Melee Combat Archery. Can it work? (An upgraded version of an older video).
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Melee Combat Archery. Can it work? (An upgraded version of an older video).

August 20, 2019

As we have seen in previous videos, my bows are designed in a unique way. They are bamboo bundle bows with many decorations serving as protection and blade catches. The logic is simple, you do not go against the full force of a weapon coming at you, but you redirect their force. You will notice that these techniques can be used with a firearm equipped with a bayonet. In these clips I am showing more techniques along with some free play fights. Thanks for watching, tell me your thoughts on the subject and enjoy the rest of the video of me shooting with the bow that has a blade to prove that it does not affect the flight of the arrow.

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  1. I am still not totally persuaded that it is a good idea to put a bow in contact with a blade. But I must admit that it looked better than the first one. The free fight is a mess, but any free fight is mess, nice moves are seen only in movies. Sometimes you were able to do the technique, so it is good. My idea for practical application – you must be able to deal with one rushed attack. No fancy combat, just handle that one full force attack. Because the scenario is:
    1) Enemy is at longer distance, so you raise your bow to shoot him (you have advantage there)
    2) Enemy sees it and rushes forward to close distance before you you shoot. That is his only way to deal with the situation he is in
    3) So you forced him to attack, you know exactly what he will do and when, BUT need to deal with it.
    4) You win with either by killing him in close combat, OR forcing him to retreat – because as soon as there is a distance between you and opponent, you can shoot.

    5) But problem is that bow is not a good close combat weapon (like realy close). So you have no place to fancy fight. Just kill him immediatelly, or harm him so he backs away

  2. Have in mind that the techniques I am using are always hitting the flat part of the enemy sword. The leather and beaded decorations are preventing the blade from sliding on the bow and slicing me. If we see the bow for what it really is… then it can be seen as just a long wooden stick. If we put a blade on the top, then it turns into a spear like any other spear. So you are actually holding a curved spear that is an actual melee weapon. More videos will come on this topic with more fighters helping me. One of the next videos is going to be about my thoughts on the term "combat archery". Stay tuned and thanks for watching.

  3. Thanks for sharing
    One thing is for sure any weapon in the right hands is lethal, nice stances lovely weapon. You have convinced me. 👍👌

  4. Je skvělé, že máš ochotné lidi, kteří s tebou trénují bez nich by nebylo toto perfektní video. Díky.

  5. The bow worked good on the blade. The opponent needs a flail. It will snap through your bow in 1 hit. A spear or bill would be a problem as well.

  6. There’s few cases where it would work depending on your opponents weapon , a simple solution was for a archer to carry a long dagger or short sword. A spear and shield for example would be a huge disadvantage to the bow and blade user. Great video though!

  7. I think this would work very well, a bow stave is a pretty hefty chunk of wood, and a full smack in the face from one will leave lasting damage, stabbing with an arrow will also be very dangerous for the attacker, so yes this looks as though it would work very well.

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