September 8, 2019

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Sort The Court. Now the last time I played this game was almost TWO *breath* YEARS *breath* AGO To the day and since then it’s received one more major update. So I’m gonna play and in addition to that you get to play as a king or queen and I don’t think that was in the game before but now, I’m gonna be a queen. I’M BEAUTIFUL!!! (Yes you are :>) Hello. “My lady. I’ll help you rule your kingdom.” Ehh…. no. I don’t get it. “Very funny. Just give people their answers okay?” “Our city is still very small right now, but it certainly has a potential to grow.” “Perhaps one day we will have a bustling metropolis and you’ll be invited to join the Council of Crowns!” I don’t remember there being a Council of Crowns before. “For now all you need to concern yourself with is keeping the citizens happy and growing our population. Do your best madam!” I shall … I shall venture to do my best Hello! “Want me to steal from the rich and give to-” “You? not just the rich I’ll steal from whoever basically” THAT’S MORALLY AMBIGUOUS!!! I’m not morally amb- excuse me. I’m trying to get my foot in a comfortable position here. That’s not mor- I am NOT a morally ambiguous Individual go to HELL “Taking the high road, huh? I’ll see you around.” Alright, whatever. I actually was trying to move my foot in a comfortable way Everybody just bear with me. I don’t know how long the video is gonna be when I’m done But I’m taking the long road for this one. Oh, hi “It’s just staring at me. Does it want something?” Yeah, it does. It sure does Oh “What just happened? I feel lucky.” Oh good! It’s my lucky day. Thank you. Thank you eye, goodbye. *vampire BLEH* “I am the Duke of spook. Do you want a spooky nickname?” Of course, I do little Fang “Hmm… you can be…The Creep Queen?” I’ll take it. Alright, I’m the creep queen. Hi Hello butt demon. “Hey bud care to flip a coin with me? Heads: I’ll give you a buncha gold.” “Tails: I take a bunch of your people’s souls.” Well, I mean, I feel pretty lucky. So why not? uh oh … “Ohoho, it’s tails. I’ll be taking those souls better luck next time.” Well, that’s inconvenient Well, at least I have money people are sad the city is shrinking What? the people are one-off from sadness? But people are the baseline is a hundred B0k B0k! “It’s running wild. Should we try to capture it?” Yeah We should,
Oh Whoa, this thing is dangerous. It just killed somebody How did that chicken kill Grandma? “Eeeeeh. I was considering opening up a soup shop.” Yes, of course Grandma There’s literally no way that I would not do that for Grandma and somehow Grandma brought our whole family of ten people involved “I’ll sell my soup in the town square” Thanks. Grandma.”My lady. I wish to embark on a treacherous quest!” You go you go man You do your thing “For the kingdom! I shall return to you lady!” Alright, thank you. Take care with you. Whatever wooh Hi. “Name’s Molder. If you want anything to know the truth about everything… You’re gonna want to hire me? Okay “I’m gonna go… investigate something.” Ah thanks Molder. Oh, hey, how’s it going? One of our prisoners escaped! May I have some gold offer a reward for her recapture? Yeah. Okay Oh Someone’s bound to find her soon with this sweet reward I’m kind of running out of gold here Place were a little better off People are sad. Does it go up to 200? What about your baloney? What a bunch of malarkey? Ook. He’s got a shiny coin Okay. Ook ook ook. OO0O0O0O0O0K!! Always to instruct a tavern. I’m trying to get in New York accent going on for this guy Hey, I wish to construct a tavern, but I’ll need some gold from you to make it happen That’s terrible guys the worst let me try again AY! Why do I gotta start with that? AY! I wish to instruct a tavern here! AY! I’m constructor Tavernier hey, I’m constructing a tavern here Fuck I wish to construct a tavern, but I’ll need some gold from you to make it happen I’m talking considerable. Not a gold couple under at least. What do you think? I only have 195 but if that’s okay, I’ll do it. Well shit the town’s folk will be happy to have a place to drink All right. Well, I’m dirt poor. So that’s not good. The Treasury is empty m’lady We could raise taxes a bit further, but the people won’t like it much should we try? No, it’s okay. We’ll make up the gold somehow. We still need to resolve the issue of having no money We’ll get to it eventually but not at the cost of happiness You seems like you need some gold in exchange for a few souls. Maybe how about it? No suppose You’ll have to look elsewhere for the coin then yeah, that would just make him unhappy and that’s what I just didn’t do for the tower oway Need of cash. I could hook you up if you let me eat a few folks How about it No, thank you Chester. I used to find some other way out of this myth, huh? Yes, I will Chester people are happy. The city is growing. Well, that’s good. We get some tax money No, Chester stop. No, no bad chests bad treasure is empty. We could raise taxes. I Guess better than letting them eat people. Oh We still lose. Yeah. All right. Well, we got money from taxes. So I guess that’s good AY! working conditions are unsafe. Will you please spend some gold on improving our ability to work? I am I’m the worst. Yeah. Okay safety is my number-one concoin Thank you the builders appreciate this Frick I feel awful and the Duke of spook. Do you want a spooky nickname? Yeah, sure You can be the creep queen. The bow is already the creep queen I’m ready to make my report seems the merchants guild is being controlled by alien conspirators. How do I know this? Sometimes you just know you know, yeah, I know I get you. Yeah, I know, you know, you’re a knower, thanks Thanks for noticing. My knowing people are sad the city’s shrinking. I was just passing through and thought you might like some magic I never say no to magic Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddammit our city is dying because of my negligent ability to rule Oh, look a coin flipper. Let’s throw this bitch. AGHHHHHH!! **Markimoo intensifies** ah shit Alright, well you seem to be a giant piece of shit. Hello Any mystery afoot? I can do some snoopin for a small fee Okay, you go you snoop you snoop it up. You get the truth, whatever it may be. However, it may help me. Hi Oh god, you haven’t been talking to Skelly, have you? Uhhhhhhhhhh… No If you say so I sure have an alien Hey bud care to flip a coin? Alright this time you better you better get it to me AHHH! There we go, thank you. Thank you Georg-ie. My people are pissed off There’s a party going on in the tavern the citizens rejoice singing and dancing together into the night. I am a bad Ruler, I’m a bad queen. We lost a quarter of our populate We lost a third we lost a third of our population in one day god damn it You ever seen your treasure chest do a back flip? No. I honestly never have where you’re not gonna Okay Thank you. Grandma! Hello, sweetie. Can I borrow a coin for the newspaper? Of course, you can grandma any time Thank you, Dearie! A petition to bring the circus to town is circulating could attract tourists Are you interested? Yeah around the clown’s. There we go. Let’s have the circus in without was nothing but good That was those nothing but good there was nothing but Chi yes Okay, thank you now, I’ve got money but my people are still gonna leave me oh whoa HO HO MIGHT I JUGGLE YOUR BALLS? OHOHOHO Yeah, okay Ha ha very good All right. Thank you French juggler The circus is in town bringing joy to all who visit it also happens to bring a nice bit of golden cool My people are still leaving but this next day is gonna be a new day. There’s a bunch of goblins in the lower corner I’ll slay him for a few gold. If you want ok, go for it. Have fun. Also enough cramps. My lady I have returned I’m ashamed to inform you that I returned with nothing shall I show myself to the dungeons Oh No, you’re fine You forgive me Oh kind and gracious Lord bless you. I didn’t sneeze. But thank you I’m such a good Queen. There’s a very stinky kid