Making FOOD out of SLIME!!!!
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Making FOOD out of SLIME!!!!

August 27, 2019

>>Hey guys, this is Karina.>>It’s Ronald, from>>[Both] Sis vs Bro.>>And today we’re doing the
Making Food Out of Slime>>[Both] Challenge!>>To pick something, we got
a little cuppy right here. We’re gonna take outta the cup and it’ll be some kinda
food ingredient or whatever and we’re gonna try to
recreate it with slime. So we got all of our slime ingredients that we’re gonna be using and
we got only one of something. For example, we only
got one of this red glue and only one of this green glue, so we’re gonna be like (gasps),
we’re gonna race for it. If we need it ’cause we
don’t know what it is. And we’re gonna try to
make it and after that, we’re gonna get the
actual food and compare and you guys are gonna comment
down below who did better.>>Oof.>>And who will get the Trophy of Food. (hymnal music)
>>Yes.>>’cause we’re gonna have three rounds. Alright, I think I’ll get this down. This is gonna be easy, I think.>>Alrighty.>>Alright, rock paper scissors. Who is picking from the cup first? (laughing)>>[Both] Rock, paper, scissh — (squealing)>>Aw.>>Alrighty, miles gonna
pick from the glass. The glass. And now… (grunts) It’s hard. Alrighty. Hopefully, I didn’t pick two. (gentle music) Nutella.
(gasping)>>Nutella. (alien music) (gentle music) Ha! I got the brown. We were just so focused, we didn’t talk. Okay, I got the brown, I got the glue, I think I got everything I need. (screaming) I need shaving cream. (gentle music) Looking at me like –>>Well, you’re gonna use
all the shaving cream. (laughing)>>Alright, I’m not gonna use
all of the brown dye, as well.>>Oh, so I’m gooch. (screeching)
>>Yeah, you’re fine. You’re gooch, I guess. This is easy! Easy-peasy!>>Lemon-squeezies.>>Alright, I just added the clear glue. Gonna add some of my brown dye. Wanna get the perfect brown.
(loud exhaling)>>Alright, I need to have
the actual thing next to me so I can get the colors perfect. I think I’m gonna add
a little bit at a time, so I think that’s enough for now. I think I’m gonna add
the shaving cream after. Alright, use your dye.>>Alrighty.>>And I’m gonna mix the colors together and see what kind of brown I’m gonna get. (gentle music) So guys, I think this
is really dark already. I’m not gonna need any
more brown food coloring, but when I add the shaving cream, it’s gonna be a lot lighter, hopefully, so I think we’ll be fine.>>Okay, I just added in my
dye and now we’re gonna mix. I added in a little bit,
’cause I wanted to be safe. (gently music) Oh, this is dark, too! What! Oh, this is actually pretty good. I just need a little bit of shaving cream, or actually a lot, I don’t know. And then I’ll be gooch. E. (sniggering)>>Alright, I’m gonna add
my shaving cream now. I think I’m gonna need a lot, to cover up this mistake I did. Alright.>>[Ronald] Actually —
(squirting)>>[Karina] Uh. Is that enough or is that too much? I might’ve just put
too much shaving cream. You know what, whatever. We’re gonna have a super
fluffy Nutella-y slimey.>>[Ronald] Okay, I’m just gonna…>>[Karina] Alright, mix. (gentle) Oh, this is a nice color.>>[Ronald] It might be too white now.>>[Karina] Then I’ll just
add more food color, Ronald. You could always add more.>>Yes. Okay, so I’m gonna add my shaving cream. I’m gonna add a little bit
’cause I am safe Ronald. Oh, actually, that might be too much.>>I don’t think this is
gonna be able to activate, because how much fluff there is, here. This is not very glue-y.>>I might’ve gotten it perfect
if I mix it a bit more. No, ’cause that’s just gonna
look like chocolate milk. So I need a tiny bit more.>>[Karina] I need a tiny
bit more. Okay, drop. Hopefully, I got it perfect. (gentle music) I might’ve. Oh! This is looking way better!>>I definitely need more dye
’cause this is not showing up. There we go, that should be better. Oh gosh. You know what, I think
this might be perfect.>>[Ronald] Yeah.>>[Karina] Yeah, this is
