Madison County Squirrel Hunt
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Madison County Squirrel Hunt

January 15, 2020

(relaxed guitar music) (upbeat rock music) – This morning we got master
dog trainer Ed Williams this morning here
in Madison County. We’re gonna do some squirrel
hunting with the Boseman’s. We’ve got D.R. and Trey Boseman and then we got Kemper Cole. He’s the young guy in the squad so he should be the first guy at every tree when
the dog barks. So he should get the first shot. You gotta be quick Kemp, okay? You gotta get there fast. So here we go, squirrel
hunting here in Mississippi, Madison County, right
off the Big Black River. We’re gonna see Ed
work this morning. Daisy. – We’re gonna do the best– – She ready? Look at her, she’s ready. She’s waiting on us, ain’t she? – I think she smells
one (inaudible). (men laughing) – Let’s go get them. – All right! (inaudible dialogue) – [Voiceover] I don’t know I’ll
be taking in there with you. (laughter) (inaudible dialogue) (dog barks) – The trick to this Kemp
is you’re always thinking, its kind of like football, you’re always thinking
about scoring a touchdown. You just gotta have
squirrel on your brain. Just thinking squirrel
the whole time. At any minute she’s gonna bark. When she barks, that’s
when your hearts gonna go (heart beat thumping effect) (dog barks) (dog barks continually) – [Voiceover] All
right, we’re gonna make a little racket down here. (dog barking) (tree branch cracking) – There he is! – I see him. (gunshots) (multiple gunshots) – [Voiceover] Come
on now, come on now! (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Get him! – [Voiceover] Get him Daisy! – [Voiceover] Get him Daisy! – [Voiceover] (hoots) Get him! – [Voiceover] Get
him, get him girl! – [Voiceover] Get him girl! (energetic rock music) (dog barks) – [Voiceover] Go
get him, go get him! Go to him, go to him! – [Voiceover] Go get him Kemper
before it goes up in a hole. (gunshots) – [Voiceover] That’s a hit! – [Voiceover] There he comes! – [Voiceover] Go
ahead Daisy! (shouts) – [Voiceover] Good girl! – Well that’s more fun than a
barrel of monkeys right there! (laughing) – I hear you! – [Voiceover] I think I’m
a squirrel hunter now, boy! (men laughing) – I thought I hit him. He just went like this though! – What do you think Kemp? That’s fun ain’t it boy? – Let’s go get it done. You want to? – All these old shotgun
boys couldn’t get it done. We get a man with a
22 knocked it out. – What’d I tell you
when we got in the truck – Take the 22. – Eh, always listen
to (mumbles). (men laughing) – Hey Ed, listen
to me right quick. I’ll tell you something. I don’t know if it’ll be
good bad or indifferent, but if we go this way and then cut
right back up by the river, it’s not very wide strip,
but there’s a strip of super duper old, all nothing
but oak trees through there. – [Ed] Sounds good to
me, let’s go that way. – Let’s try it. – [Voiceover] What
do you think Da– – Eh team Boseman 1, squirrel 0. Got the first one. It’s always good
to break the ice. (dog barking) (excited rock
music) (dog barking) (gunshot) – There’s a bunch of them. Kill them all! Wooo, shoot them up! (multiple gunshots) – [Voiceover] Yeah, I got
me one there boys all right! – [Voiceover] Get
him Daisy girl! (excited shouting) – There’s your other
one right there girl. There’s your other…get him up. Get him up. – [Voiceover] That’s what
I’m talking about guys! (excited rock music) – [Voiceover] That’s my girl! – That a girl, look at
that, that’s a double! That’s a double! – [Voiceover] You know what
they call that in Mississippi? – [Voiceover] What? – [Voiceover] Two
piece neck box. (men laughing) – [Voiceover] Yeah, I like that! I like that! – Eh, let me get a
picture of that there. – Come on, sir. (cheerful whistling music) – We gotta get one
with a band on it. – [Voiceover] I’m glad,
ya’ll better be glad– – You know I ain’t killed one
yet, but I been hunting boy. Look every time I keep one. – I tell you what
it’s nice of me to let ya’ll take
pictures with my squirrel. (men laughing) – That’s what I’m talking about. – Yeah, it’s really nice. – I missed a stew
outta that first one, but that little uh,
on that first tree, that little gray squirrel I
had a perfect shot on him. – They ain’t hard to miss. Thank you, sir. – I didn’t see the red squirrel. – He took off outta
that tree over there when the first
shot shot I think. – Yeah the red one, we were
shooting at the red one and then the gray one– – The gray one I saw
him run up that tree and I had a perfect go at him. – [Voiceover] There you go,
that’s one I’m talking about. – That first red
squirrel, I missed him with ample opportunity. – That’s what makes it fun. – Let’s shake this vine
right here and make sure– – Daisy come on here! (dog barking) – Get right in here