running around the streets. Should we force her to have a bath? Yes, hygiene is of the utmost importance Glad you agree. She won’t be happy though. Well sucks to suck You gotta be clean him might I’d get us a cup of tea for you milady Ok, sure Yes, nice and hot madam Alright you freakin weirdo. Why you gotta be weird like that? Hello? It seems happy. Okay, good. That’s good. Serkis is still going and wheeze are happy Oh Wheeze are happy Oh wheezes. So a happy or wheezing the happiest Oh look at us and how happy weaves is grandma I read quite the troubling tale in the paper today. You think everything will be alright grandma? Are you kidding me? Everything said to be just fine grandma. You have nothing to worry about. I hope you’re right I am right grandma a visit anytime grandma. I’ve collected some incomes from the circus. Would you like me to tax them? Yes Very well, the proceeds will be added to the Treasury. That’s how income works right? Huh? Whoa Take the girl, I mean the gold take the gold don’t take my people fuck Oh, yes, I’ll take that Good god, man Jeez, good day madam. Do you require any haunting services for a small price? I’ll scare some people for you. Ah No, thank you Very well very well. I mean I didn’t need it miss your spirit I would like some money please sure cuz we’re just handing tonight. Oh my god. Thank you for the money. Good madam This is good money Why did I give you money? Who the hell are you yet who? This is a bit of a kerfuffle We’re in a bit of trouble. I’ve got a business proposition for you in your tiny little town. Are you interested? Well, you’re a little insulting you dick. But okay, I will bring you details soon. All right, you’re teasing piece of garbage Oh hi Hey pal, you’ve been a real great sport. So I wanted to give you this no strings attached. Really? Oh, thanks. Thank you That’s so nice The people have started a petition to ban pineapples in the city. Should we do it? No, I love pineapples Sticking up for pineapples. How admirable Who doesn’t love pineapples now pineapples on pizza? That’s a de Bhama nation, but an Escaped prisoner has been recaptured. Thanks to the bounty you offered our citizens can rest. No easier Okay, I accidentally ate some folks out front. Can I pay you back with gold? Yes, oh Thanks for understanding nope, nope, nope, nope, no problem Care to gaze into my magical vampire crystal art if you whip your dick out Again, I’m going to be incredibly pissed but I will look oh Come on our city. Can’t take this you see death and mr. Screw you Screw you and your magic balls my boats too. Tiny to catch many fish. Can I have some gold to upgrade that stop payback? I swear. All right, go for it. We’ve got gold and no people. Oh You won’t regret this you’ll see Thank you. Nice beard. Hello, sweetie. Can I borrow coin? Of course grandma always grandma? You got a skeleton of your own, you know, don’t you find it weird that you can’t see it? No, not that weird No, you don’t think anything’s weird. Do ya. No, not not really. I mean the dragon that walked its way in here Hey, could I trouble you for a sandwich? surely the cost of one sandwich is nothing – to a great queen like you oh My god, I’m sorry. I am sorry. Yeah, okay take a sandwich Fantastic. Hey, I’m excited to eat this. It’s like some horrible Christopher Walken hybrid oof We’re doing poorly We’re doing poorly. Oh, hi. Mom says, I need to ask your permission to go on an adventure. So can I please please? Yes, go for it. Yeah, I’m excited Alright, why do you need my permission? Citizen say a monkey has been running around flinging stuff at them. Should we put a bounty on it? Yeah go for that We’ll have that monkey captured in no time. Oh, hi buddy. I’m ba ba bum ba dum bum Boosh you like my rhythm bra I am a lady, but that’s okay. I’ll overlook it. Nice rhythm. Yeah I’m in the groove Alright, okay. Thank you. We’ve captured some foes on the battlefield. Shall we bring them home and put them to work? Well, that sounds like slavery so No, I understand however we need to do something with them till we ransom the captured foes off for a bit of gold. Yes Very well better to have golden hostile captives. Thank you. I think why did you need to yell at me? Oh, hi, big guy home the blacksmith and I’d like to set up shop here. I can pay my own way I just need your permission What do you say? Okay Yeah, I’ll show you my incredible skill just you wait Thank you. Thank you. There’s a party going on the tavern hell Yeah, okay citizens are upset about whether or not ransoming. Our prisoners was the right choice There’s been some unrest about the decision. Well, too freaking bad What were we gonna do? Keep up here. There would have been pissed and killed people Whatever police were growing Madam, I heard about the dragon attack. You were made to endure. I’ve come up with an idea to strike back I can craft a blade powerful enough to slay the dragon and Draco those treasures won’t be easy though I need to track down the finest metals, but they’re quite costly might I have a few hundred gold to begin my search Okay, go for it. Thank you. Madam. I’ll keep you posted about further developments. I won’t let you down I’ll strike back at that dragon yet Okay, you better cuz we’re poor both people poor happy poor and gold poor I saw a beautiful silver gauntlet in the blacksmith today. May I have the funds to purchase it? Okay. Yeah. Sure You’re the knight, I guess. Thank you lady. I shall use it in defense of our proud Kingdom Okay, thank you a caravan of mine wishes to camp in your city for the next few days might that be arranged Okay quite agreeable. We shall work together again. I hope you still need to tell me about that the thing oh you All right, buddy, all right Gandalf we’re gonna trust you again I never say no to magic I Should have said no to magic. Why isn’t there dare for magic god damn it. I’m back I found these shiny yellow stones pretty cool, right? Yeah pretty cool So cool Well, thank you. Guess that helps a little bit citizens been trading within that good People are sad. The city is shrinking. I’m sad. I’ve got a business proposition Yeah, I am. Okay cool is the caravan the business proposition? Okay, whatever Reporting in I discovered an underground crime ring in the city’s eastern ward. I’ve already taken steps to break up their operations Can I have a bit of extra gold to bring in the guards and make some additional arrests? Yeah, go for it It seems like a good use perfect. We’ll have those criminals locked up in by this time another man tomorrow you okay, I never say no to magic, I never say no to Magic, if you screw me over again delft, there will be no limit to my rage What kind of bad luck hi grandma, I’m sorry Grandma, it’s fine. Everything’s gonna be fine. Grandma. Grandma. Everything is going to be just fine. Don’t worry. Don’t worry Grandma, the guild of pineapple traders offers you a gift madam. Will you accept it? Yes, if please be pint of oh That’s good enough Okay People are sad they’re gonna leave Great. Yeah, looks like he wants something Patty’s belly. Okay? Yes, please. Thank you. Morale boots, okay He’s so enthralled by you and your abs that’s what I thought Oh I’m so into it. Yeah, you’re you are please just Go away. Oh sure. My name is madam a bear a bear a bear My name is madam agua, and I’ve come to join your court. Will you have me? Yep, how sweet? I’m sure many wonderful adventures await us I’m sorry who cook he’s got a shiny coin? Yes, he does Yes, he does not again Dan Delfy I swear to God I swear I swear I’m gonna close my eyes. I’m gonna look at yes. Okay, I’m gonna close my eyes I’m gonna press yes and you are gonna give me something good Hey That was not worth it two hundred two hundred Thousand god damn you dirty day fourteen worse Hi you find me humorous That’s that’s so fun, it’s a good it’s a good one cheer me right up cheer this whole town up We’re gonna grow now Oh God Hey, it’s slime day got a present for me Yeah Okay. You’re so nice I sure AM slime man. Hello. Your beautiful plants are interesting. Don’t