Matching! Boys Archery (매칭! 소년양궁부) – Full Episode 5 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama
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Matching! Boys Archery (매칭! 소년양궁부) – Full Episode 5 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama

August 14, 2019

♫ Hello Pretty Boys! In front of me, yes! ♫ ♫ Just like the moment you shook up my heart ♫ ♫ With a sweet confession, ♫ ♫ Today is really a lovely day! ♫ ♫ Hello shiny boys! I can not hold it in, yes! ♫ ♫ I get dragged away by the scent ♫ ♫ Today, too, I am the highlight ♫ ♫ I’m headed for excitement just like your smile. ♫ Matching! Boys Archery Hi! This is Hong Shi! The Archery team left for spring training before their competition. Like a hyena, I also went along with the team. But they suddenly began pulling out flags and yelling out loud. What kind of archery training is this? Either way, it helps them to improve their skills. Late at night, the coach left the members behind to help them gain more courage. I ended up following the coach, anyway, but I got a phone call just as I was feeling anxious. And the phone call ended instantly, leaving me with some ominous news. What could’ve happened? Episode 5 The Fifth Arrow Are we there yet? Good thing Manager Hong is here. Hey Manager Hong! How are you even driving right now? Woah what! Manager Hong! – You’re driving? – I know right! Y-you can’t possibly have your driver’s license! In any case, if it wasn’t for Manager Hong, Ji Wan would still be… It’s the p-police. Manager Hong, are we okay like this? – I just got my identification card. Red. – Everyone be quiet! He’s coming. He’s coming. Excuse me. There will be a short inspection. You’re so hard working. – Is something wrong? – A student just got bitten by a snake so we’re in a really critical situation right now. – If we don’t hurry, we might lose the golden time… – Okay, okay. You can leave for now. – Wait. – Yes? – I think I smell alcohol. – What? – Manager Hong did you drink? – Oh my god! – What’s wrong with you guys? What do you mean drink? – Constable Lee, come here. – Check her. – Please get out. – I-I didn’t drink. – Okay, I get it so please get out and show me your identification card. You’re supposed to ask people people whose identities are not clear to show their identification cards, but as you can see, I have a clear identity… – You drank, right? – No! There is a patient here. First the patient— If you keep on being like this you’re going to be charged with obstruction of justice. I’ll get out. Here, blow hard. One more time, blow hard. What is this? Is this broken? – It’s broken? – Give me your identification card. Give me your identification card! Are you are a minor by any chance? Excuse me, can we please talk for a moment? What talk? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What… Wha-what is she doing right now? Look at her. You’re working hard, trying to be a police officer of justice for the citizens. To be honest, I.. Aigoo. What’re you doing? You’re so young. I am this type of person. Why didn’t you show us when we asked? Well, it’s because my picture didn’t come out similar to how I look in person… How c-cute. Hey, y-you. What did you do? – Wh-what? – Did you possibly… do that (bribing) ? Why is that important? Saving Ji Wan is more important right now. Emergency Center I-I’ll go in after I park.. Oh my goodness! No—Sunbae, why are you here? You… Did you really…? Ah, no, not that. Actually, maybe it’s better to say I did? Wow. you really… must have a lot of money. Dried persimmon, I’ll save you on my phone now. How much did you bribe him? – Hey… – How much did you bribe him? Just tell me, I’ll keep it a secret.. About $1,000? How much was it? How much? We still have to run a few more tests, but luckily it was not a venomous snake. We treated him, so for now, please wait until the IV drip finishes. This friend must have been really shocked. His muscles… – Thank you. – I’m more grateful. I was totally scared. I thought something really bad happened. – He’s going to get better, so don’t worry too much. – Okay. As expected, you’re not ordinary. I’m hungry. I’m hungry. Let’s go eat. – S-still… – Ji Wan is okay. Since that will take a while for the IV to finish… Right, ramen! Let’s eat ramen. It will be easy to eat. Okay. All of you must have been shaken, let’s eat and have a breather. However… it can’t be ramen. The MSG