where you can see. – Yeah, I got him. You get that 22 you need them. (dog barking) (rock music) (gunshots) – [Voiceover] You got him. Come on down here son! (excited rock music) – [Men] There you
are, there you go. – [Voiceover] Get
him Daisy girl! At a girl, kill him
up, kill him up! (excited rock music) – That’s how you do it. – Another squirrel’s
running over there. Kemp, keep an eye on it. (rock music) (gunshot) – [Voiceover] Hey hey! – [Voiceover] All right
baby girl, I believe in you! – Just awesome to
watch the abilities and capabilities that
a dog has in the woods. It’s a pretty neat thing. Their movements and
motions you can tell the old bird hunters would
say when they get birdy, you know, their whole
demeanor changes. Like they shift gears
and it’s just neat to watch that and it
doesn’t matter if you’re in a dove field or
blood trailing or with a squirrel dog, when
they pick up that scent, it just changes everything
and they like have one thing in mind and
they’re focused on getting to that animal, whatever it is. You’ll watch one,
even a retriever, swimming out for a crippled duck and you can tell
when they go across the scent of that
duck on that water. You know, they’ll
be swimming straight and they hit that
smell and they’ll take a hard right or a hard left whichever way they need to go and it’s just awesome to watch. (dog barking) (upbeat rock music) – [Voiceover] Okay, you’re
looking up this tree. I see you. (dog barking)
(excited rock music) – Oh I see one on this
big tree right here! That tree. – [Voiceover] The
first big tree? – He’s on this tree
right here Meachem. (multiple gunshots) – [Voiceover] That’s what I’m
talking about right there! – [Voiceover] Get him! – [Voiceover] Good girl! – [Voiceover] Get him! – That’s what you do girl! That’s a good girl, yes ma’am! Good girl Daisy! – That squirrel was
by me the whole time and didn’t even know it. – That’s when you shoot
straight up in the air and holler I got him, I got him! (laughing) (upbeat rock music) (dog barking) (multiple gunshots) – [Voiceover] There
you go. (inaudible) – [Voiceover] Get him boy! – [Voiceover] At a girl,
at a girl, at a girl! – Come by the nest? Was it in that fort? – I think he was in that
fort, but he tried to get in another fort, but was
on the wrong side of it. – Good job. (upbeat rock music) – Sir! (gunshots) (upbeat rock music) – [Voiceover] He’s up high. – [Voiceover] He’s
up there high. He should be on your side Kemp. (gunshots) (multiple gunshots) – [Voiceover] There you go! (men hooting excitedly) – [Voiceover] All right! – Big old squirrel. – I’m gonna shake this
vine and make sure it isn’t a double up there. – Yes sir. Good one. (relaxed guitar music)
(dog barking in distance) (dog barking) (gunshots) – [Voiceover] Hey
(laughing) Good job! (relaxed guitar music) (dog whines) (dog barking) (upbeat rock music) (gunshots) – [Voiceover] Boy right
there ain’t playing! – [Voiceover] Come on here
Daisy, you’re missing out! (upbeat rock music) – [Voiceover] At
a boy right there! (upbeat rock music) – [Voiceover] I tell
you what, it was a pretty good morning wasn’t it? – Man, it was awesome! Awesome! – It’s nothing like watching
a dog work with you; squirrel hunting,
rabbit, duck hunting. – No it don’t matter, trailing
deer or whatever, it’s fun. She did a good job. Like I said you
know Lane Childers and his daughter found this dog. – That’s unbelievable. – And you see what
she’s doing just from spending a
little time with her and taking her out
just keeping her going. – You know a lot of guys have
squirrel hunted over the years but if you’ve never
squirrel hunted with a dog, you’re missing out. – Exactly, exactly. – I mean it makes
it so much fun. This was Kemper Cole’s
first time squirrel hunting with a dog and you can
see just his eyes– – He had a look on his face. – Yeah when that dog started
barking he took off man. – (laughing) It’s
fun, it really is. – [Voiceover] What you think
Trey, you enjoy’d it man? – Oh yeah man it’s
fun, come out here and watch these dogs
work you can’t beat it. – [Voiceover] What
did we end up with ten squirrels this morning? – Ten squirrels,
man we got on today. Killed one double! – Yeah one double, Mr. D.R.
said his hip was hurting so he had to go
on back. (mumbles) Man perfect day,
blue skies, no wind – No wind – Good weather – Good cool morning,
it was awesome– – Here we are Madison
County, Mississippi just chasing squirrels. – Enjoyed it, enjoyed it. Had the good pleasure
of hunting with ya’ll Man I hope we can do it again! – See that little one right
there, right in the middle? That was Kemp’s, he got that. – No, no this is mine. – You got the old
pretty one there. All right guys, I enjoyed it. – Hey man, appreciate it. – Yes sir thanks for coming. Daisy thank you! – Kemper Cole thank you buddy. Yes sir, Trey man, – Yes sir – Thank you (relaxed guitar music)

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