Matching! Boys Archery (매칭! 소년양궁부) – Full Episode 7 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama
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Matching! Boys Archery (매칭! 소년양궁부) – Full Episode 7 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama

August 10, 2019

♫ Hello pretty boys! In front of me, yes! ♫ ♫ Just like the moment you shook up my heart ♫ ♫ Just like the moment you shook up my heart ♫ [ Jeong Gook Dae – Yong Woo, Ahn Gyeong Nam – Cha Ji Hoon, Cha Min – Kim Chang Hwan ] ♫ Today is really a lovely day! ♫ ♫ Hello shiny boys! I can not hold it in, yes! ♫ ♫ Hello shiny boys! I cannot hold it in, yes! ♫ ♫ I get dragged away by the scent ♫ ♫ I get dragged away by the scent ♫ ♫ Today, too, I am the highlight ♫ ♫ I’m headed for excitement just like your smile. ♫ Matching! Boys Archery Club Hi, I’m Hong Shi. It was only momentary that I escaped from having my identity revealed. This time, Seung Joon and Ji Wan… These two are causing problems. The main characters of my webtoon. If Seung-Wan couple breaks up, that’s big trouble. So, in order for them to make up, I went all out. Thanks to my work, there’s no problem in the love life of Seung-Wan couple. No problem with my webtoon either. Everything is going smoothly, but for some reason, a part of my heart feels uneasy. In the end, I decided to reveal my identity to the team members. If I tell them honestly, wouldn’t my genuine heart be conveyed? Episode 7 The Seventh Arrow What are you doing? Did you use this to take pictures of us? Sunbae, what’s wrong? You sure did take pictures of us with this just fine up until now. – That’s not it… – Who are you exactly? Should I tell them in your place? She’s a webtoon artist wanna-be. Hong Shi Ah. What is all of this? That’s us. I’ll… I’ll explain everything. Fine, it’s fine to be a webtoon artist. There’s no reason an archery team manager shouldn’t be a webtoon artist. But the fact that she deceived us. No one other than Dry Persimmon. So instead of calling you dried persimon, I should call you noona, right? Noona? You lied about your age, too. Didn’t you? Come to think of it, I thought it was strange when she was driving. No, it was strange from the fact that she joined X-Ten. She knew nothing about us and she had no interest in archery. When someone like that wanted to become our manager, we should’ve been suspicious. An 18 year old kid starts to talk about starting up a business with the coach… Wow, seriously… Come to think about it, there were so many strange things all over the place. We almost became complete fools because of her! That’s not it. Listen to what I have to say… What do you mean it’s not? Are you saying you weren’t about to sell us out on your comics? Here’s the proof right here! You’re right. You’re right about this, but this isn’t the entire story. Is that true? “Don’t give up and unite.” Saying how important we really are… You were acting and pretending as if you really cared for us. And behind the scenes, you were drawing these dirty pictures about us? You were really going to turn this into a webtoon? But even so… this is too… Yeah, it’s all true. But let me talk! That’s right! When I first met X-Ten… I did think it would be fun to create a webtoon based on your story. These drawings… Yes, I did draw them. It’s also true that I tried to deceive you and tried to become successful. I acknowledge that. Manager Hong. You should’ve told us before you started drawing. You’re right. I should have. I’m really sorry. But… I was going to tell you. I know it’s late, but I was going to tell you, get your permission and draw them formally. It’s true. Please believe me. I mean… She must’ve been so desperate for materials. Why else would she lie about her age and join us? Since she’s not talented, I’m sure she had to pick a provocative topic. What? You know I’m right. You’re getting older and your talent isn’t getting better. That’s why you’re drawing such weird pictures. What’s so weird about that? Then, is this normal? Sunbae, don’t corner her. Take it slow and talk to her. I’m really sorry that I drew this by deceiving you. But just because it’s about a man in love with another man… If you say it’s not normal because of that reason, I don’t think so. – I don’t think it’s abnormal. – Ah… Were you so full of knowledge that you had to deceive us this way? You should’ve taken it easy. I’m sorry, but please leave us out because we’re offended. Especially me. You don’t have much time left until the competition. Focus to the end. Don’t be shakey in your pace. Who cares? Do your best since you got started. Don’t think about just going along with it. – Manager Hong! – Hey… Artist lady, I know you’re inside. I’m not rough around the edge for no reason. I can smell so well. I can smell you from inside. So, open the door and let’s talk about your rent. ♫ My school uniform is getting wet ♫ ♫ When I was standing out of my mind ♫ [ Growl, Growl, Sunbae ] ♫ An umbrella approached me quietly ♫ ♫ Now, it is no more ♫ Shouldn’t we have heard her out calmly? I feel responsible as your captain. Well, I don’t think you need to feel responsible to that extent. Well? I guess I don’t really know. I don’t know what the situation is, but it is true that I am shocked. Scored a point? Wow, I’m in great condition today. What are you doing? Aren’t you going to practice? Hey, the competition is right in front of us. As for me… I don’t think Manager Hong deceived us from the beginning. I don’t know why she joined us in the beginning, but Manager Hong really liked us. She’s not the type of person who’d just use us and abandon us. You’ve all got to know Manager Hong. When you think about it she’s the one who helped me out at the training. Isn’t that right? Yeah. Then, how about we call her in again and talk to her? We should give her a chance to explain herself… What chance? Didn’t you see that picture? What more explanation do you