Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | Tournament 200cc World Cup
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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | Tournament 200cc World Cup

November 6, 2019

So… it’s PERFECT ! x) Dammit… a Boo… Blue shell dodge (but… it’s already in English x) ) Missed… (I’m really bad, I know that… x) ) …So… I know : I’m BAD ! x) (long live these f*cking bananas…) Let’s go to make Item Smuggle ! (go to the last place to have items like the star, etc., and get to the first places) Rest In Peace my skill… Fail of the big shortcut, nice x) Rest In Peace again… The respect ? No, he’s gone on vacation, or he’s dead. It’s possible x) (he thought he could fly lol) We will say that you have not seen anything ok ? x) NOOOOOOOO !!! *boom* So here is the end of this video. I thank you for watching, and sorry if I made mistakes in English, I hope you still understand … Bye and see you next time ! ^^

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