Matt Depeel’s 2017 Archery Mule Deer Hunt – Grim Reaper Broadheads – Self Filmed
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Matt Depeel’s 2017 Archery Mule Deer Hunt – Grim Reaper Broadheads – Self Filmed

August 15, 2019

This is where he was oh man check this out I Spent a lot of time in November sitting in the tree stand took time off work Mornings and nights and just waiting and waiting and waiting trying to find that big buck. Lots of deer came by Passed up a lot of small bucks passed up a lot of does seen some big ones but just didn’t have any good shot opportunities on them Finally it was a Thursday evening, it was my last day really of the hunt had one more sit after that so I’m really looking at the end here and made the decision, itw was about 10… 15 minutes before last light that anything that comes by we’re on a meat hunt and as I sat there sure enough to my right a small little whitetail buck comes by but no shot there and really, I knew I had one more sit, so I wanted to wait for a bigger buck and straight ahead of me on this tree stand I called this the middle stand and the trails come on either side left side right side and This deer came straight in and as he’s walking in I don’t have any time to get any footage of him coming so instantly he’s right in front of me at about 25 yards He walks towards me, and I’m thinking this is a tough shot I’ve never done a straight-on shot before but I’d recently switched to grim reaper broadheads, and I thought let’s give these things a test and The deer came to about 20 yards and I lined up. I tried to stop him making a broadside, so I’m actually waving and The deer looks up you can see in the video. He looks up at me and just staring at me, but he wouldn’t turn so I thought let’s just take a straight-on shot and go for a harder shot and Took my time made a great shot All right we’re here meat hunting and small muley buck came in He just dropped about 40 yards away, so I Wasn’t gonna make that shot he was coming straight on but you know it’s my last day really I can come back tomorrow, but Pretty much at the end of the season so it’s time to just fill freezers But yeah, I’m gonna get down here before we’re out of light and get some video of this deer it’s just a Ssiker but Trying to get some meat here All right. Check out where I shot him at I switched to grim reapers This is where he was oh, man Check this out It’s like I said I switched to grim reaper broadheads There’s my tree stand just up there But I’m gonna follow this blood trail with you Check out how much blood there is here. That’s impact That blood trail We’ll walk this all the way up. He’s just spraying here I’m gonna say grim reaper performs I’ve never seen anything like this We’re just about there. That is one heck of a blood trail Little buck but wasn’t that incredible how much blood came from that broadhead now the arrow went through the animal, it stuck in, in the deer in the front, but it did go through left a huge hole But more importantly I watched that deer fall. He only went about 40 yards and At the end of the night, I went home with meat in the freezer, so it was a successful hunt but very impressed with those broadheads. You know we get out hunting and we Always say let’s get the biggest buck, let’s get the biggest buck. We’re chasing a few big ones this year But today’s one of my last days and now it’s about meat hunting so this guy came in quite late and About 15 minutes to spare he came in straight on quick easy shot Amazing what those grim reaper broadheads did the blood trail coming up here was unbelievable so pretty happy with what I’ve seen and I’ll be back here tomorrow. Hopefully for a whitetail Maybe some does get some more meat for the freezer, but You know, it’s just a little guy, but there’s gonna be some good eating so Hope you enjoyed that I know I had fun I always have fun doesn’t matter if they’re big or small I still get excited. I still get nervous and You know it never never gets old getting out in the bush and getting some hunting it. Love this sport. Enjoy it hope you enjoyed this video and you know, go back watch all the other videos that we have on our channel I hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as we enjoy making them So do us a favor do yourself a favor like them share them more importantly Subscribe to them click on the little notification bell so next time we upload a video you’ll be the first to know about it You

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  1. Works great>>> Every deer I've shot the blades have expanded as expected. They cut a really big hole leaving a great blood trail. Highly recommend them.

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