you think I would like to open a garden? May I have some workers to help me? Yeah My town my tiny town hey, I’d like to build a granary this could help expand our Population but it’ll cost a bit. Okay You got it This will help our city grow My lady, I wish to embark on a treacherous quest Go for it for the kingdom. I shall return to you lady. Alright, thank you. Oh look, the people are happy The extra food we’ve been able to store in the granaries is attracting more settlers. Shall we let them in? Yeah Okay, very good. We’ll have them settled it in once okay, we’re climbing back out of the brink We were at the bottom don’t you don’t know no. No, I can’t say no to magic. I can’t say no, I Never say no Thank you dad, ow, you’re really fueling my gambling addiction and never say no how hundun no No No, go away. Go go. Get out of here. Stop You just can’t seem slightly magical. Not sure what it wants though I never say no to magic. So okay, I guess that’s good. Hello, buddy. It seems sad. Oh That’s helpful. The people are happy the city’s growing My lady, there’s a man in the for yay asking to join your God He’s got an eyepatch looks little shifty. What do you think? Should we take a chance on this stranger? Listen I’ve taken chances on wizards magical chests flying but demons, eyeballs Why would I be bothered by a normal stranger indeed most walls would help us? Hello? the guards confiscated some gold that I Found no No, no. No, you’re keeping it. But I stopped. I mean I found it, how’d it go? Accidentally stand about not eating candies. Can I have some girl to get to the dark door? Yes, I never thought I could eat too many sweets Oh Aren’t you just delightful? Hello? Did you exist before I don’t think I can fix you, but I’ll try Thanks friend I am become Fixed. Alright you and become go to the English teacher because you is not good at that. I love madam Are you looking for experience barbers in your court? If you’re implying that you’re an experienced barber and you walk in here looking like you stuck your head in a blender I’m gonna say yes, they’re not shall join you I’m the best of the best but cursed with not being able to cut my own hair Only the hair of others. Well, at least we’re growing. Hey, we’re making progress We’re finally climbing back Oh God want me to do a drumroll? Alright, here we go Yes, I Knew you’d like it. All right. Thanks, buddy. Ah Why? Must you darken my doorway wizard I’ve been playing for maybe twenty days. You’ve been here for six of them. Yes Oh My Luck has turned around my gambling addiction is being fueled Probably not a good thing but here we are There’s been a brawl at the tavern should we arrest those responsible for starting it? People fight it’s fine. Just nice. It’s all good. It’s fine. No But they’re sure to cause more trouble if oh wait No, wait. Wait, no wait, come back Arrest them. I change my mind. It is nice to see you madam. Do you like my new haircut? Ah Instead of a blender you decided to stick to frisky beavers in your hair and let them Go to town inside of you. Ah Yeah, okay My lady I have returned. I’m ashamed again. It’s fine But why do you keep going on these quests if you’re not getting anything? No, you forgive me. Yes, I forgive you Why I didn’t even throw people that fought in the tavern into the dungeons. Why would I throw you? We’re almost at where we started. Yayyy You feeling spooky today. Yes, I am Heck oh Wait, no. Wait, no. Wait. No, that’s no no man you hide earlier. I was gone missing shall we send a search party? Yes, uh Let’s find him at all costs, okay Yes, I’m making the wrong choices yeah. Hello, sweetie yes grandma Yes, you can your visits always brightened on my day. Thank you, Grandma. You’re so sweet. I love you Would you like to purchase any swords for your guards? Oh, well protect the city as a happy City. Yep Sure would thank you great of a shipment a swords sent to your barracks That was actually pretty cheap happiness there. So I’m down for that for some reason when I look at that camel It looks like it’s balls Arresting in the middle of its chest. I don’t know why. Yeah, we’re growing 120. Hey, we’re finally making progress Okay, I’m not gonna make the same mistake twice you arrest those bastards you string them up You send them to the dungeon you stick him in the iron maiden. You tickle their Tootsie’s? Yes Okay, I was forgiving before but not now Want me to steal from- the- No did no no No, no Yes, no Yes, listen, no. Yes, no, no No No Citizens from far and wide come to visit my barbershop. Would you like a fresh new cut madam free of charge? Okay. Sure Of course you do you look dashing. I don’t look any different. I’m literally no different. There’s nothing. That’s hello Squee there’s a mouth should we chase it away? Petite Souris No, it’s just reading what’s wrong with that It seems happy, okay Thank you madam about the dragonblade. Yeah, it’s what I’m calling the sword now I’ve purchased some top-quality metals, but I’ll need workers to help me and do the crafting. Can you spare a few? Yes This will speed things up. I shall return to you with a magnificent blade madam. Thank you blacksmith All right, we are growing fast now, huh ma, (huh ma?) come on feeling spooky today no Opposite of spooky not even a tiny spook a little baby bad. No, no blood is gonna flow today God, damn, you you the handsome bastard Give it to me. Ohhhhh That’s been pretty good luck so far I never say no to magic, baby. All right look hey, buddy Maybe it’s time to hang up the sword. You obviously can’t do shit. All right, go for it. All right. Goodbye I’m a little Timmy. Nice to meet you. You like ice queen. Yeah, I do. Uh-huh. Me too okay, then you little Timmy you’re adorable, but also creepy I Was to put on a show may I have the funds to do so? Okay. Oh Very good Why there’s so many French people in my city People are happy. The city is growing. Yes. Finally. Good God Oh, Get your butt back alone in there Oh thinking you may be interested in something a little bigger Hey What kind of something are you talking about? And how much bigger are you suggesting? maybe some kind of devilish ritual something along those lines a lot of souls would get you so let’s I Guarantee you can afford it though. Not gonna wipe out your whole city here. Just lots of folks But on the other hand, you’ll get crazy amount of money. Like I’m talking serious gold beeps here I gotta do it tonight moon special right now one chance only. What do you say? um well Gold How much is a heap uh? Yeah No, that’s a tempting um Probably a bad idea, but I mean everyone’s probably screaming at me to go. No, but just I’m I’m kind of tempted by the heaps Oh My god, it’s piled up to my ears and beyond Enjoy your riches Bob. Maybe I’ll see you around again sometime. Who knows? Wow Thank you care to gaze into my magical vampire crystal All right, that didn’t work before but you said magical and I literally cannot say no to magic Oh Pile a little more trickle it up on top there Can I have a coin a gold coin? Alright listen kid. I can’t spare a single dime. Listen. I have got to budget myself Hey go for it kid buy you some ice cream Alright cool I think my my spina bifida is gonna get worse from hunching over from this gold Some of the villagers mentioned they saw an alien walking around, you know anything about this I do. Yes, I do I knew it. I need to go find molder Okay, fine builders wish to construct more houses. They request gold which would be modified. Okay, go for it Mmm, I’ve got plenty of gold our city grows It grows richer good Great. We got 32 people today. It’s a Hundred I think I’m a good queen you call this a cat Yeah, I eat a dick if you can you ghost indeed it is for question oh Okay What oh Okay, there it is demand for mice ever ceases throw the roof now have your permission to raise my prices? I mean supply and demand go for it, I guess Oh People are happier the Baba’s Association. Thanks. Yeah Okay, it’s been a brawl at the Travers. I throw them in jail Arrest them at once. Oh, oh names Mulder. Wait, I already