Meeting Video Game Animals In Real Life (React)
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Meeting Video Game Animals In Real Life (React)

September 10, 2019

– (laughs) What are you doing?
– He says hi. Oh, you have eye jewelry.
He says, “Oh, you have a foreign object.
Let me remove that.” – Ah-ha-ha! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) As a video game enthusiast,
I am sure you know that a lot of the most popular
video game characters are actually based on animals.
– Yes, a lot of them are. – (FBE) Of course, some of
these characters look nothing like their in-real-life counterparts.
– Okay. Yeah, I’m just picturing giant CGI terrifying Sonic
in my head. – (FBE) Do you think you would
recognize some of these video game animals if you
saw them in real life? – Depending on the video game
and the animal, maybe. – (FBE) Well today, we’re gonna
show you some real living animals, and you’ll have to guess
what video game or game series they’re from and which character
they inspired. – Cool! That’s awesome.
I’m so excited. – Real animals?
Wait, can I pet them? – (FBE) Yup!
– Awesome. – Wait! This is the greatest day
of my life! I wasn’t prepared for this. – (FBE) We’re taking you to a place
called Animal Tracks. This is a wildlife conservation
and rescue center. Aside from giving happy homes
to exotic animals that cannot return to the wild, Animal Tracks
specializes in up close and personal educational experiences.
– Oh, how fun! That’s such a good place,
where they just have sanctuaries. They’re like, “Here’s animals.”
And then also learn about them and get to see them.
– I like education and up close and personal with animals
and video games! Guys, what an episode.
– (FBE) Are you ready to go? – Yes, let’s go!
Are we leaving now? Okay, let’s [bleep] go. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – (FBE) Do you recognize
this monkey from any video games? – Oh, hello. Ah!
Definitely Super Monkey Ball. Maybe Diddy Kong.
– They’re monkeys, so immediately
Super Monkey Ball comes to mind. – The only video game monkey
that comes to mind is Donkey Kong. – Totally reminds of Diddy Kong.
– I mean, all I can really think is Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.
– I’m thinking Mankey from Pokemon. – This is Animal Tracks.
And one of the things we do here is educate people on primates.
These monkeys live here at Animal Tracks year-round
and do education. And right now, you have Maci on you.
– Aww. Hi, Maci. – (FBE) So, Maci is eight.
Marley is 10. And they were raised as brother
and sister in someone’s home. But you’ll notice they’re not
in their home anymore, ’cause monkeys don’t make good pets.
She can live 40 years in captivity. – Wow!
– Terrible house pet. They have the ability to bite
your fingers off, chase the dogs, use your crown molding,
poo paint the walls. He is the only boy monkey
here at Animal Tracks, and so, you’re one of his dudes now.
– Wah, bros! – These two are different kinds.
Marley is actually– we think he’s part of a brown
and weeper cross. And we think Maci is a Brazilian cross.
And because they’re crosses, they couldn’t live in a zoo.
And I love zoos. Zoos are why we know
how to take care of these animals. But these guys are bound
to sanctuaries. A big thing I want people
to know is that just because the monkeys are nice to one person,
they’re not nice to everybody. – Right.
– So, I’m mama, but if a stranger tried to hug you
like your mother hugs you… – That’s weird.
– Yeah. And they’re like a four-year-old on crack
with sharp teeth. Come on, May.
Come on down. Come on, my love.
– Good girl. – I want you to sit right there
on the table. You get to feel
her prehensile tail. So, they’re tree-dwellers, arboreal.
And so, that tail works like a fifth hand.
– Oh, you have eye jewelry. He says, “Oh, you have
a foreign object. Let me remove that.”
– Ah-ha-ha! This is why you don’t
get piercings, kids. Specifically for monkeys.
– And Eric, we know you don’t have bugs,
but he’s taking care of you, ’cause you are one of his dudes.
He wants to make sure you look good when you go out.
He’s gonna make sure you don’t have any lice.
– That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!
– (FBE) Do you guys recognize these little guys?
– These are hedgehogs. – Sonic and the Black Knight.
– Yeah, I’m gonna have to say Sonic. Just classic
hedgehog character. – A little blue fella. (laughs)
– Sonic! – Sonic the Hedgehog,
which this looks nothing like Sonic. Okay.
– Does that look like Sonic? – Yes!
– A lot more. – He’s a ball.
He’s just a little ball of happiness. – Sonic.
