Matching! Boys Archery (매칭! 소년양궁부) – Full Episode 1 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama
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Matching! Boys Archery (매칭! 소년양궁부) – Full Episode 1 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama

August 14, 2019

♫ Hello Pretty Boys! In front of me, yes! ♫ ♫ Just like the moment you shook up my heart ♫ ♫ With a sweet confession, ♫ ♫ Today is really a lovely day! ♫ ♫ Hello shiny boys! I can not hold it in, yes! ♫ ♫ I get dragged away by the scent ♫ ♫ Today, too, I am the highlight ♫ ♫ I’m headed for excitement just like your smile. ♫ Matching! Boys Archery Episode 1 The First Arrow Did you come to find me? I am sorry, but you have to give me your liver! The sea’s dragon king is a liver maniac. I did not send you to the ocean for you to do this! I am your father! I sent you to the ocean so you wouldn’t live a poor life! I didn’t know you would do that and couldn’t even call you father! But that isn’t the problem… First, your liver! If I can’t get a liver, I’ll be fired. I tried so hard to enter the underwater palace. I can’t be fired now! If so, I have only one thing to give you. Timing & Subtitles Brought To You By the Archery Team @ Viki Amazing! Boring. It’s so boring!! My eyes! The most uninteresting this year! I really liked your previous masterpiece. What was it? Oh, “The Prince of Badminton.” That was really fun. Handsome boys come out dripping with sweat. It was the kind of content that female readers could really love. Sunbaenim, I… Ah, editor-in-chief! But wouldn’t a true writer discuss stuff like people’s worries and tell stories about the world? Who says that the worries of people absolutely have to be philosophical? Do the stories about the world absolutely have to be serious? – No, that’s not it… – Okay, good. This is it. However, you should consider the choices of the readers. Who would read this when they can’t even tell what kind of story it is? It would be too hard to revive this. It’s already dead, I tell you, dead! Do what you’re good at. Okay? Draw men reeking of sweat to describe people’s worries—can you do that? Hong Shi Ah, if you don’t come up with a proper one, know that I won’t have a hoobae (junior colleague) . – Pardon? – That’s all. – Get out – Pardon? – I told you to go. – Ah, but still… ♫ The rain that fell down ♫ Hong Shi Ah. This isn’t all that you can do, right? ♫ An umbrella that came near me ♫ ♫ Now ♫ It’s hot. ♫ I can not go back to those dark days ♫ ♫ It’s like the sunshine ♫ ♫ Between the twigs saying hello to the past ♫ One cup of coffee is 3500 won… I will succeed no matter what I do. Hmph! Americano, love it love it. I told you not to! No! My life saving drink! You over there! Hey! What’s with her? No, if you bump into someone you should apologize. My coffee! What is she saying right now? First of all, since we are very busy at the moment, let’s talk later. Talk later! Hey, what do you mean talk later? Look here, high school student! Apologize properly then go! Pay for my coffee, too! – Isn’t she out of her mind? You guys, is she threatening me to get money from me? – Wow! It seems like she doesn’t even have 1000 won? – What? – Wow! Look at her shoulders. They look like they’re skyrocketing (sarcastic way of saying she looks proud of scolding them) . I was already having a bad day. You kids are really shaving the nostril hairs of a sleeping wild animal! Should I unleash my wild side? Hey! Stop there! Stop there! Ah, where are you going? Just wait until I catch you! Hurry! Hurry! Hey! Stop there! – Ah, Oppa! – Ji Wan oppa is so cool! – Cha Min oppa! – Seung Jun oppa! Seung Jun oppa is so handsome! – Fighting! – Oppa, please look over here! Oppa, look over here! Oh, it’s starting! Those cuties! My webtoon material! I really liked your previous masterpieces… It seems like she doesn’t even have 1000 won? This isn’t all that you can do, right? Right, I will show you how far I can go. Space Between Passion What is this, Hong Shi Ah? This is it! It’s tickling! You’re saying that these guys who smell of sweat will fall in love? This is something even I couldn’t do. Pardon? By the way, the shooting of the arrows is nice. You should have drawn something like this earlier. It’s so much fun. Hong Shi Ah, right now, you’re declaring to me that you’re a person with a lot to offer. – I like that attitude! – Thank you. – So, what’s next? – Pardon? I am asking you what’s next. – That… – What? There is no next story? Ah… The thing is… What do you mean by that? – Gosh… You’re saying that you will show me through your work? – Ah, of course. There’s a saying that writers speak through their work. Okay. You need to do that to be my hoobae! Okay, since the feelings are good, how about October? You need to debut. Draw zealously. Do the outline by October and let’s go from there. Debut? Debut? Debut?! Wow! Is my hand stiff? Did I take too long of a break? How many hours has it been? There’s no one here. Why is no one here? What are you waiting for? Come to X-Ten right now. If being handsome was a crime, I’d be imprisoned for life. An arsonist of women’s hearts! This is the heavens helping me, isn’t it? Wow. Okay! Collection complete! – Is it just one person? Introduce yourself. – Okay! Ah, hello. I am Hong Shi Ah, who wants to become X-Ten’s manager. – Um, to describe myself, I am the second-born child of my happy parents. – Gosh. – If the premium is 4000 and the monthly fee is 70 won, then it’s too expensive. – Huh? Even if there are a lot of people… – Why are you standing? Sit. – Ah, yes. – You want to be X-Ten’s manager? – Yes! If you just leave it to me, I’ll do my best! Ah, well, we don’t know what’s going to happen to the team. – No need to do your best. – Pardon? – It’s nothing. What are you good at? – What? – Is that the only thing you know how to say? – Wha—no. What I’m good at… Since I’ve lived alone for a long time, I can cook and do the laundry really well. But I procrastinate a bit doing the dishes. So you’re coming to the archery club to cook and do laundry? If you order to me to, like the slam dunk manager Hani, at times I’ll be like an old friend, at times a mom, – And every now and then, charismatic! – What’s all this talk about basketball at an archery club? – I said to sit. – Ah, yes. – Let me ask one question. – Yes, I’m ready. – What about a chicken restaurant on the second floor? – Excuse me? As expected, a chicken restaurant should be on the first floor. The premium is 4000 won… In this neighborhood… you can’t sell chicken. There are already a lot of brand name chicken restaurants and others selling chicken at cheap prices, so even if you open a restaurant, it won’t last two months. Rather than that, jokbal (steamed pig’s trotters)… – Jokbal? – There isn’t even a proper jokbal restaurant. Even if you order a late night snack, it’s not satisfactory. – That’s right. For a late night snack, it’s jokbal and buckwheat noodles. – Also… Don’t read that newspaper! It’s just pure advertisement! Instead of that, read ‘Flea Market.’ Even if you search here and there, there’s nothing better than ‘Flea Market.’ Pass! You’re exactly the kind of manager I want. Thank you! I will work hard! Please look after me! Thank you! My webtoon material! I, Hong Shi Ah, am coming! Hey, who is she? – You’re not going to answer? – What? – Excuse me? – Those cuties! Who are you?

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  1. plzzz tell me this girl isn't the main cuz I came here thinkin it was a bl and I will be veryyyy disappointed if it isn't!!!!

  2. I hope this has a happy ending…Am currently watching SKAM France version.. And am currently on a sad episode..


  3. At 7:11 she opens the chest to find two BL mangas, the one on the left is called 'Soredemo Kamawanai' by Sangatsu Masao and the other one to the right is called "Netsu No Sukima" by Tamaki Kirishima. You can easily find them online in case you are curious to read their contents! lol

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