hired. I know you I I’m aware of you Mulder go to gaze into my magical Yeah, I die You sack of shit. Oh you little piece of garbage you piece poor Barry my show Seems to have gone over. Well, I wish to expand my Production funds I shall need fell hundred gold. Oh Well, I don’t know if I have the goal despair but go for it. Oh This sure will delight and astound ah My cold it’s only up to my ears now any mysteries afoot? Okay. Well, you said you were gonna go talk to Mulder So you didn’t did you bunch of goblins go for it. Slay those goblins. I’ll show those creeps man. Your hips are just Unbelievable villagers are complaining about garbage in the streets. Shall we hire workers to clean it up? Yes villagers noses Will thank you surely surely. Don’t call me Shirley. Grandma the soup shops been doing. Well. I came to offer you some of our earnings Grandma grandma. No keep that for your scram. I no need no grandma. No You are so humble. I’m so Come on crying so sweet grandma goddamnit grandma demand for my services. Alright fine. Go for it, I guess That’s a messy how hire your service is then? Oh, hi, buddy. My boat’s all fixed up. Thanks to you Something’s up and you’re back for your loan. Thank you. A nearby town is asked as to form an alliance with them Should we use them to beef up our ranks? Okay, sure. Whoa Easy-peasy just more people. All right, I found a way to summon people from another dimension. Oh Okay, Oh Magic of questionable origins. Well, I Never say no to magic. So there’s that Thank you the extra food more setlist. What is this? Just people our Wow, okay, we’re up to 200 goblins go for it. Go for him. This is going great. Now we’re on a roll There’s no way that we could lose. Okay. Hello. You ready for the truth aliens have landed in there in our city? You think we’re safe? No, no. No, we’re not worrying won’t change anything. They’re already here among us. Oh Well, they’re adding to the population. So I guess that’s good My sales have brought in record profits and I’d like to give you something. Will you accept my gift? Oh sure. Very good Very good. Thank You I do believe I have perfected my shawl Gold it does require but happiness it shall bring. Oh 700 gold my lord. I can put my show 1 small Your show hasn’t done garbage. Why why am I giving Gold? Why why am I I’ve given you like 1500 gold Why I mean am I still giving you gold? No, no, no. No my gold Oh The gesture continues to amaze the core with a combination of a skill and his ever increasing special effects budget Well, I guess that’s good happiness is the root of all and happy. I don’t know We’re growing fast and I guess that really was what matters madam the city’s population is growing steadily in our records of citizenship indicate that 250 people now call the city home But the bigger city will need to maintain even higher happiness in order to keep people satisfied Make sure you pay attention to the citizens and their issues to raise our happiness Remember earlier when I mentioned the Council of crowns. Yeah I heard a rumor that one of their members had started searching the land for a new ruler to join them Perhaps they are aware of our progress. Okay, I’ll join I’ll do that. Hey, uh somebody came by and Cleaned my home You’re gonna pay me back for them. Yeah. Yeah, I guess I guess this soon dude I mean, I can’t really make slime for you. So no we’d like to purchase any swords from my guards Well protective have a sitter. Yep. We are happy as a clam Grab, ah, oh Grandma no, you keep them. Grandma. You keep it grandma. You keep it. I really want them How are you? It seems your court is without a much cake. I can provide cake. I’m a Kate chef May I join you? Yeah, okay Louis. You’re you’re more than welcome here. Thank you Bye Kate Will make you cakes Can be sure of that. All right Thank You Louis Scary scary Louis. Okay. All right Louis Louis everybody. Hey, we’re growing faster. That’s what matters the town We made an alliance with it’s in trouble. Should we send soldiers to a system? Yes, of course. That’s what alliances are force We promised we would protect them. I Have returned from Mike Wow Thank You night you’re in for a reward later hello Want some of the patties belly? Okay, I Mean this is going great. I don’t know what the Council of crowns is all about But I’m gonna find out you think you owe me slimeball. It’s hurting my feelings Yeah, of course Thanks boss No one ever calls me boss. Thanks Winston. Um again, I don’t know what scaring people would do, but Okay, I guess ah Why do you want me to school god damn it you and your trick questions I just wanted to know what it was like. All right, we’re growing that’s all that matters Hey, we’re big Can I have some food? Yeah, of course boots Yeah, it’s the same Mouse from before. Is he offering me something? Yeah. Oh You found a coin? Oh What a cutie care to gaze into my magical vampire curse, oh my god if you take away my people I’m not gonna kill you. Okay? I’m not gonna kill you. I’m not gonna kill you here find your fuck. Oh God, no, no, just go Okay, I Got it as orgasmic. Is that sounded my god. I got a friend from witch school looking to move to town Yeah, go for it. More witches the better I think People are happy. We’re grown big. We’re going. Oh, Look at us look at us look at us look at us Look at us look at us look at us, hen Might I get a cup of tea for you milady. Yes Yes, nice in the Hawke’s Indeedy-do nice and hot indeed that mischievous. Monkey has been capped. I shall send them to you for your judgement Oh, hi. He’s defending his cakes. Should we punish him for flinging stuff? Listen monkey? I Don’t make the rules, okay Yes, I make the rules but I am a slave to the rules just the same as you and in my city we don’t fling poopie if there was what you were flinging a Monkey is as a monkey is you can’t expect a monkey not to throw poop around This monkey from certain doom you are free monkey You better not do it again, though Not do it again, I’m a hero Goddamn hero some very strange creatures wish to move in the houses. We build should we allow it? Well, I don’t want to discriminate Of course all are welcome in our town Hey, ho what is this strange place I found myself in outlet. Do you know where we are? my oh my Hello, you queenly person there. I do believe I’m a bit lost might I stay in this town for a while Yeah, yeah. Okay, how nice Albert and I shall find an interstate I’m sure I’ll see you again. Habit seems to like you Okay Thank You Albert there’s a lot of this stuff in this edition names Mulder, I know Mulder I know Yes, go investigate the aliens invading our town. Oh I am sorry about earlier. My circuits were quite fried. I offer my thanks for your help. Thank You quite logical All right. Our soldiers are coming home and our assistance in defending our allies has not gone unnoticed We’ve been offered a bounty of gold by the captain of their military a good fellow. Okay. Thank you eyepatch. I’m back I discovered an inferior to cover up large amounts of gold. Do you believe in aliens I do now Good to know there are other believers out there Okay citizens from far and wide would you like a fresh cut? Yes, of course you do you look dashing. Let’s say I look Beautiful, but whatever Hey We’ve reached 500. Oh Do I get it a reward do I get a reward? Woods back up over my head again town people are celebrating There’s a huge festival in the square but a growing population will demand even more happiness. Be sure to keep our approval Hi, and why just want to give my congratulations? Let’s keep working hard. Okay Nah That wasn’t meant as a question. I hope you’re joking madam I’m never joking. Hey, why’d you have to go and rat on me? Not pass good mold or won’t leave me alone. Now trying to lead a long life here. I don’t need all this commotion Listen, you tried to rat out the skeleton some refugees have arrived in town. Should we welcome them? Yes More people. Yeah you again. I thought I thought I I thought you were gone. No, no, no Got out of here. You stupid chest any mysteries afoot. Yeah. Go