– A little Sonic the Hedgehog or Shadow. Oh my gosh.
I’ve always wanted to see and hold a little hedgehog.
– This one is just minding his business in Africa,
in the garden. A coyote or fox comes up
and goes, “Hey, I’m gonna eat you.”
Literally, I dare you to eat that. – It’s so cool.
– Isn’t that crazy? Look at how share that is.
Ready? Watch this. Ready? How about now?
– Whoa! – It’s a ball!
– Whoa! Okay, that’s more like Sonic,
when he rolls into a ball. – They’re just fluffy armadillos.
– Gotta go fast. – Now, if you get caught
with a hedgehog in California, you’re in big, big trouble.
– Really? – Yup. A couple of things
you should know. They’re not like a hamster.
And they hibernate if they get cold. So, three nights of cold,
they will roll into a ball. And they breathe
about three times a minute, and you assume that
the animal has died. – (gasps)
– And so, people take out their hedgehogs, and they have
a little burial ceremony. – Oh!
– But, in fact, this animal wakes up on a warm day,
and it’s loose in the environment, eating everything that our skunks
and foxes and raccoons eat. – People get them,
because they go to Vegas. – Oh my word! Look at him.
– It’s an impulse buy. And then you decide, you know,
they’re kind of stinky, kind of gross,
I really don’t want it anymore. And then what do you do with it?
– Oh! Oh, hello. – This one’s very nice.
This one you can pet. – She’s not upset.
She was raised as a baby. And so, she’s very friendly.
– This one? Not as friendly. And you can see
she’s a little quilled up. 5,000 quills.
– (Brandon) Whoa. – (Stacy) So, they’re
just modified hairs. – Now, are they actually fast, though?
– No, not super fast. They’re kind of like little misers.
They would just be in your garden eating your bugs.
They do eat a little bit of strawberry,
a little bit of blueberry. It’s in their contract.
You look at this one, you see this brownish gray.
You see that right there? – Yeah, yeah.
– That’s actually her spit. – Oh!
– So, there you go. So, that’s why people
bathe their hedgehogs. It’s called anointing. And when
she smells something delicious, she makes this thick saliva,
wipes it all over her body. – Nice.
– And then that’s her cologne. – Hey, buddy.
– And she’s actually biting my hand right now.
Do you see that? That’s why I’m wearing a glove.
Look at her. She’s like a bulldog.
– (Brandon) Look at her. She’s going in.
– So yeah, I would never ever hold that one
without a glove. It is like holding a ball
of needles when they’re upset. – Oh, wow.
– The color, I like it. – (Alyson) Right?
– (FBE) Do you guys recognize her from a video game?
– Yes. – (Michelle) Star Fox. – Obviously, Star Fox,
Fox McCloud. – Sonic Heroes.
– Any of the Naruto video games, ’cause foxes are awesome.
– (Alyson) So, this is Shy, you guys. And she’s a red fox,
but she was bred this color for the pet trade. In the wild,
that wouldn’t exist naturally. It happens less
than 10% of the time, and they won’t survive
because of lack of camouflage. Before she came to us,
she was owned by a very young couple that was big into video gaming,
and they named her Temi. – (Eric) She was somebody’s pet
before she was in– – (Stacy) She was somebody’s pet,
yeah, in Utah. We got her all the way
from Provo, Utah. And in Utah, depending on
what city you live in, it’s illegal to own a fox.
So, there was this young couple that did all the right things.
They did their research. They built her an enclosure.
And then they moved to a city where they’re not legal to own.
So, they turned her in to a sanctuary. – How old is Shy?
– (Alyson) She just turned three years old in April.
She could live 15 in captivity. So, she’s just a youngster still.
If you wanna try to give her some food– she doesn’t seem
to be very interested right now, but you can give it a shot.
She might. You’re okay, mama.
Yeah, good girl. – (Mikaela) I have a snack for you. Not my nail.
– (Alyson) Do you want that? – (laughs) Similar color.
– (Alyson) She won’t touch your nail. – (Mikaela) No?
– Now she’s gonna– “I’m gonna go down here.”
– Okay. Never mind. – (Alyson) So, let’s see
what she’s gonna do. – You’re so pretty. Aww. Her little nose.
– (Darius) You’re shy? – (Alyson) So, perfect.
That’s amazing. Isn’t she pretty?
