Mauka Mauka | India vs Pakistan Final Champions Trophy 2017 | Father’s Day special
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Mauka Mauka | India vs Pakistan Final Champions Trophy 2017 | Father’s Day special

October 8, 2019

You know, he is the singer of original mauka mauka.. Wow, you sang it really well thank you We shall provide more opportunities.. Let me take your leave.. bye.. Come my son, Hello Papa.. how are you Happy Father’s day papa even you can give me at least one gift now end this hatred between you.. Yes my son, he is right. top fighting like kids.. no one will be benefitted by all this.. Have some shame idiots. play like a sport, let this be just a sport dont make it a war they both are fighting on the land of England that England who separated us.. Shake hands children forget all past. yes boys.. leave past behind.. Dad, why aren’t u having your tea? It has become cold, no fun now.. Why are you making me go cold? No fun in it Waited for 10 years for this final settlement. we shall settle it this time.. and what had you said once? Will not be in neighbourhood for long? Our chants shall reach mumbai from Karachi after winning the match.. This idea of dialogues must be yours.. Have you got your earphones uncle? Yes!! Listen to this new Salman Khan song.. listen keep the volume high.. Do even know what is clamor?? when the entire stadium chants INDIA INDIA wearing blue… Your ears will start bleeding Look at this jersey!! You will see not one but thousands of Gangulis… …warping their jerseys in air post our victory.. Dont know about Karachi.. we shall turn London into Mumbai for at least one night We have snatched the independence, we shall snatch the trophy too.. You will snatch the trophy?? Don’t forget, i am the defending champion have been defending Kashmir successfully.. defending trophy is not a big deal

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  1. Press the bell icon to get notifications of our upcoming videos in your mobile. Lets cheer louder for our men in blue…Itna Shor karenge ki they should feel that they are playing in Wankhede & not Oval….

  2. ??? defending champion ???
    I just say… Pride has a fall.
    But we will snatch Kashmir very soon as we snatched Championship Trophy. IA

  3. Ek baat smjh nahi aayi.
    Ek to Jo Indian hai.
    Wo bhosad hi dikhta.
    Or pakistani to mast dikhta hai.
    Or kuch zada hi.
    Dikhate ho.
    Bhai ye to sab jante hai.
    Ki Pak oundha ho Jaye.
    Fhir.b nahi Jeet payega.
    Kuch acha bnao.

  4. Abhinandan ji ka ek video pak ne banaya to,india wale poori series bana diya pak ka.indians se panga mat lena,baap baap hota hai.

  5. hats off to both actors paki ka role play karne wale par taras aata hai aap hamesha usey chup karwa deten hain

  6. Ham hamesha India pak ko lekar bohat se topic create karte hai but Socho agar 1947 partition huva hi na hota,ek hi ghar ke do tukde na hote to..? Kya manjar hota vo bhi jab puri duniya ke liya world cup se bhi jada famous ho chuka India Pakistan ka match na hota to…? To shayad hi koi team hoti jo USS team ko hra pati jise aj India aur Pakistan ke naam se pukara jata hai.. kisi ko hurt huva ho to am sry

  7. This is the only prejudice free video of nokka mokaa.. people follow you you can sprad love between these two nations

  8. Hahahaha ,this fucking channel did not made the second part of this video after defeat of India …. Hahahahah

  9. انڈیا والے صرف باتوں سے یا ڈرامہ سے کام نہیں چلتا ذرہ تاریخ پڑھو

  10. Mujea btaye mauka mauka wle kanjar ke icc champions trophy ke baad kyu nai banaya mauka mauka kia maaa mr gyi thi in kutton habesoon ke ar ab semi harnay ke baadh dobara wardh gya mauka mauka

  11. Garoor ka sar neecha 🙂
    You arrogant asshole (Duplicate b grade sanjay dutt), should learn from this semifinal defeat.
    There is no need to bilittle any country.

  12. 2017 Champions Tho Hum He The

    Aik Bath Yaad Rakhna PAKISTAN Baap Baap Rahega INDIA Beta Beta Rahega PAK ZINDABAD

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