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August 28, 2019

– Please! No!
– Let’s go! – Aw, man.
– (laughs) – Oh my god!
– Oh, fumble! NO! ♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – (FBE) All right, guys. Well, today you’re going
to be playing a game, and it’s gonna be this one. – Oh, no!
– Oh, no. – Okay.
– I haven’t played Madden since, like, Madden 2008.
– The original Xbox. – Not very confident.
I don’t understand video games, I don’t understand football, so…
– I usually don’t play sports games, because I usually always lose.
– I actually won the tournament. – Did you? Oh, man.
– Yeah, and I beat Michael. And he plays Madden like crazy.
– Yeah, I know. – So let’s play. – (FBE) This is not
just a regular gaming episode, it is a tournament.
– Mm-hmm, okay. – A football tournament.
– A football tournament. – (FBE) We’re also doing something
a bit different this time around. The winner with the highest score
of all the games goes straight to the finals,
while the other two winners have to face off
in a semi-finals playoff. If there’s a tie, we’ll base it
off of point differential. – Wow, that’s very different.
– I like that. – This is gonna be the most
entertaining game of all time. – She could be really good,
or she could be really bad. I don’t know. I’ve never
played with her, so we’ll see. Let’s do this. ♪ (hard rock music) ♪ – I got my team right here.
I got it. Patriots. – Falcons are pretty good.
– Falcons will be the next– okay. You could do that.
– Yeah, I’ll go with the Falcons. 91 overall, like,
that’s a high-ass number. Are you kidding me? – Dude, this is gonna be so bad.
– Okay, here we go. – Squib! Aw. – (sportcaster) Charles and I
have been looking forward to this one all week.
– What? Dude. Why’s it set to [inaudible] so high?
– Yay! – (sportscaster) Throwing now,
Ryan on 1st down. – Let’s go! Already.
Wow! That’s how you start a game. – Dude, I was just… – I’m gonna act like I know
what I’m talking about. – Yeah! Yay.
– No! – I’m going all the way. – (sportscaster) Picked up
by Deion Jones, the linebacker. – (groans)
– Nah, I’m just joking. Oh no! No, no! NO!
– Yes! – I’m sorry.
– Okay. Uh-oh, 1st quarter’s
pretty much done. – (sportcaster) It brings up
a key 3rd down. – I get it. Oh.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! (whistle blows)
– And we’re done. (chuckles) – Why do I gotta be like this, dude? – Yay! Oh, man. – (sportscaster) Looking for Jones–
and it’s intercepted! (whistle blows)
– Ha ha! I did something! – I swear, like, I don’t think
we’ve made one complete pass. – Might as well.
– Just go. – Since…
– Just wanna Hail Mary every pass. – …I’m on the other side,
and you have 30 seconds left… – (sportscaster) Throwing
is Brady on 3rd down. – Yeah! Aw. (disappointed grunt)
– Ah! – I didn’t even do that, but still.
– One more, one more. – It’s the make it or break it.
– Dude, I’m just gonna Hail Mary every–
even if I’m at the endzone, I’m just gonna– straight up.
– That’s probably what I’m gonna do, ’cause we’re gonna
stay here for a while. – (sportscaster) The final shot
before half for Brady. – What?
– Was that a touchback? Is that what it’s called?
– Yeah. – (FBE) Safety.
– Same thing, Derek. I don’t even know. – Aw, he got two points. – (sportscaster) We at least
finally get some points on it. – [Inaudible], I’m kind of
lost here, too. – [Inaudible]. – (sportscaster) Danny Amendola
on the return, gets past one man. – Aw, if there wasn’t
that one guy right there. – At least I know I can potentially
win one round of this tournament, and I’ll just get
kicked out instantly– wait! How do you switch character?
– Let’s go! Let’s go! What you say?
What you– (laughs) – Yeah! (laughs)
– No! That’s so– (frustrated groan)
– Yo. Yo. – (sportscaster) That’s exactly
what they did there. – Lucky. – (sportscaster) He’s back to throw.
