Marble Race: Marble League 2019 E4 – Gravitrax Slalom
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Marble Race: Marble League 2019 E4 – Gravitrax Slalom

November 16, 2019

To find success in the last event, you had
to walk a fine line, but now it’s all about speed and precision. Welcome to the Slalom Event here in the
MarbleLympics. I’m Greg Woods, four teams are going to
be competing and as you take a look at our overall standings, so far, one of those
teams, the Savage Speeders, two gold medals. And it’s been tough to catch them even
though they have not done super well in the previous event. They are in the blocks on the far side
here, racing against the Rasberry Racers, Balls of Chaos, and the Oceanics. Remember, it’s the third marble who
needs to cross the line for the time to count, and I think… it will not be the
Savage Speeders. In the midst those who are already down
there on the bottom, those are some test marbles, they are waiting down there. Now watch the second lane, Raspberry
Racers. Three of them already done and right
there. Not bad at all. The same cannot be said however for the
Oceanics. The top 2 marbles in each of these heats
will advance. So the Savage Speeders do move on, they
just did not win. Raspberry Racers setting the time. Midnight Wisps, Team Galactic, the
Hazers, and the Jungle Jumpers. Hazers involved in that fantastic finish
with the MarbleLympics record being set. Midnight Wisps, doing a good job of
teamwork so far, now they get spread out just a little bit, watch down there on the
bottom, the Jungle Jumpers get their three across first, I do believe. It doesn’t matter with the fourth. And let’s see, how close was it? 3 tenths
of a second. There the third one comes across. And victory and advancement to the
Jungle Jumpers. Midnight Wisps will also be moving on. No MarbleLympics record here for the
Hazers, they are stuck in the first heat. Crazy Cat’s Eyes, another one that set the
record first in the Balancing event. And if we move down, Chocoatiers,
O’Rangers, and the Green Ducks. Crazy Cat’s Eyes, two marbles ahead,
remember, it’s got to be the third marble, and I think that’s going to do it for him,
Crazy Cat’s Eyes is going to get across and take the win and advance to the next
round. Green Ducks, pretty good effort down
there in the bottom. They came awfully close under half a
second, they will advance as well. Crazy Cat’s Eyes, 8.18. Disappointing for the O’Rangers in that
heat too, dead last amongst the four. Mellow Yellow, Indigo Stars, the Pinkies,
and the Thunderbolts. Indigo Stars, decent push. Their lead on the bottom, though. Who’s
going to get the third marble across? That’s going to be really tough to tell, I
could say the Pinkies are last. And it is the Indigo Stars! Three of them all bunched up there
together, narrowly beating out Mellow Yellow. It does take teamwork, you don’t want to
have too many collisions amongst yourselves, that will slow you down. But just enough, you can catch the
draught a little bit, watch the line of the marble in front, and that makes all the difference. On to the semi-finals, now. Meanwhile, 9th through 16th, those
spots are set. Another disappointing finish for the
Oceanics. Raspberry Racers, Midnight Wisps, Crazy
Cat’s Eyes, and Mellow Yellow. Raspberry Racers with the early lead up
there, (it’s the third marble though). Crazy Cat’s Eyes, they fight back. Now, a division starts between the first
and the third marble. That’s going to lose it out– Raspberry Racers should get the win! 3 tenths of a second over Crazy Cat’s
Eyes, and as that race developed, that teamwork started to fall apart between
the second and third marble. That gap really grew and then all of a
sudden, the second marble dropped back from the first, and it makes a big
difference. Who’s the rest on to the finals? Green
Ducks, Jungle Jumpers, Indigo Stars, and the Savage Speeders. Green Ducks. A one-marble lead, now they fall back and
that teamwork also falling apart for them. Jungle Jumpers doing a pretty good job,
they might just catch on to it, but the Green Ducks fought back up top with that
third marble! Here they come. Neck-and-neck… Green Ducks are going to get it! Two hundredths of a second over the
Jungle Jumpers. Now, both of them will be on to the final,
top 2 will advance. So it’s the Jungle Jumpers, the Green
Ducks, the Raspberry Racers, and the Crazy Cat’s Eyes. One will fail to the medal. Jungle Jumpers up top, Green Ducks,
Raspberry Racers, and Crazy Cat’s Eyes. Off they go! Green Ducks falling behind. Crazy Cat’s Eyes, they got two out in front,
where’s the third one? Raspberry Racers trying to hold on to it as
well, and that’s going to be very close! Who got gold? And it is the Crazy Cat’s Eyes! Talk about redemption! After setting the MarbleLympics record in
Balancing thinking they’ve got the gold wrapped up, all of a sudden the next two
teams come by and reset the MarbleLympics record, and what they
thought was gold turns into bronze. Not so this time, it’s gold all the way for
the Crazy Cat’s Eyes. What an event that was. Quick, fast, and
furious it was, but the Crazy Cat’s Eyes, a great job to stand on the top step of the
podium. And a great job for the Raspberry Racers
and the Jungle Jumpers who get silver and bronze respectively. Crazy Cat’s Eyes, their first gold of the
MarbleLympics catapults them up into 5th, In the meantime, the Savage Speeders
and the Hazers are still out in front. Be sure to subscribe for more, the
MarbleLympics will continue.

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  1. This event is prejudiced against green. We get both in the finals and Crazy Cat's Eyes won? I smell cheating.
    Hold your head up mean green fans! Our time will come!

  2. Wait a minute, is it me or did every team who ran in lane 3 get dead last by about the same amount? Hmmm, marblelympics conspiracy….

  3. I think now it's time to write 16 different national anthems so that u can play them at the back during medel ceremony …?

  4. My siblings an i used to the the same thing when we were young, except it was with hot wheels. Good memories!!!!!

  5. That's it. I'm convinced that marble doping is a thing. Crazy Cat's Eyes should be tested for all kinds of drugs!

  6. You've got skills in camera angling and panning shots. I'm hooked! Also the "neck and neck" line is perfect… But they're marbles, they have no necks, haha

  7. noo, the hazers were doing so well in the first 3 stages and now this:(
    Bt what the hell ist up with those rules? Why does the third marble count instead of the last one?

  8. So pleased to see Crazy Cat's Eyes step up, and bounce back, from the previous balancing event, in which they got the WR, but still only came 3rd. That's resilience and a real testimony to the players, coaches and families of the team. Great work guys!

  9. My wispy bois being let down by half their team as usual. Really have to question their coaching staff if they can't get a solid performance out of the whole team

  10. It's fake!! The hazers loose because they had a faulty hallway… Looking at the rebroadcast, we see it very clearly. #HazersTeam

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