Making designs for the MOST FAMOUS italian trap music video
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Making designs for the MOST FAMOUS italian trap music video

August 21, 2019

Hi everyone, I am Nange Magro and I am a fashion designer and I am here today to talk about my creations featured in the music video Bimbi of Charlie Charles featuring Izi, Rkomi, Tedua, Ghali and Sfera Ebbasta first of all I have to say that the video cinematography is gorgeous the team worked so amazingly, regarding the styling the scenography in my opinion one of the most beautiful italian videos made in the last while, in the video you can see some models wearing some of my creations like in the first scene where a girl who opens the video is wearing one of my most iconic hoods that covers half of the face, hiding the eyes to give to the wearer this sense of mistery and almost surreal it is possible to see from it because there is a mesh for the eyes characteristic of the hat are the two extra long braids which start from the head and look like the hair of the wearer one of my favorite scenes is the one where Ghali is singing, the final scene where you can see a giant ball on the background and everything is red which is one of my fav colours and the girl is wearing 2 of my designs a hat with mouse ears quite geometrical called Mus hood and one of my most iconic designs called oniaka belt a name that is created composing the words oni and aka where oni means demon and aka red in japanese another of my creations that is part of the wearable sculptures I make is a geometrical hat that recalls the Samurai helmets look the main inspiration for this piece comes from the historical Japanese female noble warriors called onna bugeisha who were fighting side by side with the samurai another beautiful scene is the one where Sfera Ebbasta is doing his part you can see a performer dancing wearing one of my hoods btw one of the hats I made at the start of my career that recalls a ball hairdo with a couple of sticks the basic idea of the Japanese Kanzashi another scene where one of my hat is featured is the one with Tedua, the scenography is spectacular, the yellow atmosphere gives a look from another world, on the background you can see a girl who is wearing the Fluxo top which is a top I make quite sporty summer time style with the hood that covers part of the face a bit like the Kotodama hood from the start which has a sort of halo which inspiration were the traditional Russian hats and the idea of the triangle to recall the concept of trinity because that collection was all based on the idea or religion, belief / no belief and about what someone is prepared to do to follow what she/he believes in this video is been perfect for the things I make because it express an eastern universe quite Japanese that is the peculiarity of most of the designs I create as I always try to merge western with a traditional Japanese look which is exactly the union of what I am representing a bit of my world: half Japanese and half Italian the western and the eastern united in one thing the song goes… skrrt skrrt and then sometimes you have to do like this

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  1. Io ti ho conosciuta leggendo il libro di Luca e Katy ?? e da li ho cominciato a seguirti su istagram e YouTube ?? le tue creazioni sono una cosa spaziale? ? sei bellissima ? baci Nange ?????

  2. Ciau Nange, tu crei pura arte e vedere le tue opere d'arte nei vari video che hai citato è stupendo, io ti ho scoperto in un video di Luca and Katy e ho approfondito la tua conoscenza col loro libro, ed ora seguirti e stupendo sei Unica Nange,ti adoro baci ????????????????????????????????????????????

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