Matching! Boys Archery (매칭! 소년양궁부) – Full Episode 2 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama
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Matching! Boys Archery (매칭! 소년양궁부) – Full Episode 2 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama

August 11, 2019

♫ Hello pretty boys! in front of me, yes! ♫ ♫ Just like the moment you shook up my heart ♫ ♫ With a sweet confession, ♫ ♫ Today is really a lovely day! Hello shiny boys! ♫ ♫ I can not hold it in, yes! ♫ ♫ I get dragged away by the scent ♫ ♫ Today, too, I am the highlight! ♫ ♫ I’m headed for excitement just like your smile. ♫ . Timing & Subtitles Brought To You By the Archery Team @ Viki Matching! Boys Archery Club I’m Hong Shi Ah. In order to remain a legend in the webtoon world, I’ve created masterpieces full of philosophical agony. But this time, the flower boy archery team ”X-TEN” appeared before my eyes. In that moment, I realized… those guys will be the perfect material for my webtoon. After I shed the sadness inside of me and drew awesomely, the editor-in-chief said, “This is it!” I am Hong Shi Ah, a person who does everything once I put my mind to it. After careful planning, I infiltrated the archery club. Now, is the only thing left to successfully collect my material? Episode 2 The Second Arrow Excuse me, I asked you who you are. Do you guys know her? What are you doing? Attention, guys! As of today, the new manager… Hey! I told you to clean up after eating. The practice room’s a wreck! What is this? Ah, these jerks. But what is this? I’ve never seen that brand before. It just opened out front. There are many people waiting outside, too. Ah… At any rate, the Republic of Korea can’t survive without franchises. But can just anyone open up one? No way. When starting up, you have to think how many billions it will cost for maintenance and monthly membership fees. There are no loan sharks authorized by the country. Excuse me, Coach? Ah… Sorry. Greet her. She’s the new manager who came today. What are you doing? Are you not introducing yourself? Ah… me? Then what? Should I introduce you instead? Ah… Hello. I’m the new manager who is 20… Ah… I’m 2 years before the age of 20, 18 year old Hong Shi Ah. Applause. Nice to meet you! Since it’s Hong Manager… Hong Mae! – I’m Yoo Ji Wan. – Ah okay. Ah, they’re high school seniors. Seung Joon and I are the same age as you. Okay. Give your greetings and start practicing on your own. Okay. Clean that up! See you again! Please take… care of me… Please take care of me. Think of me grabbing your hand as an honor. Clean that up! What is this… I bet she will only last a week. 3 days. Those… young bastards! Manager Hong! Uh… right! Yoo Ji Wan, Ji Wanie. They’re just a bit shy towards strangers. Since they’re good people, if you endure it for a week you’ll become close with them soon. – One week? – Yes! Then you’ll be the manager who stayed the longest. The longest?! They’re nothing but bums. And it seems like Seung Joon is the only one who is doing well. If someone sees, they’ll definitely think he’s a member of the national team. That’s impossible. Their relationship with each other is just like that? Why does it matter to me? You guys just need to become juicy material for me. This is it. Let’s see… Any scenes I could use… Which book are you reading today? Why would a person become a murderer? Why would you read such a thing? – Are you curious? – No, not at all. Oh my God! God, my skin! There’s a scratch on my beautiful finger! Let me see. Look at those guys! You hurt your finger? Yes, Doctor. – Here. It hurts. – Hurts? Is any other place… uncomfortable? Actually… Here, heart! – H-h-heart! – H-heart! I have the perfect treatment for this disease. What is it? That is exactly… Exactly? Ah—hey, why did you hit me? You’re exaggerating. As expected, I came to the right place. Ah! Photos! Photos! – You! What are you doing now? – Pardon? Hey! Go and get me a finger tab! Fi-finger tab? You don’t know what a finger tab is? Finger tab! Stabilizer? Release? Rilriliya rilriri? You don’t even know the basic terminology and you want to be a manager? Why did you come here then? I will start learning them diligently… but why