– (exclaims in frustration) – Wait! Did I just– Oh, ho, ho!
– Did he get flagged? Was it on me?
– I think it was flagged on you. – No–
– I think it was flagged on you. – Yeah, I’m–
– It has to be flagged on you. I think you went too early. – (sportscaster) So let’s see
what this is about. – Let’s go!
– I can’t hear what he’s– Dude.
– (sportscaster) Atlanta now coming out on the field.
– [Bleep] you, dude.. – I would, to be honest.
– I have to! There’s nothing else I can do.
– At this point, you might as well. – Please! No!
– Let’s go! (laughs) – Dude! Every…
– (growls victoriously) – I let all the Falcons fan down.
No, not– – (sportscaster) Now, Brady. – Whoa, whoa!
– Yes! Dude, I don’t know
what that catch was. – He literally fell into it. – (sportscaster) This is Freeman
on 1st and 10. – No! What? How?
– Let’s go! – (sportscaster) And it’s picked up
by the Patriots. – No! Let’s go!
– I don’t know how– I got so lucky. Can I dive? – (sportscaster) Back to throw.
– Please! – (sportscaster) A declaration throw
deep down field. – He got it!
– Did I catch it? – Yeah. – (sportscaster) …called in
one-handed. – (sportscaster) And the clock
will now stop. – Five seconds! You have to Hail Mary it…
– How many do I have? – …one more time.
– Oh, I got two more. I could just call it again
real quick, huh? Wait, oh the play’s gonna be over. – You have five seconds.
– I gotta get a touchdown now, or else I lose.
– Yup. – There’s no way.
– Oh, ha. Dude! – I’m making this happen.
– Wait, how close am I? All right, dude. I’m close. – (sportscaster) One last shot
for Ryan. He’s gonna let it… – Let’s go! – Yeah, dude! Yes!
– What? No! No! One second!
– Yeah! Yes! Yeah, dude! – This is the last play
to determine the winner. – How mad would you be
if I get this? – I would be at a good nine. – (sportscaster) One final shot.
They’ll look to throw. Now a desperation throw–
– Let’s– – (sportscaster) Oh, a crusher there
as it’s intercepted, picked off by Patrick Chung. – Yes! Let’s go! Let’s go! ♪ (hard rock music) ♪ – All right, I’m gonna go Raiders. – I’ll just go 49ers.
– Raiders, shout out to my boys. We got a little of a battle
of the Bays going on. All right, so
you’re receiving. Am I? – Wait, is this me or you?
– Oh, perfect. – Wait no, that’s you…
– I’m assuming this is me. – …’cause I’m red. I’m red.
– Yeah, you’re returning. You’re returning. You’re returning.
– Yeah. – All right, I think I know
a little more than Geneva at least. – (laughs) – Oh, shit. Oh!
– Oh my gosh! Go, go, go! – Ooh, double leg.
One tackle, okay. I don’t know any
of the players anymore. – That was a running play.
I’m gonna do a passing play. – Passing play? For sure.
Thanks for letting me know. (laughs) – I can see your plays.
How does that even make any sense? – It’s rigged. A little early. Punt it away.
– That’s a good one. – All right, get it.
Get that return. – Where’s…? Okay. – Yes. My dude just went
straight to the middle. – (sportscaster) Carr
gonna try and throw on 3rd down. – Ooh, money!
– Dang, 1st down. End of quarter, though. – (sportscaster) And he’s
taken down at the 40th. – Perfect punt right here.
– Oh, perfect punt? Okay. Let me get the return. Oh, oh, oh. – Get it!
Run it! Run it! (chuckles) Pick it up. – (sportscaster) Advantage
on offense. Is it through a big… – Go, go, go! Sack him! – (sportscaster) …or is it
just running the regular offense and running it better?
– Oof! All right, not bad. I haven’t played Madden
in a minute. This is fun. – (sportscaster) Now Carr
throwing on 2nd down. – (both) Oh!
– Boy! – I was about to get that.
– Oh, we’re about to run out right now.