for it Oh The festival in Town Square still going strong bringing happiness to all those who attend It’s fine. Whoa. Oh, okay. It’s finally done I’ll finish crafting the dragonblade all we need now somebody to wield it Hardly be here with you and spread the word our heroes if their wish to take up the blade, I’ll send them here Do you cool I’ve got my night. I guess our granaries stock has been infected It’ll cost us or replace it. But if we don’t people could get sick, what should we do? Save our money. That’s what we should do. Now. We’ll replace it. Our peoples health is worth the cost I agree, but I feel like people should have been happier about that one my friend from witch school Wanted to thank you for your help. So we made you some magical cookies All right magical cookies you say There’s a party I’d like to go to this evening. Milady might I have the rest of the day off Yes, go for it. Have fun. Thank you We will toast to your honor Oh God you this is here to pay it a visit Should we leave it be now get out of here? You stupid bird Well, this thing is dangerous Every time we kiss a chicken. Well the secret dangerous people are happy. The city is growing. Oh I’m Jarno of the comfy Kingdom you may not believe this but I’m the Royal assistant of kingpin himself Indeed the very same I’ve been noodling around this kingdom of yours and I oh wait, what’s that over there? Uh, Wha Good day. Madam. Did you happen to see a blue fellow come through here just now strains noodly limbs made of yarn. Yes I knew he was around here somewhere. I’m gonna find that darn yarn Oh, he’s been running around claiming to be the kingpins royal assistant Which of course he is not. In fact it is I button boy who represents the competing dominio steam Council of crowns Have you heard of the Council of crowns? Good madam? Oh No Really? Council of crowns this group where the world’s top kings and queens gather they discuss matters of Diplomacy trade warfare and all manner of important subjects surely as Queen yourself you’d be interested in joining this council I have an idea perhaps you’d be interested in this that Janos been giving me nothing but trouble If you could somehow put a stop to his shenanigans I might be able to get a meeting with the PR the advisory of the celestial kingdom If anybody would be able induct your kingdom into the house who live would be her What do you say we help you? Catch that darn yarn Okay Very good. I’ll leave the details up to your discretion. Once Yano is out of the way. I’ll set up a meeting with Pia Thank you for your assistance in this matter of a good madam. I’m sure we will meet again soon now Okay, Oh God you again? Okay, just Get it over and O God. Thank you. They’re not to be able to get all the way Okay. All right. Okay. That was pretty good. Okay, my part nice. Kelly told me you have information about an alien life-form This true, it could change everything. I’d be launching my own independent investigation. I just wanted to come here and say, thank you Thank you. You get those dirty rotten alien out of here Well prophets been made in the harbor and by to share some with you. Thank you We’ve completed our work on the gardener you please I can’t tell but you know, I’m pleased for other reasons So I’m gonna go ahead and say yeah I’m so glad I heard you need a champion to wield that dragon blade Pretty good with swords can take a finger show our friend the dragon a thing or two No, Oh, what is it you don’t trust me Absolutely not. I absolutely don’t trust you reporting in I solved the mystery about who stole mr. Mrs Bumpkins baking pan want me to turn him in? Yeah. Sure Crime worth and death it’s off to the dungeon for him Bad crime don’t do that. Uh-oh. Have you seen my magical cat pancake? yes, actually I have yeah, I have actually Very good. I knew he was around here somewhere Okay. I thought you were here to darken my doorway. But okay cat trying to tell me something It seems like he wants help yarn Oh, is he talking about your know? Maybe this cat could help find yarn Oh Need plenty of tuna, of course, but surely it could be worth the cost Well, should I hire this cat to find er, no? I mean if if any animal could I guess it’s a cat hope he understands what I want. Oh well nothing to do but wait Okay, the owners of the tavern are making piles of gold wish to share some with you that’s not usually a thing But okay, I’ll take it. The spirits are pleased right now, but perhaps you should grant them an offering of gold I know the spirit world always appreciates gold and it might prevent them from haunting us in the future 200 gold. Oh Sure, I guess Whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa whoa, whoa Whoa. Whoa one of your fishermen has been bothering me. I demand a villager as a sacrifice. Oh No, no big. No you’ve angered me now madam. Watch your back Okay, do you like making new friends I sure do but and if you consider the one I just met Don’t like making new friends. Yeah, it looks like you want somebody to Pat his belly. Okay. All right boots. What about yard? What about yarn Oh, where’s your no? Okay. Goodbye. Some villagers are threatening to leave Should we pay them a sum of gold should we listen? No screw up get him out of there No, we’re not gonna listen to their demands Let’s do all of them go then it’s a dangerous precedent to set we’re not gonna do that good to go Let me stare Okay, good. Good. Good good Let me steal from the rich and give – no go away. Where’s my knight? Where’s my knight? Oh, Hello. Hello, I am well, I am a scientist I do science for you Queen You see the city has grown and we have grown to the science community That is we now have our very own Council science of which I am the leader today I simply wish to introduce myself And now I have I have I will visit you again in the future regarding our projects science projects I think that’s two children stacked on top of each other in trench coat. Hello get in queenly person. Oh how they asked me to come here and tell your story with you a Yellow bird meets a green bird in the garden to see yellow bird soar higher than the green Yes The yellow bird wheels through the sky she shimmers in sunlight. Oh How lovely? Oh I would rather have the green if the green was happiness High up in the sky the yellow bird meets a blue bird does heal a bird stop to sing with it. Yes Oh ho ho The sweet musical notes of the two new friends filled the air the singing attracts a flock of nearby birds of all shapes and colors the skies filled with song Oh what a lovely ending this story. Don’t you think I would liked it I would love to come visit you again sometime queen bee person. It’s fun to tell stories with you. Yeah, it’s fun Now your stories have kind of magically affect everything in the real world around us Hey, fishermen more broth has been made in the harbor. I came by to share some with you. Thank you. Oh You again Good god, oh, I don’t need happiness that badly The prison is in need of repairs a few hundred gold Yeah, okay. Oh my money oh Oh It’s down below my knees feeling spooky today now Oh, I some plant people have sprouted in the garden are we allowed to make them official citizens? Oh, okay, that’s normal that’s That’s a little bizarre. But okay some families have moved into the new houses. We built should we send them a welcome basket? Yeah, that seems nice. You’re so sweet and thoughtful God you’re thoughtful. Okay? Yeah. Okay. There’s twenty happiness. That’s good. That’s a lot of a penis. That’s good We reached a thousand that’s money. That’s good The citizens expect the best from us. Well, I’ve got the best to give my Bryn’s all worn out is my birthday I don’t feel so good. No one. Give me a card. All right, fine. I have a new room Where’s the broom cost $50? What is wrong with you? You swindler I bet it’s not even your birthday hello, hello science of council has devised a blueprint for a gold generating machine take some time to construct this and many resources but If my calculations are correct, at least it will produce gold steadily