are you getting so ang—? Never mind. Dried persimmon, from now on don’t cross over this line. Because it will be a disruption to our practice. Understand? Disruption? What do you mean disruption? You don’t even practice properly! This rude… Fighting! Ahhhh! I don’t know! Ten o’clock. October? October debut? Okay Hong Shi Ah, if you’re gonna do it, then this is it. In archery, bows are largely divided into recurve and compound methods. Grip. Nocking point. Nock. Study, study hard. By chance, has anyone seen my arm guard? It’s not here? Yours too? What? I’m pretty sure I left it in the locker room. Hey, dried persimmon! Do you know what time it is? Is there something wrong with your mental— Here you go~ Oh! That’s mine. I wiped them sparkly clean ahead of time. Finger tab? Chest guard? Just tell me. Wow, I am pretty touched! Did you memorize all of them? This is a piece of gum (similar to ‘It’s a piece of cake’) . What was this? – Bow sight. – Ah… Look at these guys. Hello. You guys haven’t started practicing yet? I came after hearing you need bandaging. Men don’t make a fuss over th— Hey, don’t feel burdened and just leave it to me. Ah, really? Oh, oh, oh. What the heck? Wh-who are you? Should I say I’m a swift-footed manager who is always the first to move? Whenever you need me, just look for me. Oh. Hey! Hey! I think she’s crazy! She’s weird. A bit weird, no. Really really weird. She even followed me to the men’s restroom! As expected, she’s not a normal character. Still, I think she’s trying hard to do well? – Right? – Not sure. Not sure… Would you even be interested? You only know about archery. But he’s ignoring what I’m saying right now. Hey, you’re ignoring what I’m saying right now aren’t you? Right? Right? I think so. – I think you’re ignoring what I’m saying. – What’s wrong? Would you like to drink pocari with me after a long time? I’ll get you a huge can. What do you say? Ji Wannie, aren’t you taking his side just because you’re his best friend? There’s no taking sides between us. So you’re not gonna take my side til the end? Hey, hey. He just doesn’t talk much. You know he’s not a bad kid. Anyway, they’re not my style. Him… And especially her! ♪ Pikachu, Raichu, Charmander, Squirtle ♪ ♪ Butterfree, Slowbro, Pidgeot, Koffing ♪ ♪ Even if you look different from each other ♪ Oh yeah! I have a strong feeling that she won’t leave anytime soon. ♪ Pikachu, Raichu, Charmander, Squirtle ♪ ♪ Butterfree, Slowbro, Pidgeot, Koffing ♪ ♪ Even if you look different from each other ♪ Who is she again to be clingy to oppa? ♪ Pika-pika pikachu ♪ Hey, students! Even though I’m not sure what is making you so angry, aren’t we all intelligent intellectuals? Say it in words. Who are you to keep hanging around our oppas? Should we give you a taste of school violence? Shall we? Oppas? Ah, it seems like you still haven’t heard the news yet. – I am the new manager here – Ah… I think you’re the one who hasn’t heard the news. Do you know how many managers we fired so far? Do you know? When we’re speaking nicely! But you look kind of familiar? Because my face is a bit common. But you’ve been talking down to me? So what if we’re talking down to you? Well, you do look like you’re the age to get a retirement pension. Hahaha. You kids whose birth certificate’s ink hasn’t dried yet, I’m older than you by— So what if you’re older? Don’t talk anymore, girl without any looks! Plain Jane! Stay away from our oppas! I think you’re ready to get a beating from us? Ah, warm-hearted unnis, why are you so angry? Guys! Seriously, you small thing, how dare you! Ugh. – That’s why you should listen when we’re talking. – Yeah. So annoying! What the heck! Hey! It’s my treat! Ah, I’m getting beaten up by small kids at this age… It hurts! So disgusting! Never mind the webtoon, I’m going to quit! Ugh! Men’s Locker Room What’s wrong with you? Stay still. S-Seung Joon. Jackpot! Timing & Subtitles Brought To You By the Archery Team @ Viki

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  1. where I can see it subtitled to Spanish and that almost in English I do not like it so I do not understand English at all jejeje

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