This is garbage. – You’ve got to make
a touchdown right here. – Yeah. I could
run the clock, right? – Yeah. Oh, you’re
supposed to hike it before you run down the clock. You gotta get
this 1st down right here, or I’m gonna win, basically. – With zero points? – (sportscaster) Throwing
on 1st down is Carr. – Aw!
– How did he miss that? That… – My dude with the
butter fingers right here. – (sportscaster) To throw is Carr. – Yes! Yes! Yes, a screen!
– What? What!?
– Aw! (exclaims in frustration) – (sportscaster) Carr to throw. – Git, git, g– (laughs)
– Aw, man. – Oh, yeah!
– Oh, fumble! NO! – Run faster! (laughs)
– NO! NO! What the?!
Hey, how do I move this? Ay, ay!
– No, no. I got that! I got that.
– What?! – (sportscaster) He’s back to throw.
He’s gonna let it fly. – Oh! Game, game, game, game!
– Oh my god. – Let’s go!
– The two-point conversion? – Maybe.
– Is it worth it? – I mean, like,
I don’t have much to lose. – Go big or go home. – (sportscaster) He’ll
look to throw. – Oh! No!
– (sportscaster) It’s incomplete. – Aw, man. I got wrecked. – Game over.
– If I get an interception… – I just gotta let the clock run.
– No, no, no. Don’t be one of those people.
– Don’t be one of those people?! – (sportscaster) They’ll
set up to throw. And a quick throw here,
that’s complete. – Aw, man. Aw. Good game. Good game. ♪ (hard rock music) ♪ – I will go with the Falcons, ’cause their overall says 91. I’m looking at their stats.
– Oh, that’s a– I didn’t even see that.
– I shouldn’t have said anything. – Patriots is a 93.
– They’re always good, though, in their stats.
– I need help. – Oh, that’s me.
– Press the X. – Okay.
– There you go. Then you do it again.
– Oh, I have to do it again? Okay.
– Well… – Oh, just kidding. – (sportscaster) …to kick
this one off. These folks are ready
and we are underway. – We out. (laughs)
– Ooh, starting for 20. – (sportscaster) Throwing now,
Ryan on 1st down. – Where am I? (laughs)
– Oof. Ooh, let’s see who’s open. – (sportscaster) On 2nd down, Ryan.
– Yes, 1st down! (whistle blows)
– (giggles) – I’m getting close to that endzone.
– He just, like, sat on ’em. – My heart is just racing right now.
I need to– – It’s getting closer.
I don’t think– oh god! – No! Okay, do I wanna go for it? I’d rather have some points
on there, so I’ll do the field kick. – (sportscaster) A 52-yard attempt. – Did it work?
– And… – (sportscaster) And that one’s
not gonna get there. – That was too short! My god!
– (laughs) – There you go.
– Oh, shoot. Okay. Let’s get going. – No, come on!
– Oh, Jesus. – I had like three guys on her. There you go. You got it. That way you can kick it
to where it wants it to be. – [inaudible] (laughs) – (sportscaster) And this
will be taken at the 13. – (sportcaster) Gonna get
a little bit closer this time. Yeah. Well, you know,
I’d rather get in the endzone… – No! Tackled, oh my god.
– (laughs) I think everything happens
so quick in football. That’s why I’m like,
my brain needs a second to process what’s happening.
– That was a bad pass. – Oh god.
– You called a timeout? Oh no, that’s halftime.
– Oh, I was like… (chuckles). – (sportscaster) …as we expected,
looking at the clock. – (sportscaster) They run
the play fake to Coleman, now Ryan. – Ooh!
– Oh! – At least I made it far.
– You did go quite far. – I’m right there. – (sportscaster) Throwing now
is Ryan. – Oh! Oh, no!
– Yes! – (laughs) I was like right in it. Let’s go! Go! No, no! – Oh. Oh, yes!
– Oh. Oh, no! Oh. – I just gotta waste the time. At least make the 1st down
and waste time. (laughs) – (sportscaster) Ryan
on the handoff. It’s Freeman. – That was a good game, though.
