Max & Ruby: Grandma’s Treasure Hunt / Ruby’s Jigsaw Puzzle / Ruby’s Recital – Ep.42
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Max & Ruby: Grandma’s Treasure Hunt / Ruby’s Jigsaw Puzzle / Ruby’s Recital – Ep.42

February 4, 2020

♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and her little brother, Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby! ♪ ♪ We’re going on a treasure hunt! ♪ ♪ We’re going on a treasure hunt! ♪ ♪ We’re going on a treasure hunt! ♪>>Oh, hi, Max! Guess what? Grandma has organized a treasure hunt for us!>>Do you know that that means, Max?>>Pirates! Arrr!>>We’re doing something way more fun than playing pirates. We’re looking for treasure!>>What kind of treasure do you think we’ll find, Ruby?>>I’m not sure, Louise, but knowing Grandma, it’ll be wonderful!>>All right, let’s go!>>Max, wait! We can’t just go on a treasure hunt.>>Any good Bunny Scout knows you have to be prepared.>>Right, Louise. We’ve got our Bunny Scout compass so we know what direction we’re going in.>>And we’ve got a shovel in case we have to dig for treasure.>>A magnifying glass to help us find clues.>>What else do we need?>>MAX: Arrr, pirates!>>Oh! Max, I told you. We’re not playing pirates. We’re going on a treasure hunt.>>Ruby, look!>>You turned your wagon into a pirate ship.>>Maybe we can use it for our treasure hunt supplies.>>Is that okay? All right, we’re ready to go on our treasure hunt.>>Yeah, but where do we go?>>Grandma said she hid a treasure map somewhere in the backyard.>>Then I guess we’d better start looking for that map.>>Okay, Louise, you look over there, and I’ll look over here.>>Max, we’re not playing pirates. We’re looking for the treasure map. Have you seen anything yet, Louise?>>Not yet!>>Can I borrow your spyglass? What is this paper anyway? (Gasping) Louise! I found the treasure map!>>Good work, Ruby. What’s it say?>>It looks like we’re supposed to walk 15 paces to the north and then another 20 pace to the east.>>Good thing we’ve got our Bunny Scout compass.>>Okay, so we go this way 15 paces. I’ll pace and you bring the wagon. (Giggling)>>Aye aye, Ruby!>>One, two, three…>>Okay, Max. I’ll give you a ride.>>Pirates! Arrr!>>17, 18, 19, 20!>>What do we do now, Ruby?>>There’s an “X” on the map. I think that means we’ll find a clue there!>>Then let’s look for the “X”.>>Pirates! Arrr! (Laughing)>>Max! Pirates didn’t drive in springy cars.>>Ruby, look! The windshield wipers make an “X”! And there’s something under them. (Gasping)>>We found the next clue!>>Hm…it shows some green, pointy things.>>And what’s that?>>It looks like a golden pathway.>>That sounds exciting.>>But first, we have to find those green, pointy things.>>Arrr, pirates!>>Max, I told you, we don’t want to play pirates. We want to find Grandma’s treasure.>>Uh, Ruby.>>Please stop playing with the bulrush and help us figure out Grandma’s clue.>>Ruby! That bulrush is green and pointy! (Gasping)>>You’re right, Louise! And we know where those bulrushes come from!>>The creek!>>See anything that looks like a golden pathway, Louise?>>Not yet, Ruby.>>What about you, Max?>>Arrr, pirates!>>Oh, Max. I wish you’d get serious about this treasure hunt, Max. There could be all kinds of goodies when we find it.>>Yeah, like diamonds and jewels!>>And gold coins!>>Arrr!>>A gold coin! Look, Louise!>>Chocolate coins!>>Arrr!>>Where did you find that?>>LOUISE: Look, Ruby, there’s more!>>A golden pathway! (Laughing) See, Max? I told you that going on a treasure hunt was even better than playing pirates.>>Where are we going to put all these coins?>>Good thinking, Max.>>Thanks, Max.>>Look! The coins lead right to Grandma’s back gate!>>Ruby, do you see what I see?>>A key! I’ll bet it’s the key to a chest full of treasure! Now we have to search carefully for the treasure chest.>>Arrr, pirates!>>Oh, Max. (Giggling) If I were Grandma, where would I hide the treasure chest? (Gasping)>>Arrr, pirates!>>The treasure chest!>>It works!>>Wow!>>Look, it’s beautiful!>>Oh, my! (Laughing)>>Max, you’re missing out on all the treasure.>>VOICE: Arrr, who’s opened my pirate’s treasure chest?>>Grandma! What are you doing?>>What’s a treasure hunt without a couple of, arrr, pirates? ♪ (Laughing) ♪ (Humming) (Gasping)>>Oh, Max! Go play with your lobster someplace else. I’m doing a jigsaw puzzle.>>Puzzle?>>It’s called “Beautiful Bunny Ballerinas.” (Sighing) Aren’t they elegant?>>Puzzle.>>See? Each puzzle piece has its own special place in the big picture. If even one piece is missing, I won’t be able to finish it. So you go play in that direction while I concentrate. Okay, Max? (Gasping)>>Puzzle!>>No, Max. This is a big bunny puzzle. I want to finish it all by myself. You go play with your lobster. ♪ ♪ ♪>>Oh, Miss Bunny Dancer. I’m a ballerina bunny, too. And I know you can’t dance without your ballet shoe. Let me find it for you. Found it! Oh! Max!>>Puzzle!