Madonna’s Instagram history gets raided! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC
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Madonna’s Instagram history gets raided! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

October 7, 2019

Now, I know you’re all
about the future, what comes next, but what I’ve noticed,
on your Instagram, you do kind of look back a bit. Well, I mean, sometimes… Yeah.
..because the past shaped me. Yeah. Or sometimes I feel nostalgic. You know, lots of amazing people
were in my life, who no longer
exist. Tell me. We’re going to look at some
of them. Yeah. We’ve got a picture
here. You posted this. What age are you here?
Five or six, yes. And that’s a talent show. That was the beginning of my career
as a performing artist. Did you win? I did not. I’d love to know who won! LAUGHTER She’s dead now. LAUGHTER CHEERING AND APPLAUSE She died under mysterious
circumstances! It was a terrible
playground accident! We’ve got some more pictures.
This must have been… I think this was just you hanging
out in a club with Diana Ross… Nile Rodgers.
Nile Rodgers, Jellybean there. Shitty ex-boyfriend. LAUGHTER Cut it out! INDISTINCT Crop the photo. Yeah, I’ll just do
that, there you go. Thank you. Was that you…? And I’m wearing a
skirt that Keith Haring designed for
me. Oh, wow! That’s the best part of the picture.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And would you just hang out like
that, then? Hell, yeah. Yeah? Yeah. And do you miss that? Hell, yeah.
I miss hanging out with artists. Is that why Lisbon
was so kind of amazing? That you did get to do that?
Yes, yes. But this must be…this must
be early, erm…early days, but, I mean, you were still… That was on tour
with the Beastie Boys. That’s Madison Square Garden and that’s when they pulled my pants
off of me! Actually, I was wearing a skirt. And then we had a water
gun fight on stage. They were my opening act. This is when… because the fans
didn’t know the Beastie Boys then. No, nobody had ever heard
of them and everyone said that I was going to be booed
off the stage and they were going to be booed off the stage, and
what was I thinking, and I’m crazy and nobody knows them
and their music is crap, and all that stuff, and I said, yes!
They’re opening up for me! And then they became huge.

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  1. Everybody saying that she’s trying too hard with the eye patch and shit..
    listen, if you think she’s trying too hard, she’s not trying to impress you. I’m not a HUGE fan of Madonna but it’s really easy to identify branding strategies and this is one of them..

  2. The difference between the flashback photos and today is that she looked like she used to have fun. Madonna, we like you. Lighten up, you look so tense.

  3. Think first words out of her mouth when sitting down "I'm not used to sharing a couch." This reminded me of when she promoted American Life on Regis/Kelly and he said "yeah I saw that you just did a concert in a tent outside of a record store." Girl got a flabbergasted look & said "…a tent?… No..I'M MADONNA!" Drop mic

  4. I'm a Madonna fan – but overall this wasn't a great interview from her. She seemed anxious and not relaxed at all. At times she seemed a bit sad honestly, when talking about her kids. The outfit did not help – she's obviously not comfortable. Especially compared to Sheryl Crow, just so genuine and at-ease. It's unfortunate, because her new album does actually have some brilliant unique songs on it. For once it would be nice to see Madonna come out for an interview in just a casual pair of jeans and shirt. Through the 90's she was still cool and controversial, but she didn't ALWAYS need to be "on." The grills, eye patch, bare legs, tits almost falling out – it's all a bit OTT and distracting.

  5. I've been a fan since 1989 and can't stand that shit in her teeth.

    She's getting more and more boring, sad to say it.

  6. Madonna used to be iconic, utterly gorgeous and inspirational. Now she just looks like a pirate stripper with a speech impediment.

  7. Only person in the world who thinks Madonna is still a thing is Madonna herself. Her entire career shes broken boundarys now shes just a out of tune Eurovision and out of touch has been who belongs in last century in reality shes 61 year old age of some great grandma around the world and Madonna is a GREAT GRANDMA who thinks shes 19 as they is absolutely no limit in the world of Madonna in 20 years time will Madonna be the 1st 80 year old to do a naked photo shoot as Madonna is in complete denial of the age she is a naked photo shoot aged 80 for Madonna is not that much of a out there idea

  8. I can't seem to warm to her. She seems so full of herself like she's better than everyone else. Besides why is she ever compared to lady Gaga who can actually sing and who is humble. They couldn't be more different.

  9. Love the music of 80s 90s 00s Madonna, but she is tired predictable and self promoting, her voice is grating

  10. I think she must be going through a midlife crisis….. her career is not going the way she wanted it to go ….this new album sucks 🥴🥴🥴

  11. Seems to be a lot of critique … what do you want people? … a sensible blouse and a nice pair of pants … y’all can go back to your grey four walls to stare at for a while … everything else is obviously lost on you 🤨

  12. I've listened to plenty go Madonna songs but I've never seen her in a n interview… She's quite something – she's very fascinating. I see why the media are obsessed with her.

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  15. I can’t remember which critic said this but I never forgot this quote about her: “It doesn’t bother me that she can’t sing. It doesn’t bother me that she can’t dance. What bothers me is that she thinks she’s an artist.”

  16. Oh dear! She's forgotten the bottom half of her outfit. Sounds like her dentures don't fit, she's talking funny.

  17. Madonna is a Queen! She deserves the fame and respect she has… incredible woman! A superfan from Brazil!


  19. What's it wearing the eye patch for? She looks like a pirate with a ton of plastic surgery and a boob job… Whatever gets her Jolly's I suppose.

  20. We were in the audience and Madonna was fantastic. Wish they would show the unedited interview!

  21. I enjoyed the album …wish had done more to elevate the cause of the Palestinian people …it's bad situation getting worse for the people of Gaza

  22. I've always loved Madonna, she's an amazing entertainer, promoters, etc. But GAWD are her interviews always torture. And especially here, it's like Graham Norton always wants people to have fun and she's just…it's like she can't relax and have a laugh.

  23. These people think we're too dumb to understand the symbolism of the eye patch they all flaunt so publicly…

  24. Pretentious ass. That’s what she is.

    She is not British.

    She’s from Rochester Hills, Michigan.


  25. It's not that she was rude to Sir Ian, it's just that she's rude to everyone. I'm glad that Graham Norton didn't buy into it. "I want you to be more excited about the tour".

    "What do you want, an erection?" Hahaha

  26. Why does she need to act so up her own arse? The negativity she is getting is not from getting old,
    it is due to her nasty attitude. If she acted in a kinder more appreciative way to her fans and interviewers
    she would get a lot more of the attention for herself and her talent that she so craves. No celebrity performer is owed adoration, they have to earn it. She is getting back exactly what she is putting out.

  27. All these comments, either adulation or commenting on her grills etc. Some comments actually regarding how she conducted herself – which is poorly. She was rude, defensive, and humourless throughout.

  28. It's a shame because when you look at her with all the success and money, she still does not look that happy! I guess there is more to life than money. Count your blessings people!

  29. She's Absolutely Beautiful! Madonna really has known the most legendary Iconic people.. she needs to write a book someday about her Amazing life!

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