– It was. – Magaly, you have
the biggest point differential from the first round,
so you are going to advance straight to the finals.
– Yeah! Sorry, I got a little too excited.
– Nice! ♪ (hard rock music) ♪ – I’m a little nervous, just because
she wants to get some revenge. With Mortal Kombat,
we went against each other. – He won.
– We both won one. – And then I won the last round.
– It was super close, though. – Patriots did good to me.
They have the highest overall throughout the whole game, so–
– So you’re gonna cheat And pick the best team.
– Pretty much. – I’ll just pick someone
that’s close to your score. Okay, the Chiefs. – I am starting it off.
– Wait. Are you? – Yeah.
– Okay. (chuckles) – (sportscaster) Here’s
Cairo Santos now… – Oh yeah, no.
She knows what she’s doing. – Oh, I was punting.
This is you running. – (sportscaster) Now
Dion Lewis to return. – Gi– git! Oh my gosh. Oh! – (sportscaster) And
some room to maneuver! – Okay, okay. We’re
doing pretty good. How do you make them hurry? Dang it.
– Wait. What happened? – First quarter’s done.
– Oh. – Still a little nervous about this. – (sportscaster) Throwing
on 1st down is Brady. – Ooh! Oh my gosh! I thought I was about
to get an interception. – Oh, that was close.
That was a close one. – Oh. What? – (sportscaster) And they’re
running right through him. – Are you serious?
– Wait! Did that just happen? What? Okay, Patriots. Okay,
now I see why y’all num– I see why. I see why.
That number 93. – (amused) Number 93.
– Overall. – (sportscaster) Gotti’s
over the line and into the endzone. – All right. – Put your hand down.
(laughs) Put your hand down! – (sportscaster) Gostkowski now
out to kick it away. – Ya! – All right, I’m gonna run it back. – (sportscaster) This’ll be taken
to the back of the endzone. – Woo! Aw. (laughs)
– Aw! – Hike. – (sportscaster) …to throw
on 2nd down to Smith. – Wow. I didn’t– (gasps) Okay.
– Oh! Another f– (laughs) – (sportscaster) And
the Patriots have it! – I’m confused. What happened?
– Let’s call a timeout right there. – What just happened?
How? I caught it. – I hit you, and your player’s weak,
so he dropped the ball. – (sportscaster) Both teams
appear ready for the fight ahead… – Oh, it didn’t look
like it was perfect. – (sportscaster) …here
in quarter number three. – Where do I run? Where do I run?
Skirr. Oh! – Wow. Imagine another fumble. – (sportscaster) Great run there.
Get it to the back end of the backfield
to make a bigger play. – Oh!
– (sportscaster) As we often say, give it to him in space,
let him use his legs. – What?!
– How? Go! No, touchdown all day.
All day. All day! – Got you! (laughs)
– Aw! – What?
– This is gonna be easy. You just gotta know how to
press a button at the right time. – (sportscaster) Yeah,
something has to happen, because… – Yeah, this is
basically simple stuff. – No yards. No yards! Git! 10-yard line. – (sportscaster) Green light
means go. Red light means stop. Looks like he had green
on that play. – Oof. Oh, that was a good pass. Oh! Get him!
– Let’s go! That– Okay, see?
– All right. I’ll give you props. That was a good play. – (sportscaster) Brady now to throw. – Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, get him! (laughs) – Aw. – Oh! All day. All day! – Let’s go!
– What!? – (sportscaster) And
the Patriots have it! – Oh. To fat man,
fat man. Thank you! – Let’s go! – (sportscaster) Now,
after the fumble recovery, it’s Brady. – Wow!
– Run. Run, run, run! Run! Run! Nope. Yup, yup. I got it. I’m sorry, your guys are far.
– Another one! – Your guys are far.