actually perfect, I think. Or maybe I need darker. I don’t remember how dark Nutella is. Is it really dark or just little dark? (screeching)>>[Ronald] Or is it just light? (sniggering)>>[Karina] Or is it just light?>>[Ronald] I think it might be like this? I might have to add a bit more. Oh, I still have some brown patches here. Gonna mix them up. So guys, I have not seen
Nutella like a hundred years, but I forgot the shade, so I’m just gonna have to add a bit more? I don’t know. Was it light, dark or really dark? I think it was really dark. Wait. Was it really dark? No. Yes, it was! Why am I telling you this?>>Alright, I think that must be enough. I think it’s enough. I
don’t know, but it’s enough.>>[Ronald] I think that’s too much.>>Alright, I think I’ll be fine. What’re you lookin’ at?>>I just wanna see how
it’s gonna turn out.>>[Karina] No, you’ll get yours wrong. Don’t get ideas from me. (laughing) We shoulda put a divider here. Who didn’t put a divider?>>So guys, I think I got it perfect. I don’t wanna like, jump
to conclusions or anything, but I think I’m pretty sure — I’m pretty and I’m sure
that I got it right. (laughing)>>Alright, I think I’m
gonna add a little more, because I’m not so sure
about the shade anymore. Just gonna go like, ham, a mix.>>[Ronald] Just one small problem.>>But I thought I added a whole lot, and it’s not showing up. Where did all my dye go? Like, where did it go?>>Alright, I think I got it now.>>I’m just mixing my
final drops of the dye and I think this will
be the perfect shade.>>More drops. (soft screaming) That might be too much. I’m just gonna stay with it. Okay, move! Come on, mix up.>>Alright, now it’s time to activate mine.>>Yeah, same, I’m gonna
activate mine, too. You know, Nutella is not something that’s easy to get off your fingers.>>Usually, I just lick it off, but in this case, you
can’t exactly do that.>>So I think I got it perfect
on the feel for it, too.>>Ron, you don’t want it to
literally feel like Nutella. It’s gotta be slime, Ronald.>>I wanna get some extra points.>>It ain’t gonna get extra points, Ronald, it’s gonna minus you points. (ringing) It’s gotta be a slime. Come on, slime.>>Look, doesn’t that look like Nutella? No, look at my spoon.>>No.>>To me, it does. That looks like Nutella.>>I’m gonna add some more of this ’cause already lose it’s color. Oh yeah, starting to activate a bit. Oh yes, it is.>>This looks like Nutella. I like (moaning).>>But I need some more of this.>>I’m going gonna be working
at a chocolate factory. (screeching) And I’m gonna be making Nutella slime.>>Perfect Nutella shades.>>Yes. No!>>I think I’m gonna start
mixing with my hands ’cause I obviously can’t do —
>>I just ruined it!>>How?>>Look!>>Ha! (laughing)>>I need more slime.>>Ron, but it isn’t going to be slimey!>>I need shaving cream, then. (squirting)>>Oh, that feels nice. Oh, this is a nice slime.>>Oh wait, no, I meant lotion. Now I ruined the perfect color. Now it just looks like some
whipped cream chocolate thing.>>Mine is so fluffy! This slime is really fluffy and jiggly and stretchy like Nutella. But it’s not gooey like
how Ronald wanted it. So it’s still a good slime. Look how jiggly it is. Ooh jigg!>>I just added lots of food
coloring to save this thing. We’re gonna mission — (screaming) Okay, come on, Ronald. Okay. Alrighty, I think mission
saving this is gonna be perfect.>>Guys, we are ready and
done with our slimes, so now we’re gonna put it
into these little containers so it looks like actual Nutella. Alright, let’s put it in.>>Okay, sliding.>>There we go, that’s perfect. So guys, I put the slime in
now. I’m gonna put my lid on. Perfect. Now I can put this on the store and people like, “Oh my God, it’s Nutella” and when they open it up, it’s,
“Oh my God, I have slime!”>>I think it’s a little bit too dark.>>Maybe mine is a bit too dark, actually. You know, whatever. That’s what makes it better.>>Wow.>>So guys, this is my final Nutella. It’s a little darker than
what I wanted to end up with, but I think it looks pretty good. Ronald’s is –>>Slightly lighter,
because I feel like it. I feel like I will match perfectly. (laughing)>>But now it’s time to
reveal the real Nutella. And what kinda color it actually is. ’cause it’s inside this very box. Alright, three, two, one, go. (gasping) Oh.>>[Ronald] Mine looks closer!>>Oh.