for the rest of eternity Perhaps you might initiate this project with 500 gold. Um Yeah, okay Good good. Yes, we’ll begin construction right away fires have been breaking out frequently on cabbage street Shall we install well to make water more accessible there? Yeah Yep, they love gold already and of gold I’m below a thousand gold for the first time in a long time They said Oh God. Why do you all want so much gold? You didn’t give me any happiness in return. Oh Because gold Jimmy you guys Owe me a little shit. Yes, let me look Okay, that’s a little gold. That’s nice. My lady a man wishes to settle a dispute He says he is way cool, but his friend says is not do you think he’s cool? Anybody that says they’re cool isn’t cool Very well. I shall inform the friend of her correctness Anyone who goes like I’m cool like me I say I’m cool all the time I’m not cool the plant people citizens have taken root and grown into a lovely field of flowers. Can you hear them rejoicing? Aha they are so happy to see the beautiful plants Okay Yep bring it on. Oh Hey again, we’re gonna on a video game it’s a new thing I came up with think it’ll catch on Probably not. Me, too. I’m excited about the possibilities Where are your eyes it’s a game you play with others and go around killing monsters. You get a sword I like the sound of that sounds pretty cool. Yes swords are great, right? So when you slay a monster you get experience points and are you still listening? Yeah, sure. I’m Good. Well, thanks for listening to my idea. Thanks for the gold for May letting me listen to your idea Hi grandma, isn’t it a lovely day? Yes, it is. Grandma. Now that you’re here very good Deary My lady might I be the one to take up the dragonblade and slay the dragon Yeah, go for have fun for the kingdom that dragon will surrender all of its treasures when I am through Yeah, okay, fine have fun. I guess the people are demanding that a notorious criminal be exiled from the city His crimes include theft arson and forgery. What do you say shall we exile him? It sounds pretty bad. Yeah, I’ll do it. I’ll have the guards do so. Why did that cost me money? Why that why that cost me money, but why that caused a tiny little town? It’s big now. We’ve got like Towers and such. Oh, not you Thank you Oh Granary, okay. Replace it Oh Tales of the brave knight of the dragon blade have spread throughout the city. He gives people hope that’s nice. That’s nice Oh, Road network needs it’s us. It’s just money money money. Everything is money money money You’ve been drinking quite a little bit of tea madam might I upgrade you to the good stuff Yeah, yeah first cup is on me though. I’m sure it won’t be your last Why me No, okay, scientists have constructed a large factory to further their work on gold generating machine pollution becomes a problem for nearby homes Those scientists, huh? Bunch of douches. It’s my bounty on her. I had almost given up on him. Did you get him? Did you find your new? Huh Huh? You got me that cow just wouldn’t leave me alone until I came back here was the button boy who sent the cat He’s been trying to steal my position as advisor for years. He claims to be the true adviser, but it’s all just a lie He’s only a button after all hi yarn or the blue and the true advisor of the comfy Kingdom accept no substitute. Oops Gotta run, huh? Oh Hi Garth seize that yarn well done madam I’m not sure how much a part of you actually played in this but yarn has been found. I’m in a generous mood So I’ll set up a meeting with adviser Pierre of the celestial kingdom She’s quite busy, but you should expect her to come by sometime soon. Make sure this castle is nicely cleaned. You’ll want to impress her Since to me, all right. Okay Oh Golda fine. Yes take gold. Can I sacrifice like a hundred people to get two thousand gold again? I’d really like that That’d be nice I hope she didn’t hear me say that Oh as the city grows weak require more gold to continue expanding our infrastructure an increase of our construction budget by say 500 will allow us to build a greater number of recreational facilities Right. Thank you On gold ours will be a city rivaled by none at this rate Thank You Man. Thank you. Oh Fuck off Fuck off No, oh I don’t have the gold man. It’s getting tougher cuz I just don’t have a good way I still see the other town Would you like to purchase swords? Yeah, I’d like to purchase swords Oh dear those youngsters at the council of science and making quite a ruckus with their work Could you tell them to keep it down? I would certainly appreciate a grandma. Of course Yes are anything for you? Here’s hoping those whipper snappers will listen I Will talk to them Well, I told you I don’t have your back. Your people will do my snacks, II know You dare defy me I’ll eat you all. Oh Can we get someone to deal with that guy, that’d be I Need the gold so I’m gonna say yes, but it’s not cuz I’m Compromising my morals. I just need the gold They won’t even know what hit him. Thank you I heard we’re expecting an esteemed visitor from celestial kingdom Shall I go about summoning the servants to prepare the castle for our great guest. Yes, you may of course, of course It is imperative that she be impressed. There’s a petition going around open our borders to the neighboring town. What do you say? yep via purse peppers Together our towns grow stronger. Yes, they do. Yes, they do. Oh god, damn it Yeah, I just give me the goal. Thank you. Go away, please Hey, could I trouble you for a sandwich? Yeah, okay Hey, how’s it going you and me. We will get along though. We want to tell you a secret Actually humans because of curse which put on me, I’d stop it if I could but you know Curses you think you could help me break the curse. I don’t want to keep eating people forever I was going to burn you and frankly for all the people that you’ve eaten. You probably should be put to death but Whatever. I’ll help you I guess Thanks, buddy. I knew you’d help me keep an eye out for any magical folks who might be able to break the curse Okay a whole good day Queen Lee person friend of mine. Albert wishes me to stop I’d say alone So hello. Thank you for letting us stay in your wonderful city. Well, thank you. Goodbye I guess there’s some food we’ve been able to store on the grand reasons attract more settlers. Of course. Well people. Oh, yes I usually looking for someone magical to help the situation regarding a treasure chest I give you whatever mystic assistance you need for a small price. Of course Thank you miss hips Fantastic a curse is it I’m no stranger to those. I’ll have your friends sorted out in no time Okay. Thank you. My god, your hips are incredible. Oh, we’re growing again. I didn’t know there’d be a third fit. Hello Greetings. I am Pia advisor the king under Ahmadis of the celestial kingdom What a beautiful castle you have here. Everything is spotless I was just wandering through your city and was quite impressed with your citizens You know the Council of crowns is searching for a fifth member. Is there something you might be interested in? Yeah. Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, I thought as much I’ll inform king under amitis I’m sure he would be happy to meet you and discuss the details there. Thank you Oh my was that the woman from the celestial kingdom? This is so exciting the celestial King sits at the head of the Council of crowns Any connection with them will surely do us well in the future. