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August 30, 2019

Right, so, hey guys. What’s going on? My name is Alex and today I am coming at you
with the first episode in my brand new series to do with set ups and top 5 tips. This is going to be top 5 tips to keeping
your set up looking clean. Let’s do this. So, before we get in to today’s video, I just
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guys’ –– for your guys’ free seven day trial. Let’s get in to the video. Now, first off guys, we’re going to talk about
a clean desk, right. And what is the first thing that any clean
desk has? Good cable management or no cables showing
whatsoever. Now this is tricky because what is front and
center on a desk? The keyboard and mouse. So, yeah, go wireless. But what if you want your keyboard and mouse
to do some cool things like this? With all those cool colours? I mean, we can all hold our hands up and say
the wireless, the wireless mouse and the wireless keyboard have played a brilliant catch up
game in the last two years. Logitech have brought out a wireless mouse
which is almost indistinguishable to a wired mouse but if you’re like me and you prefer
to have a proper wired connection to your mouse so that you don’t have to worry about
charging it, then this is what you need to do. First of all, you need to decide whether your desk
is always, throughout its life, going to have a keyboard and mouse sat on it. If the answer to that is “yes,” go downstairs,
grab your drill, grab a nice big drill bit that is the same size as the USB end of your
keyboard or mouse and drill straight through your desk where the keyboard and mouse sits. To keep things clean, it’s always a good idea
to put a few pieces of paper or a sheet on the floor so that you don’t have to clean
up a load of dust afterwards. And then, voila, push the keyboard and mouse
cables through that single hole and you’re done. I think that the ability to have no wires
going to your keyobard or mouse, either by doing this method, by drilling a hole, or
by going wireless, is the first step to having a clean AF desk. So, let’s move on to number two, from the
mouse and keyboard, just in to general cable management. Now, if you can’t drill a hole in your desk,
maybe you have a glass desk and you can’t do that, well, here is one, simple way to
make it look as neat as possible. Get rid of scraggly cables. Have everything going in a straight line and
group as many cables together as you can. Make it symmetrical. What I have is a wooden desk and I think that
wooden desks are the easiest to work with and this is my favourite way of cable management
because it’s, it’s really strong and the cables are never going to fall down. So, if you have a wooden desk, get some cable
tacks and tack them to the back of the desk but then, don’t tack the cables in there. What you want to do is, is use a twist tie. Not a cable tie – a twist tie. The reason why we don’t use cable ties is
because once you put your cables in there, and put it through the tack and pull it like
that and got all of your cables nice and tight, yes, it’s really easy, but what if you want
to take out some cables in the near future? Or add some cables to that run in the future? You’re going to have to snip off that cable
tie, put a whole new cable tie down, you may even cut one of your wires in the process. Use a twist tie. If you want to add some cables, simply untwist
it, add your cables and twist it back up again. Simple AF. If you don’t have a wooden desk, you can buy
these little things from IKEA – they have a sticky back on them and a place to route through
a twist tie. Sorted. Number three is a tricky one. Let’s tackle dust. WOMAN: Anybody? No? Dust. ALEX: Dust is something everybody goes through. Everybody that owns something nice knows how
pesky dust is. Especially if you’re trying to keep a clean
set up on top of your shiny black monitor and keyboard – you’ve got specks of dust. What’s the best way to remove it, Alex? Let me tell you, right. This is going to sound a bit strange, so take
this with a grain of salt. Go out to the shop, ahem, and buy a pack of
baby wipes. Honestly, you won’t regret it. OK – so, baby wipes. They’re brilliant, right. They’re slightly wet so they’re going to pick
up any dust that comes across them and stick it to the actual wipe itself. Instead of just using a micro-fibre cloth
– all you’re doing is just pushing the dust in to the air and it’s just going to settle
back down on the desk but with the baby wipe, the dust is going to stick to the cloth and
then you put it in the bin. Job done. But it goes on from there too. The baby wipes are actually – they have some sort of
chemical in them which really, really easily brings up stains, food spills – anything that’s
on your desk, whatever it may be, it’s going to bring it up and get it off. They’re an absolutely brilliant cleaning agent
as well as removing dust. Just have a pack of baby wipes in your drawer
next to your desk – tsh – once a week, you’ll be shiny. Really shiny. Like, too shiny. Moving on from that – what do our hands touch
the most in the set up, right? The mouse and the keyboard. Now, the mouse is an easy thing to clean – you
just get a baby wipe and clean the thing. But, our hands are going everywhere throughout
the day – you’re going out in the car, out in to town, you’re going to work, you’re in
the kitchen making food and then you’re coming up and getting your grubby hands, without
washing them, all over your keyboard. You’ve got food spilling in the keyboard gaps,
you’ve got a little bit of crisp in there – whatever’s going down, it’s in the keyboard
too, right. How do we clean it? Most keyboards come with a little mechanism
that you can push in to the key and you can actually pull up the key caps. Most modern mechanical keyboards have this. So, what I like to do, is remove all of my
keys once every other month, put them in a glass jar, put in that glass jar, a little
bit of washing up liquid, fill it with lukewarm water and give it a shake. It’s going to clean all of your keys really,
really well and then whilst your keyboard is there without any keys on it, you can go
ahead and get a baby wipe and get rid of all of those crisps and all those hair molecules
and all the dust that’s there and then put all the keys back on – it’s going to look
brand new. And then for my fifth tip – add some LEDs. This is going to make your set up look really,
really clean. Subconsciously, though – let me explain. By adding LEDs to the set up behind the monitors,
behind the desk, it’s shining a very soft glow over the desk, right. Soft glow is appealing to the eyes. It lights up the desk and emphasises the fact
that, if you’ve just done the last four tips, your desk is really, really clean. And here’s a quick tip: If you’ve got more
than one monitor, get a little bit of black electrical tape and put it between the monitors
so if you have your LEDs behind the monitors, you’re not getting any light bleed through
that gap between the two or three monitors or how ever many monitors you have. But that’s been my top five tips, guys, to
keeping your desk looking clean AF. My name’s been Alex, I’m back on my channel
MarzBar, drop a like if you enjoyed, share some tips down in the comments if you have
anymore and other people, thumbs them up so that they get to the top. I’ll catch you guys in the next one. Adios.

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  5. Another option vs twist ties is Velcro cable ties. I use them for everything, basically reusable zip ties. In any case I love your setup, might have to get some curved screens myself. Thanks for the tips!

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