>>Yay!>>So this is the real version, this is mine and that’s Ronald’s. Ronald’s looks closer to the real version. ♪ We match ♪ So I guess he wins.>>Yay. (sniggering)>>But you guys comment down below which one do you think should win. I think it should be mine.>>Yeah, totally.>>But it’s more jiggly. And yours is like, weird.>>Yeah, ’cause Nutella’s like that.>>But now we’re moving on to round number>>[Both] Two!>>And since Ronald picked the first paper, I’m picking the second one. (humming) Alright, so which one do I want? I want this one. Okay.
>>Good. (gentle music)>>Alright.>>Ketchup!
>>Ketchup.>>That. (laughing) (incoherent noises) The ketchup is not good with –>>Glitter.>>Yeah. So I got red. Yes, red. But glitter glue, and ketchup
does not have glitter, so maybe I can just pick them out. (screeching) That’ll take forever. I have no doubt take all
my life, but it’s worth it.>>Alright, I got white glue and red dye. But I can share this with
you, and this, of course. (thumping) Alright. I’m gonna add a good amount of that. Think that’s good. And I need a good amount of
red, because I think ketchup… I haven’t seen ketchup
in a while, as well. I don’t use ketchup in a lot of things. I think I’m gonna wanna try
to go for, like a darker red. Oh, this is like neon red, I’m gonna need a lot more, I think. Trying to squeeze as much as this out.>>[Ronald] Are you finishing it?>>[Karina] Me?>>No! Wait, what’s this? Let’s see. Base Crab. This might be good. Is this black? No, it’s doing nothing. There we go, that’s more.>>[Karina] Can I have some? I’m gonna add a good amount, like that. Think that’s a good amount. And mix it together.>>This doesn’t even do
anything to my slime! I’m just gonna get like, the whole bottle. I just squeezed to maximum levels.>>[Karina] Well, I squeezed to
the maximum levels and more.>>[Ronald] I added too much!>>[Karina] Oh no!>>[Ronald] Wait, I can still add, like, more white glue, right? Oh yeah, I can.>>I think it’s losing its redness.>>I think I actually
got the ketchup perfect.>>That’s too dark. I’m gonna add like, a tiny bit of white. Like the tiniest little bit of white.>>Okay, shaving cream? Will that work? No.>>That’s good.>>There we go.>>That didn’t really do much.>>Alrighty. Now mix. I think I got the color picture perfect!>>Oh gosh, that was a blob.>>We got the same tint. We have the same shade.>>Alright, yup. Now I can add the activator. (humming)>>That’s a lot.>>No, it’s not. It’s the perfect amount.>>I’m gonna add a bit more white. (screaming) Okay, a bit more white has been added. The white basically barely
does anything, so I guess… Oh yeah, it’s moving on to
the next brightness level.>>So guys, I think this
is the perfect color, and now I’m gonna start
mixing with my hands. Oh gosh, maybe I need more activator. Okay, activator needed.>>Okay, guys, I have added more white. I feel like it’s a
mistake, but I don’t care. And I’m just gonna keep on mixing. ‘kay, next brightness level. Alrighty. Pretty good. I might wanna keep it there. Yeah, I’m gonna keep it there. I’m not gonna add more white. That would just be really stupid.>>Oh, this is good. Feels a little stringy,
but I think that’s good.>>Okay, I added lots of
activator by accident, ’cause the cap opened, fell
off, and now, I’m here.>>[Karina] Who has a lot of activator now?>>[Ronald] Me. Alrighty, I’m gonna add
more shaving cream to save! We’re gonna save! Mission: Save the Slime! Happening again. Oh no, I just… That was so stupid. No! I forgot I need a lotion,
not shaving cream!>>So guys, what do you
think of this ketchup color? I think it’s perfect. It’s not to sticky, it’s not too stretchy, it’s not too hard, it’s perfect. So, I think I’m ready to go. I’m just gonna wait for Ronald now.>>How do you make it darker? How on Planet Earth! It’s too bright! (screaming) Blue-brown? I might use black.>>[Karina] Ron, you’re
gonna ruin the entire slime.>>I know. (laughing) I’m gonna put the smallest bit. (wordless screaming) (laughing) Is that gonna ruin it?>>I don’t know.>>[Ronald] Oh no. (gasping)>>[Karina] And why?>>No, it might. No, it won’t. Black is the opposite of white. Black makes it darker. White makes it lighter. Come on! What do you think about the color? I think I got it picture perfect.>>So I think Ronald’s gonna take a while, so while he’s mixing
his, with his goo or… I don’t have no idea what he’s doing. But I’m gonna start putting
mine into the ketchup bottle. In you go. So you guys, what do
you think of the color? I think the color is perfect. I love it. It’s very realistic, I think. Alright, this is my last bit o’ slime that I’m gonna squeeze