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy I mean, I’ve already got a crown so technically okay. This better not be crap. It’s crap. You’re crap You suck go to hell the gold generating machine project continues though We are running low on supplies more funding modest hundred gold. Yeah Okay, you bunch of swindlers you bunch of polluting noise-making swindlers. Nope. Hi. Hello, Queen I am a tree of the Western forests as you can see. However, I have been shall we say shortened? This is due. Largely. In fact of the actions of your team of wood cutters My home has been chopped clean through in your reckless pursuit of expansion you have now Disrupted the lives of myself. Am I good tree folk brothers and sisters I demand compensation by the way of golden coin so that we might repair this how shall I put it? Diplomatic rift between us a policy sum of 1000. Oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember last time I didn’t do this and I think it cost me a lot of problemo so I’m gonna say yes by Akamai here we go. Oh The first step on the path to recovery has been taken well this does not go unnoticed be sure that I am not finished I Oh, yeah Yeah I will be speaking with your Basin immediately regarding the matter of a sustainable wood land harvesting You’ve done the right thing here today. Michel tree folk will respect that despite your woodcutters aggression with this epital. Good day May you roots go deep and strong. I Am poor I am very poor milady. I come across the chest of gold in my advances Will you please accept this gift? Yea Thank you. Thank you night. Thank you. Please night more. Hi he he he hehehe Hey buddy, hey, I didn’t think I’d see you again. Yeah, I think those yeah, thank you. Thank you ooooooooooh I’ll take it. Good exchange good exchange could trade good trade good trade good trade Everybody could trade good trade good trade good trade. A search party is turning up the missing man madam than 9 of his new friends Ok, can my friends come over the play? Ok. Yeah, thank you. Yeah See you Timmy -Oh no not you Oh no not you not you not you not you *frustrated moan* we are making great strides. However, *mumbles* additional funding – a part of
300 gold I’m POOOOOOOR AGAAAIN I’M POOR AGAIN *yells* WHY -why don’t I just tax my people? Oh god not you Yeah, I- yeah, I’ll take it yeah I’ll take the money I’ll take the money yea I’ll take the money I’ll take the money I’ll take the money *sad mumbling* Go away! Go awa- I can’t afford it. I can’t afford it I can’t afford it go away! I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it Running out of supplies *mumbles* a modest 100 gold, good god you swindling douches you swindling bastards! Queen lady! madam! I’ve done it! I’ve slain the dragon! His hoards are ours now! Wow, I thank you for the opportunity to service my kingdom. It’s been an honor Woah my god, I love that guy. Imma marry that guy I accidentally stayed up all night eating candy. I hate you I hate you loud noises are heard throughout the night from coming from the Council of Science chambers the children have a hard time sleeping Oh, God not the children. who cares. I’m gonna leave my kingdom now to pursue my dream of becoming game dev. Goodbye, okay Goodbye, I guess what the hell is that all about? What did you just give me? Maybe our paths will cross again one day probably not though Take this cog to remember me by I’ve got plenty so you can have this one Okay, I can hardly believe it Queen but we finally done it construction of the gold general machine has been completed All that remains is to turn it on We’ll take a couple of days before it becomes operational but we’ll begin the process tonight. Won’t be long now. No, no Okay, whatever you say if this consumes all my people Oh God DO IT AAARGHHHH Oh Make way make way for King Andromedus, Lord of the celestial kingdom! Hi. Hey, how’s it going? Hey Hey, you don’t always need to make such a fuss about my entrances Pia Anyway, yes. Hello. Good Queen I’ve heard much about you and your people we and the council are quite impressed with you and Would love to induct you there’s this one Small issue all for the existing council members must be presently to adduct a new member But I’m afraid Queen Chanterelle and Queen Sareth are having a bit of a fight at the moment We’ll need to calm them down and settle their dispute before you can join the council. You should be hearing from their advisers shortly I’m entrusting you with the task of reconciling these two Queens best of luck to you HUH, you’ll need it and afterwards that seat on the council shall be yours Thank you. I’ll keep an eye out for the advisers from the Ocean Kingdom and plant Kingdom madam I’m sure we can settle whatever it is troubling their Queens What does that make me the earth Kingdom? tiny little town? -dude. Look at the freaking window Yes, please. Thank you. Okay good Our work is finally complete the gold general machine has been activated. All we need now to do is to sit back Enjoy the fruits of our labor many. Thanks to you Queen for supporting us in this project That better be a lot of gold It better not be one a day! since we’ve opened our borders travelers from all over are joining the city Doesn’t it just warm your heart? They sure do it. Sure Do. It Sure do. it’s a lovely task so many new friends That’s what everyone considers all the members of their City: friends. The council science has said the most wonderful idea. Yes. Yes Okay, we’ve devised an idea to broadcast music across the entire city using a network of sonic hardware I’m not sure if this would be useful but wouldn’t it be fun to try in the name of science? I’m certain we could do it on a budget as well a mere 100 gold should suffice that sounds Terrible that sounds like the worst idea. Im gonna do it. Even if you’re gonna just start blasting music everywhere in our kingdom *high pitched voice* UM YEA thats right thats right. We’ll get started right away The streets will be filled with song I think that’s a bad idea. I think that’s a bad idea, but I did it Anyway, I don’t know. Why wait what the frick? Bonjour I’ve just finished moving in. You’ve been here for two months! What were you doing? Take one person? What the hell!? what’s wrong with you? the gold generating machine spits out a small pouch of coins in the night twenty. Twenty. t w e n t y spit out twenty *sad sigh* Figured out a mysterious new way to make gold, wanna know how? okay not telling you Okay. Oh boy, since we opened our borders trade from caravans is increased dramatically be wish to tax the merchants. Yeah, that seems fair It’s fair! It’s fair. It’s fair. It’s faaaaaaiiir My friend the curse has been lifted. I’m not hungry for humans anymore. This is great. I feel so free Maybe I can find something better to do with all my money now a charity work or something It’s a whole new Chester from now on buddy. Thank you so much. Well, thank you. But also I liked it when the Money… those new speakers the builders put in a too loud. I can’t hear myself Think when the music plays I’m going to be circling a petition to have them removed though. Scientists have gone too far I knew it was bad idea grandma, I just hurt grandma, I’M A FAILURE NO dont haunt anyone! I’m a failure! *cries like a baby* oh god why just curse me GOD COME ON What’s this I hear about a position to remove the speakers? I say I say its quite upsetting you heard about this I had no idea people were so upset. What do you think? Do you support the position? Yeah, remove them get him out, err I suppose is just another failed experiment for the records you Stupid idiot and me stupid idiot for trusting you another chapter in the rebuilding of our people’s bond has been penned this day I’ve spoken with your Mason on the topic of sustainable construction techniques, though He was not at first wholly receptive to my ideologies in due time. I did convince him to see things my way Thank you for cooperation such as it has been in this matter. I Didn’t do nothing Hey Oh a very talkative Tree stump just came by to give me an earful it was saying something about not cutting down so many trees I Think. what’s the deal? Do I have to listen that thing? Yes Really? we’re taking orders from trees now? Well, you’re the boss This will slow down our construction some but I can’t just say no to you madam. That accents gotten worse You think of- what the hell? sir, Tortuga, um Greetings. Hello. I am sir Toto gov the shell Knights we fight for all that is good and righteous Is there anything on you might need assistance with you? Madam? Sure. Oh Very good. We’ll set about it at once. We are very helpful