Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 E10 – Archery
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Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 E10 – Archery

August 12, 2019

I don’t know about you But I have been looking forward to event 10 in the 2017 marv Olympics Archery, each team has four shots to get the maximum point total from that color wall Opposite to the launcher there, you see the standings overall with savage speeders nearly guaranteed a point on the podium We just don’t know which step there. You see the scoring With white being one to gain now if you knocked over two blocks or more and lowest type It’s added up plus half a point Nearly a bull’s-eye on that one Thanks Andy purple savage speeders now of 32 team finery launching their way with a dark blue and a purple With seven Oh knocking the white but a pink with it, that’ll be nine and a half Purple would be eight. Is it knocked over pink as well in a solid pink just a nine? There you see 34 and a half not too bad for team primer. This is a quick moving event Oceanics now They knock over those two middle ones nine and a half Seven and a half and Six and a half on that one It’s solid dark blue for 7:30 and a half Little bit behind on that one now shining sworn in the launcher ready to go Purple for an eight Eight and a half nearly a bulls eye That’ll go as nine and a half Nine and a half again 35 five there’s hope for the shining swarm mellow yellow now a team that could have had the gold in the last event Lee get a bull’s-eye here trying to make amends for That misstep that yella had the cost in a gold medal They still set fee a superb time there are a few points off on this one 33 5 yella, especially making up for that mistake in the steeplechase now the o’rangers once you pink for a nine Nine and a half Six and a half knocking over that light blue and a dark blue Last one an 8 and a half 33 5 for the arrangers near in the halfway point the limers are in the blocks they go knocking over that One six and a half to start Now seven Nine and a half And an 831 Midnight wisps start things off with a nine nearly consistent there, but that’ll goes in eight and a half Six and a half knocking over that light blue with the dark blue Just off on that last one with an eight and a half or a thirty two point five west speed though get nine Now team momo Eight to start goes eight and a half Nine ohh that one got away from them a little bit Five five for mo mo mo Team galactic Eight to start seven and a half 9 And another 9 33.5 533 5 with a pair of nines jawbreakers now Just off the middle nine and a half miss start see if they do that again, they can’t they drop for seven and a half Same thing they’re seven and a half and a nine and Nine and a half seven and a half seven and a half and nine for a 33 five There are several that are gonna be up there But still a few teams to go a bullseye to start for the quicksilver’s ten And they do it again most nine and a half Nine and a half again we might Have a new leader here. They knock down a seven at the end, but that is still 36 nearly two bull’s-eyes another one that Was a little bit off still goes for a nine and a half and a bullseye. to start on this one for the Thunderbolts oh nearly another one Ten a nine and a half that’s a little bit off That’s seven and a half could have Used a bull’s-eye right there, but they weren’t able to do it nine five still gives him a thirty-six and a half pinkies now our third to last team bulls eye Six and a half and they make amends The bullseye there we go for a nine and a half 34 five and still gained them some much-needed points chocolatiers Ultimate Team knocks down eight to begin bullseye for the second one nearly a bullseye For the third one nine and a half bulls eye for the fourth 37 and a half for the chocolatiers with two bull’s-eyes and a near-miss Sends them to the top of the standings jungle jumpers now They start off with a 9 and a half, but they will need a couple of bullseyes. I’m gonna get a 9 and a half There’s one they need an 8 and a half to tie and they surpass it They will win this event with three nine and a half’s and a ten That gives them the gold medal in archery ahead of the chocolatiers and the Thunderbolts Jungle jumpers my gosh their first metal overall In the marblelympics and it’s going to be a gold that can’t win the marble looks like that But hey Congratulations to them and to all of our podium finishers Made it up there Well done to all three and there are plenty more marblelympics to come with just a couple of events Now savage speeders are probably safe up at the top there, but it’s still only a 20-point margin So it is not a done deal by any mean stay tuned for the final events of the marbleympics

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  1. We are achingly getting closer to 2019, the oceanics are ready to win, brain freeze is on debut, the stadium is about to open, bring forward the medals!

  2. My heart leaped when the Quicksilvers got into first place, only to later find out that they got fourth. Closest one yet!

  3. Is it just me or is the commentary for this one a little bit messed up? It seems to fade in and out constantly… maybe it's just my headphones though, idk.

  4. if savage speeders win next event it will be the Champion, and others good positions will do it too. By calcules, just savage speeders, mewllow yellow and orangers can win. Unfortunately, my team is oceanics. but its nice a good competition, and there will have a lot of others competitions, so i will just support jelle, and hope for oceanics. thank you for this awesoe video jelle.

  5. It’s my first time watching these Marbleympics but I’ve heard the result from later videos. With that in mind, should be an amazing finish!

  6. In Archery, all four marbles from each team will be launched, one at a time, from a k'nex crossbow and rubber band, towards a row of colored blocks. The closer to the center a marble hits the better, as the block they knock over. If a marble knocks over multiple blocks, they receive points equal to the lowest value block they knocked over plus half a point. At the end of the event, the scores of all four marbles from each team are totaled, and the team with the highest total score wins.

  7. Someone is paying off the judges for mellow yellow! They had 32.5 for their run but in the end show 33.5? O'rangers having to beat cheaters lol

  8. Just fyi, at 2:10 should be saying 32.5, not 33.5. The text is right but voice messed up a bit. Just thought I'd let you know, but still amazing job!

  9. Edge of my seat.
    I live for this or because of this.
    Thank you from all of us.
    A few minutes of peace and hope.
    The Marble Olympics is humanity at its best.

  10. I just said to my wife….watching this type of event let's me see the competitors up close. Why why do you have me caring

  11. Silvery once again letting Quicksilvers down. 10|9.5|9.5 and then he has to go a fuck it up with a 7… he's not up to this level.

  12. What about having 2 commentators? And also what about drug testing?? And bringing in a triathlon or pentathlon event? That involved 3 or more events all in one go..

  13. I know I should be grateful for how creative these people are and I am but I must say, this event sucks. It would be similar to watching who can sit for the longest time in the summer olympics or even worse, watching baseball in the summer olympics.

  14. Spoilers
    Damn that comeback from the jungle jumpers at the end was the last thing I was expecting! Impressive stuff.

  15. Oh my word I love this cant wait for it to be on Netflix. Olympics, World championship, different IMAF meets.

  16. Are you planning a "Special Marblympics" for slightly damaged marbles? They deserve a shot to play too!

  17. How come the further into the event it got each team was almost always better then the one before it!!!

  18. this event was a little suspicious the bow was a lot more accurate in the second half. Is there some collusion between teams and the manufacturer?

  19. Teams will go one at a time to knock down the targets. Teams get 4 shots each and each colour represents points, but if they knock down 2 coloured blocks, it will count as a half, the team with the most points wins!

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