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August 20, 2019

– Hi guys, it’s Audrey, and I’m here with my besties, Ellie, Libby, and Abby. And today, we’re going to be making slime, but at three in the morning. And we’ve heard so many scary things about three in the morning, so we have each other
if anything bad happens. So I’m gonna make green slime, Ellie’s gonna make purple slime, Abby’s gonna make yellow, and Libby’s making pink. Just to prove to you guys that it is three o’clock in the morning, it is exactly. Alright, so let’s start making our slime. So we’re gonna start off
by pouring in our glue. I am known to put too much glue in mine. How much glue should I put in? – Oh my gosh, it makes sense though, that she likes it, because
she’s always eating pig feet. It’s made from pig feet and horse hooves. – Glue is? – Yeah. – Glue is made from
horse hooves and stuff. – What the heck? – What do you call a mix
between an elephant and a rhino? – What? – A heck-if-I-know. (laughing) – A heck-if-I-know. – That’s a lot of glue. – So now we’re gonna add
in our Borax with water, to make it actual slime, and put in our color. (liquid pouring) – Ew. – She probably knows what she’s doing. – Cheese curds, that’s rotten. – Ew, I like cheese curds. – Not anymore. (laughing) – Cheese curds were the
only thing I ate yesterday. – It looks like intestines. – We got a lot of requests
to do this video by you guys, so thank you, and our friends Jason and Casey also made a three a.m. slime video, so be sure to check out theirs as well. – Mine is not green, it’s
like white and then– – Yours is getting green. Mine is like pink. Did I mention that this isn’t the slime, that I actually brought
my own intestines– – Ew. (laughing) That’s gross. – Slime feels so weird. (knocking on door) – What was that? – Somebody’s at the door. – I’m gonna go check. – Ew, it doesn’t even look like– Audrey, did you find anyone? – Guys, there’s no one at the door. – I’m not kidding,
there’s no one out there. – Whaaat? (laughing) – I checked the front door
and there’s no one there, so, – Ellie? – Hey, I was here the
whole entire time, so. – Yeah, Ellie you’re the prankster. – Audrey, don’t mess with me right now, I can’t, I can’t do scary. – Hey, I was here with you the whole time. – Mine just keeps getting
more, like, crunchy. – Mine’s like this. – Mine’s a bit watery. – This is really sticky slime. – We can make rainbow slime, guys. – Ooh, we could. Or brown. – Ew, if we mix them all together. – Our slime is turning out so good. – Speak for yourself. – You just have to put
some more muscle into it. – Elbow grease. – Yeah, there you go. (mocking instruments playing a song) (shushing) – It’s three a.m., we don’t
want to wake up my family. They’re probably all sleeping by now. – It’s a whisper party. – This is a whisper slime party. – Just because your
slime is being too messy. (shrieking) – What the heck? What was that? Oh my gosh. – That was honestly like so dark. – Is everyone still here? – I’m here. Roll call. One. – Two. – Three. – Four. (laughing) – Wait, Audrey, were you
wearing that same shirt? Are you matching your slime? – Wait, what? I’ve become one with the slime. I was not in this before. – Are you sure? – Yeah, I was wearing a pink shirt. – We have to, I don’t even remember. – How did this happen? I was here the whole time. – Wait, didn’t you get
something on your other shirt? – Yeah, I don’t know if I want
to keep making slime anymore this is getting too scary. Is it the slime that’s doing all this? Okay, you keep playing with my slime. I’m going to go get an apple. I’m hungry for a midnight snack. Well, a three a.m. snack. – Breakfast time. – Well, I couldn’t find an apple, so I found, a nectarine I think this is. – I love peaches. (screaming) – Oh my gosh. What was that? How did that get in there? – There was slime in my nectarine. How did that get here? Everything I touch is turning to slime. – Audrey, I do not wanna do that. (laughing) – I don’t want to do it anymore. – Oh cool, is this glitter slime? – No, we just put in regular slime. – Are you sure? (shrieking in surprise) Is that not supposed to happen? – Did you add glitter? – How did that get there? – No. – What the heck? It’s Gertie. Gertie must’ve snuck in. Gertie loves glitter. But how did she get in here? I would have noticed. She’s so loud. – Oh my gosh, I’m so not okay with that. It just, like, look at my bowl. It’s covered with glitter. – Okay, this is abnormal. This does not happen. Oh my. Well have fun with your gl– it’s on me now. – Now everything you touch
is gonna turn to glitter. – Oh my gosh. – Actually I’d be okay with that. (laughing) – It’s like hardened it, oh my gosh. (laughing) – I swear, if a person forms out of this– – Some modern art. – I’m gonna add more water. – Cool, Abby feel it, feel it. – Ew, it’s like warm. – Every time I add more water,
it just becomes more thick. – I dissected a cow though, for real, like this is on the real. And this literally looks
like liver or something. It’s so gross. Oh my gosh feel that, feel that, it feels like skin. – Ew. – That’s nasty.
