Mauro Nespoli relives Italy’s Archery gold at London 2012 | Archery Week
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Mauro Nespoli relives Italy’s Archery gold at London 2012 | Archery Week

August 12, 2019

I’m Mauro Nespoli, and I’m part of the Italian National Archery team. Ahead of the Olympics, there were many fears and expectations We were not among the favourites, but I was sure that we would still arrive at the Games with the will, the right determination, the drive to give everything within our power. The qualifying round was fundamental as it allowed us to avoid the stronger teams in the first rounds Of course, meeting the US only in the final made it a simpler final. “It’s a beautiful ten from Marco Galiazzo which puts the contest on the right track. However, let’s be careful.” We were mainly concerned about Brady Ellison who arrived in London as one of the favourites. We expected him to always be 100% accurate, however, while he was having a hard time – possibly because of a moment of less instinct from the American archers – we were able to take advantage of this moment of weakness. While they were missing points in their shots, we were keeping the arrows close to each other. “192 to 191. This is for the gold.” The American team weren’t there to lose. They had already won against the Korean team, that was possibly the favourite, so they also wanted to win the gold medal. They missed with a low arrow and we were able to hold onto that advantage, still keeping a two point advantage up to the last three arrows. I started with an eight, high on the left close to an arrow I had shot earlier. Maybe I wasn’t too great in giving Marco the indications about the wind Maybe also a bit of tension which he also felt himself. “Galiazzo is focused, with his hat and sun glasses. His arrows leaves, and it’s an eight, unfortunately. Eight.” The last arrow was from Michele, it was a very heavy arrow to shoot, as I had experienced in Beijing. We absolutely needed Michele to hit the ten to be able to win. “All in with this arrow by Michele Frangilli”. When I saw Michele releasing, I was sure. And so was Marco. We were sure that it would be a ten. “Michele Frangilli has the opportunity to give Italy an historic gold medal. It’s a ten! We won gold! Gold! It’s gold!” When we heard “ten”, at that moment we were ecstatic. I had been waiting for it for the past four years, for him even longer. It was really liberating because, though we were not favourites, we knew our potential of taking it match after match, arrow after arrow and that’s what happen. “The first gold medal from this 30th edition of the Olympic Games. Michele Frangilli gives Italy the gold medal.”

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