into my ketchup bottle. (screaming)>>Everything on your side is perfect, but mine is just messy. Scrape.>>So guys, I put all the slime into my ketchup bottle,
and also I squeezed all the air bubbles out, so it’s perfect. Now I put the cap on. And it’s just like normal ketchup, until you squeeze it out.>>I think you’re…
(ominous music)>>I wonder if I can actually
squeeze this out perfectly.>>Wait, no way! That just looks so much like ketchup.>>I know.>>I’m failing on this. This is so difficult! Just get in! Alright, so this big gap here, I need to fill that up
or it’ll be rip-off.>>Or you can leave it
and lose the challenge.>>I mean, no. I would rather win.>>Okay. So guys, this is my final slime. I’m really proud of it. I think it looks really
good and realistic. And this is Ronald’s, it’s a little messy.>>Yeah, but it looks the same as yours. Twinsies.>>Yes, almost the same. Alright, and inside this
box, we got the real ketchup. So I think I’m just gonna open it. Three, two, one. Oh! It’s much darker.>>[Ronald] Oh my goodness.>>[Karina] It’s brown! Ew! Looks like poop!>>[Ronald] What! That’s not ketchup! No one –>>[Karina] I think I should
win, because mine is cleaner.>>[Ronald] Wow!>>So guys, comment down below which one do you think is more realistic? I don’t think none of us won, really, because it’s like, way off color. But I think this is just
bad ketchup or something. ’cause this is definitely red
and this is definitely brown. But I think I should get the
point because mine is cleaner.>>So guys, now it’s time
for round number three. And I’m gonna be picking out
of the glass of awesomeness. I mean, there’s only one option, so I’m just gonna pick
out that one option.>>Alright, I think I
might know what it is. Alright. What is it?>>Orange jam!
>>Orange jam. (alien music) (sniggering) (groaning)>>Okay. I don’t know if, like, the orange jam is gonna have,
like, seeds in it or not. So, I mean…>>Alright, you do your orange jamness. I’m gonna take these.>>What?>>For texture.>>What.>>’cause jam is not completely flat.>>Alright.
>>Gimme some of that glue. You gotta share. ♪ Sharin’ is carin’ ♪>>Says you, taking all the glitters.>>So I think the white glue is the best option out
of all the glues here. We only really use the clear
glue and the white glue, so far we didn’t use
any of the other colors, ’cause the other colors are gross. And I got some of the
glitters, for some texture.>>Okay.>>Alright, gonna add some orange.>>I’m gonna mix mine. I don’t know what kind of orange jam. Dark orange jam —
>>I don’t like this orange, it’s like neon. It’s gross.>>Because I wanna how orange
jam looks like for smooth sec. Because I don’t know what
kinda texture orange jam is.>>Alright, I think I’m
gonna add shaving cream. Alright, gonna add some of that.>>I’m gonna add more orange.>>That’s good.>>’cause I feel like
it’s gonna be more dark.>>We have no idea how this is gonna look, ’cause we’ve never really
seen orange jam before, so.>>Kind of.>>This is gonna be interesting.>>Okay, I need glue, way more.>>Oh my god, Ron, how dark
do you want this to be?>>I feel like it’s gonna be much darker. It’s not gonna be light like this. There’s no way it’s
gonna be light like this.>>It’s not gonna be neon orange, Ronald. That’s why I’m going for a light orange. Light orange and neon orange.>>Then I guess I’m gonna add the black. I’m gonna do some stuff with the black. I’m gonna put black into my slime.>>Oh, I think you’re
gonna ruin your slime!>>Oh yeah, orange please.>>Ronald, what’d you just do!>>Wait, I don’t need orange,
I need shaving cream. No, that’s not shaving cream.>>I think this is a pretty good orange.>>I’m not likin’ this. Cover it all. (squirting)>>What are you doing? No! Ronald, don’t shoot at me. Stop it. Mix that together. I don’t know if that’s going
to be any good, but okay.>>Just gonna get rid of the black.>>It’s gonna be brown.>>No.>>And you have no more orange dye. You used it all.>>Yes, I do.>>Only a little bit.>>That’s a lot.>>Now you used it all.>>There we go. Back to normal, I think. Actually, it might’ve been a good shade.>>I think mines’ way better.>>Oh, no, actually –>>I’m gonna add my
glitters in for texture. (gentle music) (squirting) Stop.>>What if I get it right on? What would you do?>>I don’t know.>>I feel like a little
bit of yellow won’t hurt. Oh, now I’m just making it
more yellow, obviously, Ronald.>>Alright, this is
looking pretty jam-like. I like this. Yours looks like poop. It’s brown.>>What would make it brighter?>>Start over.>>No, because I won’t have
any orange food coloring.>>You used it all.>>Pink would make it brighter. No, that wouldn’t work. No, more yellow would make it brighter.>>Okay.
