Matching! Boys Archery (매칭! 소년양궁부) – Full Episode 3 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama
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Matching! Boys Archery (매칭! 소년양궁부) – Full Episode 3 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama

August 19, 2019

Timing & Subtitles Brought to you By the Archery Team @ Viki ♫ Hello pretty boys! in front of me, yes! ♫ ♫ Just like the moment you shook up my heart ♫ ♫ With a sweet confession, ♫ ♫ Today is really a lovely day! ♫ ♫ Hello Shiny Boys! I can not hold it in, yes! ♫ ♫ I get dragged away by the scent ♫ ♫ Today, too, I am the highlight! ♫ ♫ Just like your smile with excitement ♫ . Matching! Boys Archery Club Hi! I’m Hong Shi! In order to get material to draw for my webtoon, I hid my identity and infiltrated the archery club. Just as I predicted, wouldn’t their chemistry be very extraordinary? But for some reason they’re being condescending to me. So, I decided to become an excellent manager and become closer to the club members. However, that wasn’t the end of my ordeals. But then at that moment, some huge material appeared in front of my eyes! That’s it, you’re doing good. Just a little bit more! More! Episode -3- The Third Arrow What’s wrong with you? I said to stay still. Seung Joon. Wait for a second. Just stay there. Good, stay still. Got it! Did you catch it? Yes, a big spider. Should I give it to you? Don’t do that. I’m serious. You’re how old now and you’re still afraid of these kinds of stuff? Here, take it. Don’t! I said it hurts! Good things come to those who wait~ Finally, it has been 10 years since our archery club was established. Applaud. This club had more history and tradition than I thought. Therefore, after today, we have decided to dismiss the club. Applaud. Dismiss…Dismiss? For a couple of years we couldn’t even get to the preliminaries. But thanks to Seung Joon, we barely hung in there. But maybe Seung Joon can join a business team soon. And with the degenerating school budget, the principle has decided to dismiss the team. Wait, why in the world are you aplauding? Wait, what about my webtoon? What about me? I’m really sorry Manager Hong. If you want to continue being a manager, you can stay by my side as my business manager. Now, everyone can just go their separate ways. Yes, you did a good job by raising your hand! You’re at least rational. Since I didn’t leave the club voluntarily, I’ll still get credit for being in the club, right? Yes. That heartless… Yes. Even though there is a lack of uniformity, your feelings for X-Ten were always different. Can I keep the fan club as my own personal fan club? I mean most of them were my fans anyway. Yes, you can. Omg, Captain! Don’t you have anything to say? I failed to lead the team well as a captain. Everyone, work hard wherever you go. Seung Joon, what about you? And Ji Wan? Why don’t you have anything to say? No.. I just want to continue being together in this team. Right? Right? Can I leave for practice now? Yes, of course you can. Go on. It worked out, I guess. He’s probably dancing inside since the troublesome ones are out of the way. These jerks.. I’m leaving! Wait a moment! Wait a moment! We should think about how we can stop them from dismissing the club! Why is everything so certain? What exactly is the reason for the club being dismissed? It’s because you didn’t do well in competitions. So all you need to do is do well at competitions! Dried persimmon, do you think it’s easy to go to competitions and win trophies? We’re not the only athletes going out to competitions. Then how about Seung Joon? How was he able to win trophies? Because Seung Joon is good at archery. So are you people who just decided that no one else can do it besides Seung Joon? So you came to the archery club, didn’t shoot arrows and just pretended? Hey, if you want to continue being a manager, go to the baseball club. I heard they’re looking for a manager there too. I’ve been drawing about baseball clubs so far. Does it even make sense for me to change to the baseball club now? Whatever! We already gave up so you should give up too. Whether it’s the coach or the members… Okay, then continue living your life giving up easily! If you were going to do that, why did you hire a manager then? Then don’t bother hiring a manager! Okay, I can do this by myself! Who am I? I’m Sokcho’s future star writer Hong Shi Ah! Oh, that surprised me! Parcel delivery. I don’t have any parcels coming. Where is it from? It’s from Sokcho! Ah~ Mom sent crab. It’s me. – Oh~ Hello! Then, goodbye.. – Aigoo~ Why do you say goodbye as soon as we meet? So upsetting. I was like that, wasn’t I? But our writer, are you playing push and pull with me these days? You don’t even answer my phone calls. It’s because I’m busy these days. Ah, I see. Do you think I’m so free that I could go around doing this? Pay the overdue rent. 800,000 won. I am short in money… – Okay then, 850, 000 won! – Why did you increase it by 50,000 won? – Then ..800,000 won! – I will receive a down payment soon and give it to you at one time. I can also give a few months worth of rent in advance. At the moment I really have no money to give you… Even if you don’t have anything, you can do it if you try. Oh! Hello Mr. Landlord! Aigoo, the writer is lacking in imagination. It’s been how many years since my husband left why are you still talking about him? Have you been well all this time? I’m so happy to see you since it’s been so long! – I think you’ve gotten even more handsome! – Really? Honey? Honey! I won’t give you a lot of time! You do know that I’m very rough, don’t you? If weren’t so bad, would my husband runaway? It’s over you don’t give me 3 months worth of rent! When I get the down payment I should settle the rent first… Where did everyone? You’re the only one here? Did you forget that the archery club got dismissed? Ah~ So they really aren’t coming? I thought about it, as for ways to save the club… the only thing we