– (Michelle) Beautiful. – (Alyson) Yeah, good girl, Shy. – (Carson) Hello, Shy.
– (Michelle gasps) Oh my god. – Are you a nine-tailed fox–
– (Alyson) Yes, I got your paw. I got your paws.
I know. – (Shy yawns loudly)
– (Alyson) Yeah? Really? She’s like, “Oh, gotta talk
through my yawning.” Yes. Yeah.
– They’re really noisy. I know that much.
– (Alyson) They are. They live on every continent
in the world except for Antarctica. They are one of the most successful
hunters in the world. Their success rate’s
between 70% and 75%. Their sense of hearing is phenomenal.
She can hear prey two feet underground or two feet under the snow.
There’s a handful of animals that can see the Earth’s
magnetic field, and foxes are the only ones that use it
to hunt with. – Wait. What? Magnetic field?
– (Alyson) Yes, the Earth’s magnetic field.
– What the heck? – (Alyson) So, if you guys
have ever seen the videos of foxes playing in the snow,
and they jump straight up and they land headfirst in the snow,
they’re actually hunting. – Hey, there.
– Oh, hi, baby! Hi! You have a big head!
– (FBE) Do you guys recognize this creature from any video games?
– A wolf? Super Smash? – Kind of like Sif
from Dark Souls. – Oh! He’s so massive.
– His eyes, he looks like he’s having so much fun.
– He is. – You’re so warm!
– Oh my goodness. – A little chilly
up here today, isn’t it? – Yeah. Oh my goodness.
Yeah, you want my hand? – You’re so playful!
– That’s my whole sweater. – This is a young man.
His name is Raider. And he’s 70% wolf
and 30% German Shepherd. – Wow.
– So right now, what we’re doing is he has puppy brains,
’cause he’s only a year old. And so, we’re training him
how to not be wolfy. You never wanna turn your back
to a predator. Wolves are such an important part
of the ecosystem. They’re a main predator.
They found in Yosemite, when they put the wolf
back in there, chased the hoof stock
back up into the trees and actually change the way
the river flowed. So, really important animal.
Not important in our house. He was meant to be someone’s pet,
which is a really bad idea. It’s taken 10,000 years
to turn the wolf into the Chihuahua. Get the Chihuahua.
He has the third strongest jaw in animal history.
Look, he could do a teeth-whitening commercial.
Do you see how white his teeth are? Look at those babies.
Oh, he sees a bunny rabbit. Bunny rabbit.
– Hey! – Oh, baby.
– And the really important job we feel like we have here
at Animal Tracks is just showing people how different
a wolf is from your dog. They have a third ridge
on their molar for bone cracking. You don’t really need that
in your Chihuahua. – That’s so intense.
– Unless you’re a butcher. You don’t really need bone cracking.
– Oh my goodness. – He says hi.
– What are you doing? (chuckles) – I’ve seen vlogs and videos of people who own hybrid wolf dogs. Is that okay to own?
– Well, I’ll tell you probably about a half million wolf hybrids
get put to sleep every year in our pounds, because they bite.
So, unlike your dog, who’s been domesticated,
when you come in your house and your dog wags his tail,
the wolf gets suspicious. The wolf doesn’t like new people
touching them like your dog does. This guy knows where
your jugular vein is located. – Oh, wow.
– Oh my god. – You don’t want this
small pets or around small children. We wanna respect them.
– Yeah. – Definitely.
– For sure. – I love all animals.
– Beautiful. – Well, thank you
for being here today. We do, too.
– (FBE) Did you guys enjoy your educational experience
here today? – Definitely.
– I very much did. – Oh my god. It’s so cool.
– Yes. – Everything that they do,
a sanctuary for these animals, and there’s so many different
types here and just great people. It was really awesome.
– I wish all of these animals could be pets.
They can’t be. But they’re fantastic
to hang out with here. So, that was really fun.
– I mean, I’m just glad to know that they’re
being taken care of. That’s the important part here.
– Yeah, mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm,
’cause we sure couldn’t. – (both) Thank you so much,
Animal Tracks. – Thanks so much for having us.
– Thanks, Animal Tracks! – Bye!
– Hey, fam. React producer Mary here.
Thank you so much for watching us meet video game animals
in real life. If you wanna see even more
incredible behind the scenes content from this shoot,
head over to FBE2. We have new shows there
and livestreams every week. So, come hang out! Bye!

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