maddyson review online game Dom 3 (english sub)
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maddyson review online game Dom 3 (english sub)

November 4, 2019

wanderin on internet scope
I’ve found one funny thing: seems that our Soviet
company Ni’kita or Niki’ta released MMORPG
Dom 3 (Home 3). So, I know that earlier were
been some squalid: “Arena”,
“Sphera” and other fuckedups, But exactly Dom 3 is somehow,
you know, special piquantly. I decide to download and try, maybe actually company
Ni’kita or Niki’ta had gave rebuff to korean companies,
like NC Soft, mm I don’t know, Blizzard..
from America or maybe they alsow korean,
I don’t give a fuck. So, let’s see what is represent
this creation of Soviet developers of massively
multiplayer online role-playing games. SO,
first that we see,
when we start the game, is that horrifying gay picture
with Dom style, It’s so pink and
everything is so blue that is such situation that
Dom 3 have already overcame his, in my eyes, have already overcame his competitor on number 3 – Fallout 3, which have gray cumbersome Interface, unpleasant interface,
on which was painfully to look. that is Dom 3, this game,
is already better that terrible Fallout. Now then first of all,
we need to create a character. I am naturaly haven’t it before. – Your Name In MMORPG kindly important name,
because here not just
“how you named your boat”, here has to be likeness
sort of role playing etc. I am think that
Vaseline is satisfied name: such chareter’ll be easy to live
in world of Dom, in this postapocalyptic appalling a.. a.. horrible univers
or even galaxy, I don’t know. And then 97
like year of Birth – it’s also important. I now feel very sloth to do
character manually, therefore
let it be a random selection of look Oh My God what a fag! No, you know, thing is.. like if men looks like women, then there is a sense to create a woman. Do you realize my logic? That is to say in MMORPG
if you create female by being a male is roleplaying role, by the way you can trick to take clothes by pretending be a nice girl. Mm.. Several times’ll press – randomly. Wow ! This woman out of her head
sticking out some plywood, like.. you know,
like Hellraiser have. Remember him? Well it seems that I have finished with
the creation of character. Now I’ll click forward.. and as a matter of fact we’ll see how good this game is, how qualitative is it, and whether it wins World of Warcraft and other games. Yeah, here we into the game. unfortunately, this shit, namely this is part of the soul of Ksenia Sobchak (Russian equels of Peris Hilton) have a crash when I started it first time. It’s been writen that -Name Vaseline97 is already taken.
Flew it into windows and erased all the porn
from my hard drive. That is Well we went into the game, everything are very strongly lagging. Graphics are absolutely stunning, much more better then at
all I knowing MMORPG And the first question that worries me – What strictly speaking to do here? In Lineage we must kill mobs, In WoW – perform quests, In Eve Online should sit on the forums
and says that it differs from other MMO, and what we need to do here? I honestly can’t see any mobs. I see only some N P C
with strange names: Irina Poddutapova.. ah.. I don’t know who devised
them surnames, probably the same man
who coined the Lev Andropov name for example,
for the movie Armageddon. Well come to this.. N P C and’ll try to talk to him. How to do that?
but I do not know.. Oh, here. easy Irina Poddu..t..tdkmph
Poddub.. bue AnRHbleekhhee! tells me
– Hey! ..What a bored expression on your face,
eat on time and watch your hygiene, ..have a rest and fun, and
don’t forget about your friends. How can’t I forgot about my friends, having rest and fun, if I going to play MMORPG. you fool! Aphanasiy Molokanov, surely at the school
he was nicknamed sucker, – Hello. My brother has puzzled me –
decided to assemble a computer, but does not know what accessories
need to be bought, but I don’t know, ..can you help me? … What is it?
Is it some sort of joke? Like, this is Show, is this
some KIPO (?) game? I need to answered
questions in this game? I am sorry. -let him buy a motherboard
and processor. -requires the processor and graphics card -need to buy a motherboard,
processor, memory and video card. It seems to me.. he need to buy a fucking Brains on
Sale..fuck.. right before asking so strange questions! Look, I see I see, apparently live player, his name is Phensis,
he is one of pathos men. I’m going to kick his ass, but everything is very lagging I.. I can not do that,
because maybe Fraps is on. It shows me 5 fps. This game guzzles resources! After.. after 3 launches it’s always crashes,
but somehow stayed in the system tray, I unloaded it, but it still
continued to gobble memory!! I can’t understand what wrong. Probably I should go back to Molokanov
and ask him a question: What I need to buy to my
computer to make it work better? Little bitch..
Well, what can I write to this people? Ahh.. PVP or pee? Mmm.. I think.. that it would be
considered as very wise in MMORPGs. I saw it on screenshots. Why am I lying?!
I used to play in those games.. but Phensis doesn’t reply me, maybe it’s just a bot, which stand here to show that