– (groans) – I think it’s my time
to go like this now. – (sportscaster) …throwing that
pick-six, and now the kick is away. – It’s weird how when you kick it… – (sportscaster) This’ll be
taken in at the 1. – I mean, you could
run it back if you’re good. – (sportscaster) He’ll
look to throw. – Where are you gonna pass it? Ooh.
– What?! – Game over.
– (sportscaster) Crusher there as it’s intercepted.
– Oh yeah, I’m just gonna go out of bounds. Game over. And… win.
– Ah, good game. – Now we’re even. ♪ (hard rock music) ♪ – I’m very nervous,
’cause I really want the crown. – I wanna win.
– But I’m gonna go the same as– Falcons,
’cause I won in the last one. – I’m just gonna go with Patriots,
’cause Tom Brady. – Good luck. – I don’t need luck to win.
– Oh. – No, I’m just kidding!
Good luck, too. – Let’s do this. – (sportscaster) Coming up,
we’ve got what should prove to be a good one
between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.
– This is you, right? Yeah, that’s you.
– Yeah. All right, not bad.
– Dang, you know what you’re doing. I don’t even know how
to do that. (chuckles) – (sportscaster) They’ll throw
on 1st down with Ryan. He completes it to Julio Jones! – 1st down, 1st down.
So far, so good. – All right, now
I’m a little intimidated. – My heart is racing right now. – Is it?
– Yeah. – Don’t be nervous. – Yes! That was close.
She almost sacked me. – (sportscaster) And
down he goes! Now, Ryan on 2nd down.
– Yes! Touchdown, baby! – (sportscaster) …matter what,
they have the right call on against the right defense… – Scramble.
– I feel like you really have to suck to miss a field goal. – Where am I? – (sportscaster) First one
taken from the 7. – All right.
– Go! – (sportscaster) …hit
some tough territory. If he’s late with the ball… Oh my gosh!
– Yes! – I saw when he was running
that you were just gonna get that interception.
I saw that happen. – (sportscaster) They’re already
looking for more. Here’s [inaudible] at 1st and 10. – No! – (sportscaster) It’s intercepted. – Tag her! I knew that was a bad throw
as soon as I threw it. – (sportscaster) Those guys have
got it back at the closing stages. – Oh yeah, you’re gonna get it.
I don’t even know how to pull that screen up
where you look at all the plays. – Okay.
– If we were playing 2K, like, you know, basketball,
I’d be doing a lot better. – Yeah, I suck a lot too. – (sportscaster) They look
to run with Freeman. – Get it in! Goddamn it!
– You are not sucking. You’re doing so good.
– He did not even make a touchdown. Come on! Run! Yes! – (sportscaster) Touchdown, Atlanta! – It’s just… Ah, I did that. Dude. – (shouts in celebration)
– No! No! – Run!
– Yeah! (laughs) – (sportscaster) Get the high hop,
and hope that one of the guys… – All right. Feeling
a little better. – It could be
anybody’s game right now. – Ooh.
– What? Stop joking! Just run! – No!
– Run! God damn. – (sportscaster) Freeman again.
– Fumble! If you get a freaking–
– (laughs) – (sportscaster) Devonta Freeman– – Wow.
– Yeah! Woo! – (sportscaster) And he’s across
for the late touchdown. – Touchdown, Falcons! I didn’t wanna kick it too far,
that way the game could end right there,
as soon as I tackle you. – Come get me!
– You wanna do a safety? – (laughs)
– (chuckles) You just gave me two extra points.
– Why not? Overkill. – And that’s gay. I’ve never won a challenge
before in my life. – It was really fun.
I was getting really into it. – If it wasn’t for my brother
getting me into video games, I mean, I don’t think I would be playing with her
in the championship. – Thanks for watching us
go toe-to-toe on the React Channel. – Subscribe! New
gaming episodes every week. – Bye, guys.
– Hey, everybody. Derek here, one of the React Channel producers.
Let’s talk football, right? Put down in the comments.
Let’s talk about our favorite teams, who’s gonna win it all. I’m gonna represent
my Arizona Cardinals, but let’s discuss! Trash talk
in the comments, let’s go!

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