Bunch. You’ll see~ Thank you, sir, Tortuga. I’ve been asked by a warrior tribe to the south to supply a great number of weapons do I have your permission to supply them? I’ll need some extra gold to help fill the order Okay That seems dangerous, seems like they might attack us with that. Whoa. Whoa, whoa gold Gold. Alright gold I like gold. good day. I am adviser pontus of the ocean Kingdom recently a dispute has been raised between our queen and the plant kingdom. a plot of Marshland has been discovered then must be legally marked as one kingdom’s property since the marsh contains water Clearly it must belong to the ocean queen. the plant queen refuses to listen, however, insists it should be hers Will you support our claim to the marsh land? Will you help the ocean Kingdom? um, Marshland doesn’t seem like it belongs to the ocean Kingdom I mean if you said that you were the lake Kingdom I could understand, no. I won’t support you on this one Surely you will not believe the marsh should go the plant kingdom instead, huh? Well, we shall see about this. I will be going now Thank You adviser. it’s that slightly magical cat from before does it mean we’re friends now, of course Of course it does! I guess we are. we are. UH I knew it the warrior tribe to the south We provided weapons for us taking up arms again I knew it was gonna happen might I request additional funds so we were able to adequately. Yep. I knew it was gonna happen I’m sorry, it’s come to this. But now we must defend ourselves. I knew it was gonna come to this I knew ah, it’s you again. Huh? You, those fishermen and at it again! give me a sacrifice or I swear I’ll do something bad. No What do I you’ve angered me? Well, I mean you suck. You just plain old suck. Oh hi. Um, hello My name is advisor agaric. I represent the plant Queen Chanterelle. We heard your denouncement of the ocean Kingdom in this matter of the marshland as a land filled with grasses and plant life that Marsh rightfully belongs to the plant Queen Therefore we are of course thrilled to have your support I offer our thanks on behalf of the plant kingdom. good day to you. This makes sense. It makes sense Oh, I think there’s something going on in the sewers I’ve been hearing some weird sounds like you investigate if you want Okay, Winston’s on the caaaaase Thank You Winston. ghostly figures are seen drifting around the graveyard the spirits appear to have become angry That’s not good Oh madam The shell Knights have finished polishing every statue in the castle to the maximum level of glorious shine Are are you pleased? we can continue to clean and maybe make some snacks if you wish? Yeah That sounds great. Yeah do that. We will not let you down. This castle will be well looked after I swear it. Thank you That’s so nice. Didn’t even ask for money. I wish to strengthen the bond between our cities shall we engage in a trade mission? Okay, why not quite agreeable we shall work together again. I hope spirits are haunting the citizens spread bad luck to the citizens That’s not good. Oh Hello good Queen It seems the trouble regarding that marshland has been all cleared up Once Queen Chanterelle realized she won she was willing to split the marsh with the Ocean Kingdom Sometimes a leader just needs a bit of respect, you know Well, either way your input helped break the stalemate for that. I am thankful now as promised your seat on the council I’ll have Pia make the final arrangements inform you when we’re ready to induct you. Thank you again for your assistance on this matter *sings* I’m gonna be inducted onto the council Oh grandma. It’s okay. No, it’s okay. Grandma. It’s okay. Oh Grandma its ok, grandma! Hello I am from the neighboring ocean Kingdom what a lovely castle you have although it is quite dry Have you ever been to the ocean Kingdom? No, I see not too much of a swimmer, Are you? I can’t fault you for that I suppose Okay. Goodbye. Our city has grown so much that visitors are becoming quite lost. Should we devote more gold the hiring tour guides? I guess yeah. Okay the tourists will thank you. Oh You said our citizens were getting lost. So the I as our city continues to expand I’d like to embark on a project. That’s a bit more ambitious for a daily allowance of a hundred gold my workers can begin the grueling task of Remodeling our town central plaza. This will surely elevate our city to new heights though It may take several days to complete. What do you think? Okay, good good I’ll have the logistics of the project finalized at once and we’ll begin work soon Why do you talk so funny? 420blaze Oh hi Day 69 complete hell Yeah, was we had 420 on 69 might I have some gold to make an offering at the ocean shrine Okay. Thank you the ocean Spirits will surely be pleased Okay, you’re weird ocean religion madam. The shell Knights have finished a batch of our famous cookies, please Partake my Knights will distribute the rest of your courtiers. The city is looking good. The city is looking good There’s got to be like the final level you uh, oh oh Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. do it -Yeeaaah That’s good stuff. The city is looking good And I bet it’s the final one the shell Knights have completed their patrol around the castle gardens picking up litter I’m pleased to say the gardens are looking Spotless. Thank you. You’re so goddamn. Nice. Oh There one more day the new high-class housing district looks interesting, but there’s lots of cool stuff to Find there. I think I can borrow the key to the upper district gate I – uh uhm Want to say no, but something is making me say yes? *increasing pitch* I shoudn’t address you but I’m tempted to see whats going to happennnn Yeah, sure go for it. Have at it. Thanks, I’ll return this later It seems like a good idea that I just did I did a good thing. I did a good thing. I Did a good thing? Probably probably where’s my gold making machine? Good day madam We’re officially ready to induct you into the Council of crowns. There are a few formalities to observe Can I skip over those and give you the short version? Oh god, please do oh Thanks. It really doesn’t matter in this way. I won’t end up losing my voice. All right gather round everybody I’m advice to Celeste Queens Queens blah blah blah. You’re a queen – you’re a good queen. We’re inviting you you’re accepting It’s all very well and good On behalf of the castle crowds. I now pronounce you a crowned queen All right We’re done you’re in Now that you’re part of the council represented from other kingdoms may come to help you make sure you do your best to assist them And sincerely congratulations the Council is the highest rank to which a Queen can rise God damn central process is complete. Thanks for the patience does never look so beautiful. I must say oh god, no, that’s so sweet, that’s so goddamn sweet All right, I think I’m gonna end this here I’ve been playing it for almost two hours now, but goddess I think about this games It’s just so addicting you just can’t stop pressing forward every single time and I have no idea why I never say no to magic and That’s a good one to end on that’s pretty good by joining the Council of crowns. You’ve completed the game. You can continue playing Yeah That’s so fun. There’s something so fun about it like this count this concept It’s not a very like in-depth concept, but I just love it. There’s something very addicting about it You you always want to see how it’s gonna turn out and for those a full game made it is I mean This is practically a full game. But a bigger expanded game with more options more more randomness. I think it’d be super fun So thank you everybody so much for watching check out the other parts of this game that I did in the description below or in the suggested videos over there and let me know what you think of it and let me know if you played it for yourself and let me know if there’s Cool games like this that you want to see me play. So thanks again. And as always, I will see you, in the next video. BuBye!,

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