>>I told you, I don’t want any help. I want to finish this puzzle all by myself.>>Puzzle!>>I promise I’ll show it to you when I’m finished. (Chirping) ♪ ♪>>Puzzle!>>Oh! The ballet is about to begin! (Gasping) Oh no! Where’s the last piece? One piece is missing! It has to be somewhere! Max, I lost a puzzle piece. I don’t have time for lobsters!>>Puzzle!>>That’s right, Max, and I won’t be able to finish until I find that missing puzzle piece.>>Puzzle!>>Where is that puzzle piece? (Gasping) It’s got to be here somewhere. It’s not in the jigsaw box, it’s not on the floor. Puzzle pieces don’t just walk away by themselves. Max! Hand it over, Max.>>Puzzle!>>You got it.>>Puzzle!>>My puzzle piece! Stop that lobster! ♪>>Come back, you puzzle thief! Come out, come out wherever you are! (Gasping) ♪>>I had to wind it all the way up. ♪ Ha!>>You did it! You caught the puzzle thief! The last piece. Come on, you can help me. Okay, Max. You can tap it in place. Oh, isn’t it beautiful? Thanks to you, I finished the whole–>>Puzzle! My flowers smell as pretty as they look. (Phone ringing) I wonder who that could be.>>Perfect!I’ll be over in two shakes of abunny’s tail.>>That sounds like Grandma. Hi, Grandma.>>Hello, Ruby.Max and I just had a wonderful idea.>>You did?>>Oh, yes. We think today is a perfect day for a recital.>>A recital? I’m not ready for a recital. I’ve been gardening all morning. Wouldn’t you rather come and see my pretty flowers?>>Well, why don’t we do both? We can have a recital outside in the garden.>>An outdoor recital?>>Yes, I love the sound of music outdoors.Don’t you, Ruby?>>Uh…yes, Grandma. That sounds perfect.>>It sure does.I’ll be over soon. Bye, Ruby.>>Bye, Grandma. We better get ready for the recital, Max. Grandma will be here soon. We both have to find instruments we can play outside.>>Water? You want a glass of water, Max? Okay. There you go, a nice big glass of–>>Water.>>Max, don’t forget about finding an instrument. Hm…I can’t play the piano outside. Too big. I know it’s here somewhere. Oh, there it is. I’ll bet one of these musical instruments will be perfect. An accordion! (Odd noise) Oh, that doesn’t sound very good. (Chirping) (Laughing) You’re not supposed to be in there. (Sighing) I’ll have to find something else to play.>>Water?>>You finished your water already? You must be a very thirsty bunny. Where’d your glass go? Okay, I’ll get you a new glass. Here you go. Now I have to find my instrument. And so do you, Max.>>Water!>>You’re welcome. I better hurry, Grandma will be here soon. Maybe Grandma would like to hear a song on ukulele. (Out of tune) Oh, that doesn’t sound right. Oh no! One of the strings is broken! Maybe there’s another string in here somewhere.>>Water?>>Another glass of water? If you’re not careful, Max, you’ll float away! Now, where’s your glass? Okay, then, here’s a new glass. Try to keep an eye on this one, okay? Max, don’t you want to play an instrument in our outside recital? (Sighing) I better find an instrument to play or I won’t have time to practice! Hm…I could play the drum? No. Maybe the maracas? No. A xylophone! Perfect! Now all I need are some mallets. Here they are. Now I can practice. Maybe I could playTwinkle,Twinkle, Little Star.Let’s see…how does it go?>>Water.>>More water, Max? You’re awfully thirsty today. I’m pouring you two glasses of water, Max. That way, when you finish one glass of water, you’ll have another one right there. And then I’ll have time to practice my song on the xylophone before Grandma gets here.>>Water.>>Where did my mallets go? I’m sure I put them right here. I can’t play the xylophone without mallets. Now I have to find another instrument! Maybe the saxophone kazoo. (Blowing) (Doorbell ringing)>>GRANDMA: Yoohoo! Ruby!>>Oh no, Grandma’s here. Coming, Grandma.>>Ruby, dear, are you ready for the recital?>>Not really. This is all I could find to play for the recital. (Blowing) (Giggling)>>Ruby, I wasn’t expecting you to perform for me! Max and I are going to perform an outdoor recital for you!>>Really? But what instruments are you going to play?>>A-ha, you’ll see. Max has something very special planned. Come on, let’s go outside and find out. (Tinkling) Good work, Max! That’s just the way I told you to set them up.>>Water! (Laughing)>>So that’s where your water glasses went. And my mallets.>>Max and I are going to play a recital on water glasses.>>You’re going to play glasses of water?>>That’s right. Each glass makes a different note when you tap it with a mallet. (Playing notes)>>It all depends how much water is in the glass.>>It’s kind of like a xylophone!>>That’s right. Ladies and gentlemen! Today we celebrate Ruby’s beautiful flower garden with a special outdoor performance! (PlayingTwinkle, Twinkle) ♪>>Bravo, bravo! That was amazing! What a beautiful outdoor recital. And all it took was mallets, glasses, and–>>Water! ♪

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