MESSI VS Average 25 Year Old – How good ACTUALLY is he?? 🐐
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MESSI VS Average 25 Year Old – How good ACTUALLY is he?? 🐐

September 6, 2019

Look at this goal! Huh? Huh? Pure gold this shot. First up is a crossbar challenge and we will shoot from 16 meters. Like Messi did in the Unisport video. With 5 attempts he managed to hit the crossbar 3 times. Comment below – do you think WE will manage? I think todays form will decide who can take home the win… …and maybe match Messi’s high score. Most hits wins! That’s todays first victory. I will start! Come on Konzi! That’s not worthy of the great Lionel Messi. But hey, let’s try our best. I started off so good! That’s as good as it gets for a start. One more! That’s not even like half a Messi. Maybe I can be like two thirds. Well that was a full on Messi performance. No blasphemy here. Crossbar Challenge Vol.2: Hit the crossbar with a corner kick. And you know the story: Of course, Messi has done it easily. Not sure there were no special effects involved though…Or what do you think? Paper Scissor Rock who starts? Alrighty. Doesn’t really matter though does it? I am just playing mind games, dude. Haha, I knew it, Konzi. Alright, I will start. Like I said: It just doesn’t matter! So let’s see if we could take on the one and only Lionel Messi or if we are just two knuckleheads f****** around. So if we can’t be Messi, let’s be his Messiahs. Uh I doubt it. Well that was close. Crossbar, not the post. That’s negative points. Well at least you get the ball up, unlike me. You face says it all. I am just hoping the great Lionel Messi doesn’t watch this. I was told Messi isn’t capable of knuckle balls. And you believed it? Maybe he doesn’t want to show off in comparison to CR7. Argh, nooo! Did you feel the excitement – that was soooo close. Damn, yes it was. Yes, that was less then 10 cm. This I am told more often! The only difference is, when playing ball, fate is in your own hands. Well for a short period of hang time it looked good. Untill it died down half way. For exactly 0.2 seconds it was looking as it might hit the crossbar. We are missing something. Yes. It has to be the same ball, Messi scored his 600th goal with. You are calling the odds, my friend. Ball positioning is key. Oaaah… I told you, man. Has to be the same ball! Messi Celebration now. Not infront of the camera… Censored content. Oh yes, I can feel it Konzi. Let me introduce to you: This is the pity dab. Eyebrow extensions. Not much you can do. Congratulations! Let’s get it on with challenge No.3: Freekick it like Messi. The royal discipline. You know I can only be talking about his 600th goal in the UEFA Champions League. His 600th goal! And what a goal! Let’s be honest. Only Messi can do this. But hey, we will try to best of our abilities. 5 Shots each – closest to Messi’s freekick in the UCL wins this round. Ok. If we both score or can’t decide, then you will decide! But let’s wait and see first. Good luck! Oi! For the first one? That was real good for the first go. Time to shine! That depends I guess. Even Alisson Becker would have saved that one. That’s nothing close to Messi. Not bad, but not good enough. To much in the center Uh, from my perspective that looked really good! Height was really good. What did you say in the first challenge? It only works with official UCL balls? uh… For a second my knees started shaking there. Yeah, just wait for the pity dab. You know what’s next? If you don’t score with this, try the UCL ball again. Let’s stay official. Uh Okay. Sun burn incoming. That was very Leo Messi… Yeah, deserves a fist bump. That one was pure gold, admit it Konzi. I can only score when I have no pressure at all. You make me feel comfortable, Konzi. As soon as we are playing with a pro, I am a little intimidated by their level of skill compared to us. So I go curve, cause this is what I can. Technique was nice. But not like Messi, when it comes to heigth. He just doesn’t miss. They always make it onto the goal. Well, it may not have been Messi, but… But that was a good one. Would have gone in I believe. Except of when Ter Stegen is goalkeeping. Ok. So since Messi and Ter Stegen play in the same squad, it would have been in. Told you man! So, you decide, guys! This was our Messi challenges. We hope you enjoyed it and we were able to show at least some skills here. Of course, we did. Even if we don’t come close to Messi? No ones is close to Messi, relax. So during the last challenge, both of us were good. Vote now and let us know who do you think was the better Messi of us! As always, stay sporty and untill next time.

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  1. Привет!!

    Я с канала Живой Футбол

    Хочу чтоб ты снимал видео на русском языке будет прикольно

    А так канал очень крутой !!!

  2. Доброго времени суток!
    Я с канала ЖИВОЙ ФУТБОЛ.
    Всем добра!
    Все молодцы!
    Особенно молодцы, что дружите между собой!

  3. Einfach nur traurig, wie so ein Kanal die meisten abos haben kann. Ich meine Null aufwand und dahinter dann ihrgendwo ein Julien Bam mit unendlich viel mehr Aufwand nicht der meist abonierteste Kanal in Deutschland zu sein. Es geht einfach nur weiter runter mit YTDeutschland… Spätestens bei euren Aufruf/Like/Komentar Zahlen sollte man sehen, das 7 millionen abonenten nicht so ganz richtig seien können.


  5. Neue Version von Messi ist da:

    Name Konzi Messi
    Nummer 13
    1,78 Gross
    Und rechtsfuss🤣🤣😂
    Es handelt sich um:


  6. Konzi: *kommt mit BarcaTrikot
    Hast du nicht das spiel gesehen?CL Barca Liverpool

    Ahja stimmt Rückrunde 4:0 reds

  7. 1. Messi ist LINKSFUß
    2. Ronaldo ist besser
    3. Die Technik der Freistöße war bei Messi komplett anders
    4. Alison hätte alle eure Freistöße gehalten

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