Lunatic Idiot Plays: MIMPI DREAMS Part 3 *Level 6* | Steam Game
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Lunatic Idiot Plays: MIMPI DREAMS Part 3 *Level 6* | Steam Game

January 17, 2020

welcome back to the channel guys this is
Luis immediate and this is the final installment of Mimpi Dreams and this is
also the final chapter as well so if you have not checked out episode 1 and two go check it out the links in the description below and off we go damn it it’s Cyclops
night vision doggy today I was believing in ok that’s all that one and we’re off
and what’s your problem suck I know your upset everyone’s upset in this game
someone got poisoned by the factory and Sun’s sad as well the plants are dying
yeah I’m sad as well no worries no factories for us there’s a good idea no
yeah I am the super doggy yeah you got it right night I will save you and bro
there’s arrows I was pointing to this thing I wonder if there’s anything to do
here no ok ok the clothes on oh that took with the hint sinister laughter oh
yeah I think I could get on to this one not only the shot one and half to go
yeah oh that’s pretty can’t talk now entering the tunnel yay yay
kids whoa okay oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh there we go again guesses quickly
before the car whoa whoa okay that was close
whoa that was close okay now can we’ve learned our lesson already and we’ve
sort of got the hang of it okay I guess I renew it safe here no
toxic waste okay we gotta get onto the edge I think all right start a reset
button yep there is a reset button okay so we just got to jump across like that there we go
there we go alright ah we have to do it actually
or there’s no way for us to get over the other side so this game is getting a
little bit more challenging that’s for sure if you can get into the hole I
guess no I see I don’t suppose this thing’s gonna help oh it does all right look how about going true yay
oh damn it Oh No that is truly disappointing I can see it’s dripping or
not yep there we go and yeah of course you’re
busy get away from us that’s enough the pressure what’s gonna
happen nothing okay there we go
that’s a washing machine of course you’re going to hear from us yeah I
don’t think that’s useful on it’s a million combinations we can go all night so it’s right down right no right down
left and down left I don’t have obviously remember it’s down there oh
yeah so it’s all not that’s facing up no yep
down up yeah okay what’s the last one come on
and the last one is right down down right down down boys right down down
right down down okay and if men should turn the Machine off so that is good
news and I supposed to go into the pipe yep
as usual all dammit steam is hot boys careful and roll oh that’s okay let’s pull this back up into it’s
original position first and see what happens you go to turn this one is oh
damn it that girl screw it mate no you can get on that one you can read can we
know we just gotta wait for it I just go of it and don’t think too much and
you’ll be fine okay checkpoints he’s gonna get it away
from us as usual one two so I don’t suppose you’ll be
going back Assam step one two three one two three four one two three four five
six there we go of course you are take that
away from us okay misuk gonna stop at all no so if you did
turn this off and turn this off turn it off turn it off
yeah now the combination game factory pause but we don’t get to use it at all
okay stop stop let me go through now and into the heart of the factory okay we
need a bridge as usual does this book does it do anything for us nope that’s
useless as well can we call a friend no we can’t we call your mom yes we can
it’s going to be a phone away from us what’s the number gonna be seven three
six four five eight yeah hello there we go oh that’s a chopping machine
stamp stamp stamp this is a safe zone and guess a okay I suppose this step
yep and oh damn it okay I can still get my pole just not to
that yeah oh it’s another stamping machine
this anything that I took big so this is the a so you’ve got a bit for just step
again stamp Brown stop I am ver oh okay into the guts of the factory and he’s
gonna crap all balloon again one two three four five six as you see once you alternate I’m just doing the same thing
again am I not I’m better this thing we’ve got
to rearrange the sequence here so we’ve got to put something so if we are going
this direction three has to be ahead of Q so we’re going to get three out of the
picture first and – no oh no no too okay I think this’ll work so if we were
to in introduce to here yeah yeah yep yeah that’s one two three four is going
ahead yeah yeah yep and we’re good okay it goes with store opening on the left
all right I think that’s this way nope that’s the other way we need to go which
where is it now not this way as well no we’ve got to open but what’s it done for
us nothing three two three four three five
three six eight three six seven there we go that’s the money machine
we revolt we’ve got a new change of clothes detective Scott I think okay
there is no bones inside they’re just gonna jump around it’s a safe zone and
it’s the pee bang it’s not safe anymore there we go oh damn it okay there we go
yep right in the moneymaker right again that’s where we are no no no yeah tally
Pelle Pelle Pelle make it yep okay there we go that’s a goal for us
just to cannonball oh damn it maybe you should have and all yeah that’s
definitely working for us yeah woof woof no electricity no factory and no factory
equals to no television no telly okay it was no money no worries to donate
money to survive in the game no met employees you’re talking about
our poisonous ch killing plants you want money money
you love money I gather doggy and die now you’re not gonna make me die today
today it’s not the day I go down and we are gonna fight you how’s it going to
work I guess we’re just gonna hide yeah yeah so we’re just always gonna hide
under there because that will cut your limbs off your alien looking tentacles
no okay it’s got two bars of life left I want yeah that’s one more to go
and oh damn it he nearly got us yes this day look at the forest trees a
bloomin Sun is up everything looks fine intently
except for this thing I think we should move on and die oh yeah it’s a step of course is a stem
a gotta get uh am I getting electrocuted No am I getting stuck there though it’s
Jessica leach oh that’s the final step and the time we had to robot Punisher okay happy doggie happy life monster
thank you for playing Mimpi Dreams more Mimpi more Mimpi well that’s it
guys this is the end of min P dreams I hope you like it like squat click the
like button smash the subscribe button comment down below what other games you
want me to play for you and I’ll see you on the next one bye

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