Mariana Avitia – Mexico’s Archery Bronze Medal Winner | Athlete Profiles
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Mariana Avitia – Mexico’s Archery Bronze Medal Winner | Athlete Profiles

August 13, 2019

I am Mariana Avitia Martinez, I am an Archer and I represent Mexico. I started Archery when I was 7 years old and that’s when I discovered that I enjoyed it a lot! I used to practice in-line skating and swimming too but when I watched an Archery competition
it really grabbed my attention, it’s a sport that requires a lot of concentration and
so I think that’s what grabbed me. In Athens 2004, I saw Juan Rene Serrano competing, when you see someone from your country, a Mexican,
at the Olympics you get very motivated and excited. I told my Mum that one day I would like to compete at the Olympics. My Mum told me that it would be possible,
that I would need to work very hard and then that moment would come. Fortunately that time came just four years later when I had the opportunity to compete at my first Olympic Games. They where in Beijing, and I had to realize that in a short time
how much I had accomplished. And to be honest it was a really nice experience to know that
you are living one of your biggest dreams. Winning the bronze medal meant a lot,
it was a dream I had had since I started. When I won the medal it was amazing to know that, all the work I had done, all the training, the effort and being
away from my family was worth it. It is something very special to know that you are winning a medal, not only for you, but for your country. To know that you are accomplishing all the goals you had in mind, with all the dreams you had since when you were young when you get back to training it gets you motivated to keep progressing and to keep giving good results to Mexico.

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  1. hubiera sido genial que su combate en cuartos de final, haya sido en la medalla de bronce, duelo muy cerrado, sin embargo Avitia elimina a una arquera que casi se le aseguraba su pase a la batalla por la de oro, me hubiera gustado que Avitia hubiera ido por la de Oro, me parecía que ella si iba a dar la talla, en vez de Román, (claro con el respeto que me merecen mis compatriotas) orgullo mexicano y ejemplo a seguir, eres grande Avitia, y estoy seguro que esto es la punta de muchos logros más

  2. @DaneilRc
    M.Avitia venció a LEE Sung-Jing (KOR); Que buen combate. Lamentablemente no pudo vencer a ROMÁN…Aunque A.Román no fue un rival facil para KI B.B. en la mexicana empató a 5 sets. Cuando la coreana tiró a 8, Aida tenía todo para el Oro, pero tiró a 8 (fue su unico error) México se quedó a 1cm del Oro u.u

  3. de hecho @Reynel Salgado, Román no fallo del todo, se puede apreciar que su flecha se ancla a la diana de tiro esgado, lo que si revisaras su tiro en camara lenta, te das cuenta que su tiro en realidad fue modificado con el aire, lastima, hubiera sido genial, no solo que hubiera sido el primer podio en el deporte para el pais, no solo que se subiera una, sino dos mexicanas al podio, sino que una una de ellas estuviera al centro y haber escuchado el himno nacional, en fin, esperemos Rio ´16

  4. when her mom told her it would be possible for her to go to the olympics wish I had her mother cause every time I mention to my mom I want to do archery she always changes the subject

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