>>I think.>>Okay. I got my texture, and I got my color. I think it’s pretty good. Alright, let’s mix that in together.>>Okay, hopefully, I got it right on, ’cause I don’t know how
the orange jam looks like.>>I think it’s gonna be
a lot lighter than that.>>You can do this, Ronald.>>Maybe I’ll add these balls, instead.>>No, that’s just gonna make it worse. (thumping) Activator. Borax. Actually, no. Elmer’s Magical Liquid. Because it’s magical.>>Okay.>>Oh, no. Stringy alert. Okay, guys, I think I’m good. Now, borax all the way ->>but no. I’m gonna be careful and simple. Alrighty, let’s start
off with a little bit. So guys, since I ran out of borax, and this not activating, we’re gonna go Magical Liquid! All the way, I’m not kidding.>>[Karina] What.>>It’s time for mixing. (gentle music) Alrighty.>>That’s not doing anything.>>Oh my God, really?>>Alright, definitely got more texture in here, so that’s good. All about the texture.>>Now I just have to mix. We mix. Okay, Karina, gimme your Magical Liquid.>>There you go.>>I’m using everything. All the way now, kinda.>>Wow, you’re ruining the slime.>>It’s already ruined.>>I’m just trying to —
>>Hey! It’s forming a little bit. Like, it went up just like, a tiny bit.>>Okay.
>>Like a tiny bit.>>Okay, all the Magical
Liquid, all the borax. Hopefully, this works.>>Okay, guys, I’m gonna
add some more of this for even more texture, ’cause
I’m all about the texture.>>This is just paint! What on earth!>>So guys, bring out the
containers for our orange jam. I’m gonna put mine in. Ronald’s obviously not ready. It’s soup.
>>I’m just gonna –>>I don’t think soup goes in jars.>>I’m just gonna go like
this and pour it in. Alrighty. Going.
>>In it goes.>>Okay, guys, my soup is being brewed into the brewing station of the cover. (laughing) Oh my goodness, this is a total disaster. I’m putting my soup in and we are goochy!>>So guys, this is my finished orange jam. It’s a lot more neon in the jar, and the texture inside is all gone! And it just looks like
little dots of vomit. And Ronald’s is very dark.>>So guys, this is my jam. I feel like it’s gonna match perfectly. And there is no things on the bottle. It’s clean, it’s awesome. So I feel like I’m
gonna be like, “Oh yeah, “I’m gonna win.”>>But we’ll see about that. Alright, let’s see what we got here.>>[Both] Three, two, one.>>[Karina] Yes! But it has texture, see? See those little dots. Texture. (laughing)>>[Ronald] Mine looks the closest.>>Oh no. So guys, I think Ronald
won the last round. (snickering) Even though it was a total disaster and he made soup, he still won.>>At the end, everything works out. No matter how bad it is.>>It’s probably still soup in there.>>Yes.>>This is the original one, this is mine and that’s Ronald’s. (screaming)>>[Ronald] Twinsies.>>So guys, comment down below, who do you think won each of the rounds. Nutella, ketchup and of
course, the orange jam.>>Texture.>>Texture. We hope you liked this video.>>[Both] If you did,
smash that like button. We’ll see all your noses! Good bye!>>Noses. (upbeat music)

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