Mario Gotze WC Goal 2014 | A History Of The World Cup
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Mario Gotze WC Goal 2014 | A History Of The World Cup

October 10, 2019

Germany won the 2014 World Cup in extra time
with a goal from substitute Mario Gotze , the first replacement to score the winner
in a World Cup final and the youngest final scorer
since 1966. Schurrle had come on for Christophe Kramer,
who had been forced off with concussion in the 31 st minute, and had largely played on
the left with Mesut Ozil dropping centrally. Gotze
made a far later impact, coming on with two minutes of normal time remaining for the
largely ineffectual Miroslav Klose . Gotze was more of a false nine than Klose, and it
was his movement that created the winner. Schurrle collected the ball from Schweinsteiger
with eight Argentina players, including ‘keeper Romero, between him and goal. [PIC 1]
Germany had Gotze on the far left, two players more centrally, and Muller wide right. While
Gotze was not tightly marked, Zabaleta was close enough to close him down quickly. Gotze
darted inside, across Zabaleta and towards the space between the full-back and the right
centre-back, Martin Demichelis, checking slightly halfway before accelerating quickly. This
allowed Schurrle to hit the wide space vacated by Zabaleta. [PIC 2]
Zabaleta effectively handed Gotze over to Demichelis as Schurrle accelerated into space,
moving back out wide to try to close down the German winger. [PIC 3]
However, Demichelis did not read Gotze’s run properly and instead moved towards the
goal- line in a straight vertical run, allowing
Gotze to find space. [PIC 4]
Schurrle managed to cross, despite pressure from two Argentina defenders, including
Zabaleta, and with Demichelis in no-man’s land between the edge of the box and the six
yard area, Gotze, controlled the cross on his chest, unmarked, and rifled in a volley
with his left across Romero. [PIC 5]
An incisive goal that owed much to movement, Schurrle’s pace and crossing ability, and
Martin Demichelis switching off at the crucial moment, Gotze’s deft finish was a worthy
winner in 2014.

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  1. So, my dad was supporting Argentina and I had my money on Germany. When Gotze score, the look at my dad face turned as he has just lost $1m 😂😂

  2. Fantastic cross, incredible control and finish. To win a world cup with a goal like that, that late in the game, at that age…

  3. Although this is the goal that won the competition, surely Van Persie's header, Rodriguez's screamer or even Cahill's volley would be considered more 'classic'?

  4. Every though Germany were no doubt the best team in the tournament, Argentina still outplayed them in the final and if they had not squandered all their chances, their could have been 3 stars on the Argentine kit as of now.

  5. I usually really like your videos, but in this one I think you're getting some things quite wrong… While I agree Götze's movement was great, you're totally misjudging the role of Thomas Müller. First of all, he was not somewhere out on the right wing, but instead was performing a classic false nine movement. From the central forward position, marked by Garay, he moved parallel to the box, away from Garay and into the back of Demichelis, only to then drop deep towards Schürrle and the midfield. This clearly must have confused Garay and Demichelis enough to make them forget everything they might ever have learned about defending. Garay was possibly thinking Demichelis would pick Müller up, and did thus not bother to call out to him. But because Müller timed his run so brilliantly, Demichelis didn't notice him until he came out from his back and dropped towards Schürrle to pick up a possible pass. (edit: I'd like to add that I think Müller always knew in this moment that he'd only do this as a dummy run) However, Demichelis made the mistake of fully committing to following Müller, which brought him blatantly out of position without any backup from neither Garay nor Zabaleta. Of course, Götze saw his opportunity and knew what to do, running towards Garay at first, and then away from him again towards the near post into the gap that Demichelis had opened, with neither defense having a real chance of getting close enough to him. What I'm getting at is I think that Löw had had his players practice this exact routine during training in case this situation came up, with Müller's intuition and sense of space playing the most important role. Of course, the rest was technical brilliance and a wee bit of luck.

  6. Anyone know Chris Ramsay? This music is the music he uses in his videos.

    Other than that, Gotze was wasted at Bayern. Pep was retarded not to give him more play time as he was a talented player with so much potential who could've lived up to it at his time at Bayern. I hope the same doesn't happen to Renato Sanches. I don't see him turning it around and fulfilling his potential, at least to the max. But I hope he's better after his metabolic disorder and is ready to play again.

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    that's where art meets football

  8. Schurrle was really underrated in that World Cup. I know he was mainly an impact sub, but he should have made team of the tournament.

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