– You nasty. – You so nasty. It’s grabbing onto things. (laughing) – Whoa, back in. – It looks like key lime pie. (laughing) – Yours is like tinted green now. So squishy. (shrieking in fear) – [Audrey] It happened again. – [Ellie] Oh my gosh, Audrey. – [Audrey] Oh my God. Oh my gosh, someone turn on the lights. Check the lights, seriously. I can’t see anything. It’s pitch black. Oh my gosh, thank goodness. What just happened? – My slime evaporated. – What? Really, it’s not in here? – No, no. – No, you just had it in your hands. Did you chuck it in the dark? – No. Is your house haunted, Audrey? I’m never coming back. – Oh no. What is going on? What are we gonna do? – That is so bizarre. – You can have some of my slime. – Thanks friend. – Oh Abby, yours turned out really good. – Oh my gosh, what did you add to yours? – It looks like a heart. Do you like feel that? – So squishy. It feels like a heart too. – I feel like it’s beating like a heart. (making mock heartbeat sounds) – Ellie’s worm slime. Look, there’s no purple slime. It’s just my green slime that I added. That is so weird. Okay, I’m still trying to figure out what happened to you slime. Like seriously, that is so weird. – Did you just touch my back? – No, my hands have been in
this bowl the whole time. – Yours turned out good. I don’t know. Mine is like watery. (screaming) Oh my gosh. – What is on my back? Is it like a spider? – Ellie don’t move. Ellie don’t move. It’s on you. – I can’t move. – No. (laughing) It’s stuck. – The slime is attacking you. – I’m so done. I’m so done. – Oh my gosh. This has never happened before. Are you sure you didn’t
like scratch your back in the dark with all your slime? – It is on you. – Is it mostly off? – Sure. – Is there someone at the
house that’s been like, pulling pranks, like the lights turn off, and they just stuck your
slime behind your back? – I don’t know, okay. – Okay, we’ll just pick
off the rest later. – Cause your family’s
all asleep, aren’t they? – Yeah, they’re all sleeping right now. – Maybe not after we’ve been screaming. – That’s probably true though. I’m glad you guys stayed over tonight, cause I would not want this
to all happen by myself. – Honestly, if you did
this all by yourself– – Honestly, I’m sad for you by now. – Yours is so gross and slimey. – Yours is so gross. – Mine is just dry and looks like a liver. – I can’t even hold onto it. – Squishy, squishy. – Mine is just like, very, breaking apart. – Abby, are you okay? You okay? Okay, well if you need to
go sit down or something. – Okay, are you seriously okay? Are you serous? Something bad hasn’t
happened for a while– – Oh my gosh Abby, Abby, Abby, Abby, oh my gosh. Okay, I’m taking her to the hospital. Okay, we’ll be back. I’ll be back. Oh my God. – Oh my gosh. I jinxed it. (knocking on wood) (laughing) Wait, what is that in her slime? – What is that? You find out. – Here touch it. No, you touch it. – No. Oh my gosh, okay. (screaming) Do you think that was an eyeball? – I don’t know. Should we go check? – Okay, go check. – No you go. Are we going together? We’re going together. – I don’t wanna go. – Where’d you chuck it? – I don’t know. It was so squishy. – I don’t see it. I think we’re good. What was that? – I don’t know. – What was that? Okay, let’s just do the outshow. We gotta just do the outshow, okay? – Okay, just hurry cause we, cause yeah, just hurry. I wanna get out. – Okay, so that’s it for today’s video. Be sure to give a thumbs up. What the heck is she? Subscribe and comment down below. Comment down below your
favorite parts of this video. Bye. (piano music)

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