there is something to do in this game, and actually there is live people
who played it. Although what these people are? What these people
which are playing Dom 3? Generally anything that
have Dom at the name can be played only by sick, I think. Something strange happens.
I’m afraid that if I go into any premises, there kind of like have this opportunity, then I will be fly out the game, again, and I’ll have to do all again. It is very very tiring. Ah.. Olga Nahabina,
I’ll go running up to her. Maybe she will give me
some funny quest. ..Nahabina.. I think, I know area named like that somewhere in the Moscow region is
Nahabino, or a city or something else.. -The level of job? -Hard You see? Quest! I’m not looking for easy ways.
-Quest received What is this shit? -Hello Vaseline-man He-he-he -Can you imagine suddenly I found out
that Michael Kirilov fell in love with Marina Belkin,
and I’m just parcil have. … ..parcil have with pictures of her.
Take those to him, be a friend, and be sure to tell him hello. NO, thanks. Up your parcel in your Asshole!
Nahabina.. Metro Station May Day – it is so original. I think that in all cities where is
a underground, there is a subway
station May Day too. But Alychaevskaya street..
in honor of whom it is, I wonder? Do you know someone..
Maybe I am looking stupid right now and there is some
Great Commander Alichaev, and I’m now like an idiot.. Well, it doesn’t matter. Anyway I had seen a live persons, but
they don’t whant to communicate
with me. Let’s get while on the other hand
and we will not yell at them
all sorts of stupidities Like PVP or pee,
let’s ask how do they do, for example. Near the tent Starboh obviously stands ..stands a woman. -Game dispute
What is it? -Training Tour … -Wait for an answer I must write – How are you? I know that
all men are introduced to women.. by asking “how are you?” -declined to play It is a living person, fuck! Why is she standing on this ledge? Maybe, maybe.. ah.. I have only one association: 500$ for blowjob? That is a lot but in game currency, Lord, I’m ready to pay,
especially such a woman, unusual. Vitkan, evil starts to ran. Look! He for sure puts everybody on this area! Look. taxi.. some kind,
some kind Ferrari raced Surely, Tina Kondelaki sucks in it dick to some Uzbeks. Well what can I say?
Guys this game is just excellent. Do not waste your time on idiotic
games like GTA 4 or 5, what’s the GTA? I even do not know, honestly tell you it’s all totally sucks. There is street too. There is cars. There is Maria Poddutap..buieii
bei..eeegh. And many other stuff. I don’t know. I am too lazy to look for them. Those who play MMORPGs,
you’re just idiots, you are playing at wrong MMORPG. You should immediately install
Dom 3 to yourself, download Updates, create your Vaseline person, fly out into Windows, occupy your memory, for the computer crackled, unreally.. and play in it. You are required because.. Support local producers, send even SMS. I saw the ad here: Send an sms sent to you game currency, I don’t know what for
game currency in this game, it seems to eat at the StarDox, maybe you will being respond by people,
if you’ll have money. Just as in real life.
It is a social RPG. Will Tamara Lukshina report
something to us? -Hellow then, I have this past weekend
happened emergency – at the disco
straight out of my handbag was gone.. phone. Apparently it’s an evil Vitek took out. Sorry of course there is no such
answer choice. I know it is evil pathos Vitek. Oh.. another is running Maybe he will talk with me. I exactly wanted to say that Fallout 3 is
generally worthless in compare to
this game. But unfortunately I am lagging,
and he hid, Hid in underground caves. finally ask why nobody talks with me I like.. why am I jumping? I like Dom 2 and write there sms. Ashot? Hi there, Vaseline man, -It turned out that Michael.. What? fuck. what
a fucking crowd? Go into dick! AH.. ah. FUCK! and all threw off, fuck, that I wrote! -I wanted to.. To fuck you into mouth.. Game, you’re too good for me. Here are some blackman went. XpokerX. Briefly, guys.. -went into the crowd What is this? What is this? Briefly, guys I have
already said – play this game, forget about your life, make love in it. It is much less cruel in this game. Well thank you, all Oh, crazybitchy. Thanks to all and goodbye

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  1. @zoozaful это да, но доставить в большинстве видео могут не только шутки, но и сами игры, и интонации играют немаловажную роль, жаль времени нет совсем, занялся бы этим более плотно.

  2. Кстати, странно то, что когда пишешь Maddyson в поисковик вылетает именно ЭТОТ обзор, а не другие (хотя они все имеют больше просмотров).

  3. это его не первый обзор, самые первые обзоры он делал на спортивные симуляторы, хз где их найти.

  4. нигде теперь уже, и, поскольку они делались под другим псевдонимом и с другой целью, дом 3 всё таки является первым обзором от Мэддисона.

  5. Когда я в 1 раз посмотрел этот ролик, я дико угарал. Теперь уже не так смешно, в отличие от его новых обзоров. Неужели Мэд прогрессирует? Это хорошо)

  6. А мне кажется наоборот Мэд деградирует =) Этот обзор намного смешнее чем сейчас делает =)

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