Lukostřelecký turnaj CSWBS v Tv Slovácko /Warbow Archery Tournament CSWBS in TV Czech Republic
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Lukostřelecký turnaj CSWBS v Tv Slovácko /Warbow Archery Tournament CSWBS in TV Czech Republic

August 20, 2019

Fans of heavy bows have compared their aim and strength in Old City in Czech Republic There was taking place tournament in historical war archery for the 5th time There were 3 attractive shooting disciplines in the program 20 participants have participated along with the traditional target shooting with discipline for the longest shot 3d discipline was target shooting at distance of 100 yards – flight Archer equipment is historical bow We are shooting primitive historical warbows, replicas from 14th century hundred years war Draw weights of these bows are about 50kg (100pounds) and more The very best archer in the flight shooting was archer Jan Kašpar His arrow hit the 230m (250yards) distance To succeed in this discipline is not just a raw strength but also a specific technique Even some strong mens from public couldnt draw these bows You have to use whole your body muscles to pull it like a jack Another essential thing to succeed is to have high quality bow and correct arrows Its technology is not far enough from historical alchemy tests Arrowheads are hand forged by Slovak master blacksmith “Lasky” Shafts are made for several types of wood For example ash, poplar, aspen, alder tree, even pine or spruce The difference is mainly in weight and size of fletching, length is the same The heaviest of them has the minimum weight 114g (quater pound) The lightest of them has the minimum weight 52g (BLBS) Winner of the tournament became Pavel Sesulka across all the disciplines Second place won Jan Kaspar, third Miroslav Hlavacka, all from CSWBS

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