Medieval 2 Total War Blitz Campaign Record Part 1 – Battle of Tbilisi
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Medieval 2 Total War Blitz Campaign Record Part 1 – Battle of Tbilisi

August 11, 2019

Hi everyone, LegendofTotalWar here. This is part 1 of my Medieval II: Total War Blitz Guide. In this series I’ll be smashing the fuck out of the computer players, taking all 106 mainland provinces as fast as possible with the turks on very hard difficulty I’m going for the record here, which I think was 21 turns. However, I’m going to do it before turn 15. The ground rules are simple. The challenge is on vanilla Grand Campaign version 1.03 with no modifications. If the game isn’t hardcoded to prevent me from doing something, then its fair game. Every battle must manually dealt with. That means no auto resolving. Naval battles excluded. Replaying tough battles and turns is allowed. There will be no console commands used. However, if you wanted to this challenge, turning off the fog of war is no big deal. I wouldn’t really call it cheating for this, since it doesn’t allow you to move any faster, which is what this is really about. Alright, let’s get this started. I’m playing as the Turks because they’re probably the best faction to do this. All the Catholic factions have the fucking Pope getting in the way, which makes crusades a pain in the ass. Muslim factions don’t have this to worry about. First thing I’m going to do is get the Jihad going. The trick to this is dragging out the Jihad so that we can exploit the movement bonus and free upkeep. I’ve selected Baghdad because it’s a dead-end province with no strategic value and shit income, and it’s right next door to Mosul, which means I can take it at any time. Even though it should be the last city I take. The next step is getting my generals off their asses and into the field for some wholesome genocidal fun. This is another reason why the turks are good for this, since historically it’s what they did anyway. Jalal is heading for Nicaea. No major threat there. Salih here is probably my most important general because his job right from the start is to get to fucking Arguin. Of course, if he takes a few provinces along the way I wouldn’t complain. ethical it would be a good start to him
I think Aleppo would be good for him, since it’s right on the tip of his movement points for the next turn. I’m bypassing Edessa for now because the garrison is too painful to deal with, and its just not convenient. I’ll get it later. Now that Selim is geared up with 8 units he’s the third general on Jihad this turn. Tbilis is nearby, but if I bypass it I can get to Sarkel a turn earlier. However, I want Tbilisi now so I’m going to do a little trick. With just this piece of shit alan light cavalry I’ll siege the settlement and have the garrison sally out at end turn. I’ll go into more detail in a minute. Now Mustafa here doesn’t have the resources to join a Jihad, but Adana is near enough that he can reach However, the stupid infantry can’t. But that’s okay because they’re shit anyway. Him and the horse archers are just enough that the garrison will sally out. These aren’t going to do shit for me in this game, but I’ll get them moving just in case. With what little money I’ve got left I’ll recruit some garrison troops at Iconium and Yrevan and be done. Okay. So as I predicted, the garrison at Tbilisi want to die. So let’s indulge them. It’s says I’m at a disadvantage, but that’s total bullshit, and I’ll show you why. Nobody ever said the AI in this game was particularly smart. These infantry are going to chase me no matter where I go, and that’s retarded. Using that to my advantage, I’ll run them around town, getting them exhausted. But my guys will be fine. Now I’ll just charge head-on and watch them rout. There we go. 3 out of 4 wet their pants just at the sight of me. Funny that the remain unit of archers wasn’t one of them. It’s probably got the general in there. I’ll mop up these routers so they don’t regroup and hit that last unit in just a second. It doesn’t matter how many troops I lose in this because they’re on Jihad with no general now. They’re not going to be able to catch up to Selim, so they’ll desert at some point. But If I take Tbilisi now, then it’s still worth it. I’ll just do some mopping up and end it there, and that was bloody easy. If you’ve enjoyed part 1 there are plenty more to watch, as I’m covering every step of this challenge. Like and subscribe to my channel, and if you want, give the challenge a go. I’d love to see a community of blitzing get on this. It’s a lot of fun.

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  1. I like the aggressive narration, as it goes really well with your Blitz strategy. It's entertaining so please stick with it, and I look forward to you trying to beat the record. I want to see the rest of this campaign right now!

    Good luck!

  2. 1:45 The next step is getting my generals off their asses and into the field for some wholesome genocidal fun.

    1:50 This is another reason why the turks are good for this,

    1:54 since historically it's what they did anyway

    pardon me but dude i wish i got u wrong didn't u mean Turks are genocidist did u ?

  3. Don't take the video so seriously. It's just a game. Historically, the Turks wiped out the Byzantine Empire. That's what I was referring to in this video.

  4. what program have you used for record the screen????
    because my fraps doesn't record this game and Third age total war, a mod.

  5. Armenian Genocide, Greek genocide and Assyrian genocide…
    The Turks do have a " genocidial " past

  6. In the main game menu got to game settings and then unit scale. Yours is set to large where mine is set to huge.

  7. His voice sounds completely different.. hahaha, nice gameplay, this is tough. I would never be able to do this.

  8. 1:54 was that what v did historically cmon i wont just say dont spread diasporan lies( armeninans were being moved to syria to protect caucasion front), but think. turks ruled balkans for centuries also armenia and that stuff too. there were no extermination on balkans. not on armenia either. i have written these because u didnt sound like joking or sthng. if it was a joke ignore this comment

  9. why is there an annotation to a censored version? why would i or anyone watch legend WITHOUT the swearing… it wouldn't be legend…

  10. Wow! That was great play. I'm getting my ass kicked in Mayan campaign by English right now. They came from southeast and their armies are so advanced compared to mine.

  11. Unsubbed after 1:50. Because wtf an ignorant fuck from Australia who belongs to the nation that we fucked at Gallipoli came and insulted my nation. "Historically" I'd prefer sacking of Constantinople in 1453 as opposed to your "crusade" in 1204.

  12. Oi, about genocidal fun, turks in 11th century were suprisingly co existing, not massacring the masses that they invade. Least of all was the Seljuks. They didn't do it out of the kindness of their hearts of course, turks were newly muslim with considerable amount of shamanists who believe in nature spirits. They were out from the Central-Asia, with no means to govern a complex land. So they relied on what was already there before them. Seljuks were complexly interacted with rome and Persian culture in ways of the state

    Seljuks embraced iranian culture(Not arabic) and language, and formed a balance between urban civilisation and pastoral-nomadic traditions of the motherland.

    Hell started to break loose when the Ottomans came, with their centralised government.

    And I should mention, Anadolian terrain is fucking ridicilously rough in this game. Sure this is just a game, designed to balance everything as much as possible but the fucking central region of the land shouldn't be that hard to transport fucking troops. Anatolia is just plains and steppes at the centre, with mountain passes to the east, and some mountains paralleling the Black Sea.

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