can do is to go to competitions and win trophies. That way you can be acknowledge by the school too. And everyone’s skill isn’t absolutely zero. Even if people do the same task together for a long time, there are still people who fumble. During that time they had some time to touch bows so if you just help them out a little… They need to have motivation for me to be able to help them. Why would I help them, when they aren’t even interested in archery? At any rate, dismissing the team is something that has already been decided. It was just a bit faster than expected. You should give up too– You, who is interested in archery. What have you been doing all this time? – What? – You didn’t even talk to the members and just showed off by yourself? This is the archery club. A team. It’s not something you do by yourself. So everyone has thoughts about not continuing? Yoo Ji Wan, what do you think? Are you really going give up? Honestly, after you left the other day I thought about it. Aren’t we giving up too soon? So I told the others let’s work hard one more time but they refused. So what are your thoughts? Not other people’s thoughts, yours. If everyone just gathers together again, I want to try again. Okay. Manager Hong… What’s wrong? You’re not crying are you? What the heck, I’ll bring everybody back. I’ll see you here next week Monday around this time! But if everybody comes back, you aren’t allowed to say anything! Just come to the competition and win. Okay? Okay! Shall we find the noisy one first? Where would you be? Where are you? Where would you be?… Our girls are on a holiday right now so they’re busy. Because they’re busy. But still what is this, person who says they are in charge of X-Ten’s visuals? Hey, how dare you show your face? Get out! It’s weird! I heard the baseball club is overflowing with gifts! – Baseball club? – Yeah! They even changed their name. To X-Eleven? What? It’s so similar to X-Ten! But still, isn’t eleven better than ten? After looking at you guys, I understand why idol groups’ popularity wanes right after they disband. You know the bouquet effect right? Bouquet effect. If they’re gathered together, their beauty is doubled but the moment they get scattered, boom! By the way, I heard the way you handle your equipment is killer! You put the bow on your shoulder, coolly take a step forward and shoot the arrow! Should I say it’s exactly my style? Is that so? But how can they change their minds right away? Because quitting a fan club is naturally a cold thing. How did it go? – Okay~ – Really? Is it okay for us to be doing this? It’s okay, if he comes back to the team we should give them back to him. But he is so popular! In books, there is a road and in newspapers there are businesses. In my heart~ there is you. Teacher~ Wow! You’re going to do kendo? I think you would be so cool even if you did kendo! Right? Of course! He would be cool even if he were to do Taekwondo. Tae! Kwon! Sunbae, are you applying for a foreign university? No wonder. You smelled like the US. Even if you prepare for the SAT and TOEFL, you won’t have any problems. Isn’t that right, sunbae? What is your point? Do you know who you need to fill out your small deficiencies? – Extra curricular activity points. – What is that? After looking at the recent trends, I noticed that when people are applying for American colleges, the club credits alone are not competitive. Nowadays where are there any kids who don’t participate in club activities? That’s true~ But who knows, if you have the participation experience plus the experience of winning… It’s not like you didn’t know that, right? I’m scared… Captain, please come to the practice room on Monday before noon! We will be waiting~ His dad does Taekwondo, his mom does shooting and his older brother does fencing? It seems like his whole family are members of national teams. They say his grandmother was the first woman’s wrestler in South Korea. Awesome! But why did the captain do archery out of all things? He said that’s the only sport his family hasn’t participated in. Then he should try harder so his family members can boast! For someone who is the captain he just nods his head when they talk about dismissing the team. The captain tried really hard in the beginning but no matter what he did, his family wouldn’t acknowledge him. I just think there were several complications. National Team: Jeong Do Taekwondo We still have 30 minutes. Sunbae! X- Ten’s day starts off with a pretty face. – Let’s go. – You’re here? Are you that happy to see me? He’s still not here? Sunbae! You’re here! – Please give me your bag. – You’re here? Tae! Kwon! He didn’t contact you? It seems like the captain really won’t come. Did he completely turn his back on us? We still have one minute left. One minute. Says who? What are you doing not practicing? There’s nothing that gets done correctly without the captain, right? Captain! What’s the matter? If you don’t have anything to say, just go. All that time, I was angry… I thought the other sunbaes didn’t care about archery and I honestly didn’t understand why they would waste our time like that. Okay, I’m sorry for all of that. I should of done better. But your skills are good so you can do archery wherever you go. Sunbae. I want to do it together. Even if it’s for the last time, I want us all to win together. Please come back! I knew you would come! Great! I thought you weren’t going to show up! Are you gonna hand over the captain’s uniform? What is this warm atmosphere? You jerks, what were you going to do after just leaving me out? Of course we can’t do it without you, coach! I put the updated business items on your desk! Good. Shall we try practicing? Get ready! Shoot!

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  1. I want this to be more of a bl!! but damn Korea thinks they funny with them lame ass scenes that are very cringe worthy!!! JUST MAKE IT A NORMAL  BL!!

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