in the ramen will disturb your biorhythms… – Are you not coming? Let’s go. – I’m fine. Please go ahead. Rice noodles for me! – What does your father do for a living? – I’m dying of hunger! Who’s buying? What? I don’t have money either. Don’t worry! Our Dried Persimmon will take care of it. Right? Oh? Just a second. What? Are you acting already? I must have left it inside. Just a moment. You’re sucking the blood out of a flea ( An expression used when you take money away from a poor person) . Oh. Hong Antenna hit the mark. Doctor, until when does our Ji Wan have to have an IV drip? – Did I give him a shot? – Ji Wan! Ji Wan! Our Ji Wan! How did this happen? – Oh, it’s not him. I’m sorry. – It’s this side. Ji Wan! Our Ji Wan! Oh my, Ji Wan. Your archery skills are just so-so but you were the kindest, Ji Wan! Where did this snake bastard go? Where did it go? – Why look for it here? Go to the mountain to look for it. – Just watch me catch that thing. – Are you going to put it in your alcohol? – What do you think of me? Still, it’s good for men. Ji Wan, Ji Wan. Are you awake? – Coach. – Oh my! Why are you sweating so much? I’ll get a wet towel. Give it to me. I’ll do it. – Okay… – Thank you. It’s all thanks to you. Anybody would do the same thing in that situation. I should round the other guys up and go back to the accommodation. Oh my. The snake bit you. Look at this. Don’t you think Manager Hong was pretty cool earlier? Anyway, she’s a golden spoon. Unlike how she looks, I think she’s quite rich. What? Huh? Nothing. Well, in the end, Ji Wan is safe thanks to Manager Hong. Well, about that, I acknowledge it. You’re all here? Let’s go. Okay. Fine. I guess I have to give them time to rest. However, Antenna Hong does not stop. Ah, so sleepy! Right now, could it be… Are you coming to me too? Inspiration! Suddenly discovered feelings between childhood friends. Forbidden love. This is it! Oh? No… Seung Joon. Ji Wan. Seung-Wan Couple! Ah, this is great! This is it. I just need to draw it right. Drawing it. Who are you looking for? Oh, nothing… no one. – Aren’t you waiting for Manager Hong? – Waiting? Who’s waiting? Well, I was just thinking she might get scolded by the coach for being late again. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Speaking of the devil. In the end, I was late. – Are you not taking it? – Pardon? Ah, t-thank you. – I didn’t come late on purpose. – Why were you late then? I used all my printout paper so I bought that… Printout paper? – Manager Hong! – Yes! – Arm guard! – Yes! – Here you go. – Thank you. – Do you need help? – I’m fine. Did you sleep well? – I mean you. – Me? – Ah, yes. I did. – It’s strange. -You slept well but your eye bags are drooping. – Ah, seriously, Sunbae! – Just get the arrows. – Okay. Don’t you think that since Manager Hong came here, the atmosphere started to feel different? – Is that so? – No, I’m sure of it. – It strangely changed. – Just practice. Couple practice? – Oh, right! After practice today, let’s go with the seniors out there— – Sorry but I can’t concentrate because you keep talking. – Sorry. – Why are they cold to each other today? Seung-Wan Couple, my treasures! This won’t do. I need to step up and— – Have you eaten lunch yet? – It’s only 10 in the morning. Why are you talking about lunch already? Then, have you eaten breakfast? Yes. Fermented bean paste. How dare you do that to my beautiful face. – Then, did you personally make that fermented bean paste and— – You’re bothering me in every way possible now. I need to deliver newspaper to the coach so please don’t follow me! Hmph! I wasn’t bothering her though… What could that be? What’s this? I think it looks like me. Me? It’s not me. What’s this?

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  1. yo me moriría de tener tantos bombones al rededor y ella solo quiere que todos eso bombones se den masa entre ellos jajaj

  2. I wish they had another season only focusing around the 2 guys cause obviously there was more thàn friendship j mean come on they were hinting it all the tiiiimmmeee boyyy

  3. I ship Seung Joon and Ji Wan so hard! I mean for the others, the girl imagine their relationship, but these two…
    Plus, Seung Joon looks like he is so in love with Ji Wan. At least, that's my impression.

  4. Seung joon is finally starting to realized that he like him???

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