh! Fuck you! “Falcon Punch!” “Stealth is a vital part of Metal Gear Online for all players.” Boom! “Stealth is a vital part of Metal Gear-” That’s horse shit!

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  1. Singleplayer is awesome and I'm not afraid to say this is the best game about tactical operations in open world. Multiplayer is really bad in my opinion but it doesn't matter for me.I love this game ! ❤

  2. I have been watching dunkey for a year now
    I didn't know he was such a lier his favorite game is call of duty and i thought it was kn….k

  3. MGO would've worked out if it rewarded stealth. MGSV had room for different play styles, but since MGO has the exact same mechanics, aggressive behavior is rewarded, and therefore, stealth is not a vital part of Metal Gear Online for any players

  4. If konami had just waited and made an MGS battle royale, they would have made much more money than they made off metal gear survive

  5. When it comes to MGO3, I play like that jackass gameplay segment, but rather than using an instakill shotgun, I use an assault rifle to challenge myself.

  6. I know I am two years too late, but digging that Off Road soundtrack at the end. Loved that game for the SNES.

  7. what s the name of the jackass gameplay section music? i know very late on this but i m asking anyway

  8. Stealth is a, stealth is, stealth is a vital part of metal gear online, stealth is a vit-, stealth is a vital part of-

  9. You’re not really bringing up any positives on the game, sooo after watching the video, the game seems pretty bad

  10. wtf how do they manage to don't see cardbox ? Are they blind ? Does the game make cardbox invisible for fair playing ? Do they play the game at 0 brightness ?

  11. I'll tell you what was horse-shit, this iteration of MGO. The first MGO that came with MGS3: Subsistence will forever be my most-favorite online experience. Followed extremely closely by MGO2 that was on MGS4. Talk about fucking masterpieces.

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