Megan Psyllos | MTV Cribs: Team USA Athlete Lounge | Samsung Paralympic Blogger | PyeongChang 2018
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Megan Psyllos | MTV Cribs: Team USA Athlete Lounge | Samsung Paralympic Blogger | PyeongChang 2018

November 30, 2019

Hey everyone! I am here with Noah, Bronze
Medalist. What’s up? What up! He’s going to take us on a little tour through the Athlete
Lounge and tell us about his sweet outfit he got in Seoul the other day. Hi everyone!
My name is Noah Elliot. I am a US Paralympic Snowboarder. We are here in PyeongChang, South
Korea, and my outfit is actually traditional Korean outerwear. It’s called a hanbok. I
got it yesterday when we went down to Seoul and I got custom fitted. For now, let’s take
a run through the Team USA crib. Welcome to my crib. First things first. You have to take
your shoes off because it’s proper etiquette but I have cool slippers so I can wear them.
Cooler than these ones. We’ve got people hanging out. This is our snack room where we can grab
all that we need to get out on the hill and go out and have a successful day of riding and competition.
In here we have the awesome drinks. She’s my awesome dietitian. She made me a beautiful
smoothie. We’ll continue going through here. This way we have our beautiful American flag
where a lot of our athletes have signed to show our support for our country. Here we have
our go Team USA. Hope you can draw something on there. This is the chill room. This is
where all the athletes get down and kick it. We’ve got our sports and our fellow competitors
and team mates out here ripping and railing, curling specifically. We have our goods, our
candy. Awesome. You can roll this out, and it says Team USA. Pretty sweet. Continuing!
Those are good smoothies, bro. Cheers to that. Awesome. Welcome back to Team USA cam. Here
I’ve got Andrew. Andrew, what’s your full name and what’s the sport you compete in.
Andrew Haraghey, Alpine Ski Racing. Awesome, and what’s your favorite color, Andrew? Ooo, favorite
color? I am going to go orange. Ooo, Orange. I don’t know anything that rhymes with orange but I’ll take it. And we are here with the smoother mixer. What are you making? I’m making some recovery smoothies for these guys. They get a little snack mid afternoon, so we’ve got some vanilla core power in here. Basically, it’s a high protein milk with some vanilla Greek yogurt, also high in protein but also high in calcium as well, so good for the bones. Then frozen bananas and frozen blueberries, so lots of antioxidants as well. Very cool. That’s how we live to be 197 years old and can I get a cheers? Cheers! And we are back with the coolest Team USA athlete. What is your name and the sport you compete in? My name is Mike Shea and I’m a snowboarder. Awesome, very cool. What is your favorite part of being in PyeongChang and why? My favorite part of being in PyeongChang is the food. I love the Korean BBQ. We went the other day and it was so good. Yeah we did. Yeah we did! We’ve gone twice now. We went to Seoul. We killed it with the food so, it was good. Very cool. What is your favorite mountain that you’ve snowboarded on? Ooo, probably Aspen. I love Aspen. Then again, I’m from Southern California so Big Bear, Mammoth, those are probably my second picks. Cheers. Yeah, buddy. Welcome back to the bloggie, the blogster, the bloggist, and I am here with another Team USA athlete. What is your name and the sport you compete in? My name is Nicole Roundy and I am a Parasnowboarder. Awesome, and what do you want to do when you grow up Nicole? Ah, snowboarder. Can I just be a snowboarder forever? Yes! Team USA interviews take two! And here we are with Mr. Hey! Ah, Mike Schutlz. I was watching some curling. Very cool. Very cool. So you have pretty big muscles. Do you think you could have lifted the house off of the wicked witch of the West? Yeah, piece of cake. Mike Schultz saves the day!

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