Man Utd 2-2 Aston Villa – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES
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Man Utd 2-2 Aston Villa – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

December 9, 2019

Are you happy with that performance or disappointed? First half it seemed like we couldn’t get the grips with going 1-0 down but when you concede a goal as early as that at Old Trafford, you’ve got plenty of time to get back into the game, but I felt we we didn’t deal with that particularly well and lucky to go in half time with one each I felt it was but second half was good, second half we put pressure on them create chances, yet they could have.. they had a decent chance as well back stick with Grealish but we created lots of big uns that we should have won this game but overall I don’t think we deserve to especially after the first half How do you assess the progress of the team so far this season now you had a few games? is it where you thought it would be? Well you do get with a young team we are a young team and I don’t want to use that as an excuse but because we are Man Utd and we want to get a run and as soon as we get a run of three or four games together here now that’s what we need that’s what these boys need I feel and we just have to make sure we do everything right now until Wednesday because it’s a short and quick turnaround That Lindelof goal was the first headed league goal that you’ve had in 2019, how do you explain that? Didn’t Rashford head it? (It’s an own goal actually)
Alright, well that’s part of the game that we have to improve on and of course we’ve had a few decent chances over the over the course of the season so but I was pleased with that goal, we should have kept on to that lead of course but then when they get a corner straightaway, they are a very physical side, play the clever clever corner and we just couldn’t as a team get up and play him offside When it comes to that Rashford goal, as
a striker, do you think it’s a bit strange that it’s awarded an own goal when you see the ball kind of spinning? I’ve not seen it on the video so, I’ll see the video and I can’t understand if it’s not a Rashford goal but that’s, what do I know about goals What do you say to people who say “Man Utd are 9th after 14 games”? “Man Utd shouldn’t be 9th no matter what rebuilding” We don’t, how do you say? I wouldn’t have sat here and talked about us being 5th if we got that one goal extra, so the league table at this point is not the the the biggest concern because it’s so tight, I just need to make sure that we get performances and get three or four performances after each other and results, what I can say is so far we’ve had the lead in so many games and we haven’t been able to win those games, six seven times I’m sure that we’ve been 1-0 up or 2-1 like today or 3-2 like last week and we should be better at seeing them games into wins Since you got the job permanently Ole we’ve won six games and two league matches What makes you confident you can actually go on a run of five six wins on the bounce because there’s no evidence to suggest this team.. Well I think there’s loads of evidence that these boys are a closer to winning games than losing games and to tip their margins in our favour of course we got to work on different things today first off wasn’t good enough, disappointed in that because all the boys stayed here, while the young boys and I went over to Kazakhstan so we should have been coming out of the traps quicker and the first half wasn’t good enough the second half was was what we want to see Some of the fans around us were giving Pereira a bit of stick, I know you said a few weeks he’s had a bit of criticism and he couldn’t he put a good cross in for the goal but he has started a lot of games this season is that becoming out of necessity
because there isn’t a midfield choice? Andreas is improving all the time, he’s a young boy that’s working hard every single day to improve his game and he’s played quite a few games this year and we found more or less his position earlier on in the season he’s an attacking midfielder, of course when you when you lack your three.. call it more experienced.. with Nemanja, Paul and Scott. Andreas has to cover that role and his he’s doing a job for the team You spoke about giving up leads, what is that down to? Is it lack of experience, composure? Probably a few things, then again experience yeah, we are a young team and we are probably the youngest team in the league and but I shouldn’t.. that’s not an excuse for us to do not see games out and not winning games that we are winning cuz we’ve put ourselves in that position as well as to win games and what we want to see then is to get to two goal lead and three goal lead, so we’re disappointed today that we conceded straight away after after getting the lead and then the game became more end to end that it should have been because if you can control the game winning, then you can control the tempo of it we we weren’t able to There’s one incident where Mata put a great ball across the 6-yard area and again in the second half James and the end of it Do you feel your teams’s lacking to get hose sort of goals? Today we created chances to be stood there three yards away from going just tap it in and of course then Dan created some chances down his right, Juan was a decent chance as well for us, so yes we.. I’ve said it a few times we’ve got players who score worldies and then but get yourself them four or five extra goals every season, it’ll give us points, it’ll give them confidence and so but we’re working on this, it’s not that they stand outside the box because they don’t think the balls coming so it could have been a couple of tap-ins today for some of the boys Huge praise for Jack Grealish, the goal he scored today, I wondered what you thought of him and is the kind of player Man Utd are lacking? I can’t talk too much about other teams players if they’re Man United calibre or targets but fantastic goal, I think he hit one of them you know them corners that I’ve hit a couple of times so it was a great great finish, but then again we should defend better show them down the left to be fair so, but what a goal and he played a good game, definitely Is there any update on Pogba and McTominay in terms on Wednesday night? we’ve still got two days, we need to look at everyone here as well, we’ve only got two days so let’s see and hopefully we could can see one of them on the pitch but they are working hard behind behind the scenes Okay thanks you

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  1. what i hate is how he thinks everything is fine smiling and acting all nice when he is fucken doing a shit job…nowonder we are crap, no seriousness from this clown…by the way question at minute 4:00 is the best question from the media guys….

  2. I can’t believe jose got second with this team poor players he was right when he say his biggest achievements was to be second with joke players like utd players I’m sorry Jose

  3. im actually starting to hate oles face and i used to love him…wanna punch him so bad hes so naive and completely stupid and deluded

  4. young team….multi millionaires in their mid 20s iv been hearing about lingards potential for 10 years HES FUCKING 28 ole seriously piss off no ones buying the complete horse shit your pedalling anymore you deluded fool

  5. Olly must be smiling all the time in the dressing room also. I guess the players must think they are doing a good job ahaha. LOSER!!!!

  6. The team only has 1 headed goal because they sold their center forward who is banging in goals for Inter Milan. Also because the "Center Forwards" Ole decided to keep prefer to hang outside the box when the ball is wide. Daniel James put a good amount of crosses right across the 6 and both Martial and Rashford were hanging on the edge of the box. Its the same from Ole every week. "We are a young team but its no excuse" Well Ole then stop mentioning that. "We are improving and getting closer and closer each week I think we can see that." Uhm no Ole what everyone is seeing is regression or stagnation. You are getting outplayed by teams like Sheffield United and Aston Villa. If you want to help United which that part I do believe is true. Then go to the board and tell them you are not fit for the task. Tactically what are you doing in training with these players? I don't blame Pogba for wanting to leave.

  7. In business,ole is the kind of guy that would make business goes bankrupt and then says "its normal in busines though" (while smilling)

  8. A Manchester United manager says the table is tight so he is not bothered about it. Note it's 5th he is talking about because we are 22 pts from 1st and 8 pts from 20th but no one seems to care how the club has forced fans to accept mediocrity

  9. It's clearly that Ole is not the man for United. I am a Liverpool fan, but I don't think Man United deserve this. I want United to fight for the top 4, and be in the Champions League. That is what we need to have for the competition. That's football! (Not what Ole says ALL the time: That's football…)

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