need? She just used us. To draw those weird drawings. Just practice. Are you okay? Is it your anxiety again? You’re always like this right before the competition. I told you to relax. Manager Hong, water please… I’ll get it for you. Put on a bandage for me. Okay. You’re not supposed to do it that way. More closely and tightly. Oh, okay. Got it. Like this? Right. Not too tight! Okay, okay… Even so… Manager Hong had improved a lot… Whatever! You do it yourself! How dare you throw a fit? You want to get hit by my muscles? I’ll do it for you. Okay. What the heck? I asked Manager Hong to buy me a health bracelet and she ignored me. Excuse me? That bracelet. Manager Hong bought it for you, right? Since when did they get helped by the manager that they’re all calling out for Manager Hong? They shouldn’t be so naive. They’re so naive… Ugh, there’s no toilet paper again. Is anyone out there? Anyone? Of course, there’s no one. Oh, what, what, what? Should I say a manager who’s quick on her feet everywhere? Just look for this Manager Hong when you need me. Who am I thinking about right now? This is Cha Min. Seriously, is no one out there? No one’s out there, right? I’m coming! I’m coming! Coming out where? Why did you turn off your phone? Didn’t you read my email? Yeah, I read your email. That’s why I’m here. I have nothing to say anymore. Okay. It’s nice. I just have to say what I need to say. Just answer my questions. Why are you saying you won’t do it? I don’t want to anymore. I’m sick and tired of comics. Who cares if I draw webtoon so hard? Is there a guarantee that I’ll be successful with it? I can’t even buy myself some coffee when I want to. What kind of job is this… All I do is trying to hang out at the archery team full of young kids practicing. As if I’m some amazing person, I nag and try to discipline them. Right, I’m just a person who draws stupid pictures like these. Really? For someone who does that, you’re smiling quite big. You were happy. You liked being with them as you spent time with them. Both drawing comics and those guys, too. Sunbae. I feel really bad toward you. You really tried to help me out a lot. Let’s just say this never happened. I think it’s around here somewhere. Yeah, I think we’re almost there. Hong Shi Ah, seriously… You’re so stubborn. When we see her… what should we say first? I’m not sure. Where is it… I’m right, huh? Hong Shi Ah drew you a lot better. Can I touch you? Excuse me… I’m sorry. I’ve only seen you in drawings. It’s so neat to see the real models in person. It didn’t feel good, right? Realizing someone was drawing pictures like that about you guys? – What? – I’ve never seen Shi Ah be so happy like that. Don’t you think that’s because she was doing something she enjoys with the people she has fun with? Yes. She’s a good artist. She’s kind and a bit naive. She tries to do everything with a genuine heart. In any case, she tried to deceive some people and that’s wrong. She did do something wrong. But I’m sure that’s not the only thing. You’d get so mad over her drawing a few pictures? In any case, everyone feels uncomfortable about the subject matter. Yeah, I do understand. But that’s not everything. Manager Hong, no… Hong Shi Ah, no… Is Manager Hong doing okay? Well? Seeing the trash in her house, I don’t think she’s starving. She said she’s going to quit drawing comics now and look for a job. I’m sure she’ll be fine. She’s not going to draw anymore? Why not? The characters in her story are against it. The artist shouldn’t continue to draw the story. It’s right to obtain permission beforehand. But Shi Ah… She used to say this all the time… That she wants to draw comics with genuine heart. Can’t you just read the story for now? If you don’t like it after reading it, it’s only right for us to discontinue. I think she’s almost done at this rate. Her pictures aren’t too bad. The story is pretty good, too. But it looks like she’s going to quit. Why? I think she’s worried that it might have a negative impact on us. If she finished well, she could’ve made her debut, I heard. What debut? Making us into this? I was quite shocked, to be honest, about Manager Hong having this kind of talent. I know. Just looking at the pictures, I didn’t even look at the content. But this isn’t it. Look at these guys… Hey! How can you leave the door open? What if people get hit when they walk by? Here. Put it away in the corner over there. Why is this here now? What is it? [ Yeolrim High School Hong Shi Ah ] She worked hard all this time. I ordered her one because I felt like we didn’t even treat her like a manager. Because we’re one team. The same T-shirt. But in such a short time… I had no idea you’d kick her out. Who kicked her out? Forget it if you didn’t. – Practice, you guys! – Okay. Delivery? What are they trying to do now? [ Att: Manager Hong Shi Ah ] [ 2016 National Teenage Archery Competition ] Let’s begin. Where’s the bow? I have it here. Kyun Nam, hang on tight your mentality. Yes, sir. You didn’t get a call, right? We should go now. Attention. Don’t get nervous. Do as you’ve always done. Got it? Yes, sir. – It’d be nice if you do even better. – Yes, sir. Now, let’s go. I’ll stop by the headquarter. You guys, go and prepare. See you. What the heck… I guess she’s not coming? I have no idea. Everyone looks so similiar. It’s really hard to see. Why is everyone so down? [ Yeolrim High School Hong Shi Ah ] Whoa! – Manager Hong! – Daebak! Oh! The individual competition part of the National Teenage Archery Competition will begin. Athletes, please prepare. I’ll repeat. For the National Teenage Archery Competition, the individual part of the competition will begin. Athletes, please prepare.

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  1. Yep. I don't think boy liking another boy is abnormal, I think it's CUTE!
    People need get over it it is 2019 now

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