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January 12, 2020

Good morning! You look sweaty! I know, I started out with the heavy stuff so now I only have the easy part left. That’s sick. That’s the only reason why you should have a big stomach. You’ll get to fly next Wednesday. Go swimming with Josefin. I’ll check if she’s avalible. I’m competing in the Swedish Championship on Wednesday so it’s perfect. I thought you were kidding first. I didn’t think of that. Axel is the guy I’m always training with otherwise. The other ones are not here as often. As soon as I’m done with Games I will take at least one month off of from training. Of course I can get normal exercise but not go down to the gym with a plan. Then it will only be about using my . body because it’s fun. It’s really important to take a break, otherwise you wont be able to do this. When I started out with Crossfit I almost didn’t rest at all. As soon as the biggest competition year was behind me, I started to train for the next one. When you’re down at the gym every day except Sundays you have to look at the big picture to have the energy to keep on going. Otherwise you’re risking to lose the joy which is one of the most important things to have to be able to perform. Now we’re going to do this but Oscar will shoot at me at the same time. Now it will get heavy. We’ll do some deadlifts. First we’ll do reps of 13, then 11, 9, 7 and then ending up with 5. The first 13 reps are with 160 kilos and then you put on another 5 kilos every time you change the number of reps. Between every change of reps we have to do two legless rope climb. So the way to do it is to stand still and then climb up, only using your arms. When you reach the top you start to climb down again, only using your arms. Then you do this two times. Then back to the deadlift and then you repeat it until you’re done. If you get done.. Done! He’s awsome. And in good shape! He’s just saying that because I can hear him. That’s not the way it is. I don’t know if it was in Skanstull or here but I remember this one time when Axels computer was lagging and he was going to restart it and this little kid is sitting next to him and he accidentally turns off the kids computer instead. The kid didn’t dare to say anything it was hilarious! I can’t remember my password.. I don’t understand how you can forget your password after five seconds. I can’t log in, so frustrating. How do you lower this chair? Come on, we’ll take them. Check it out!! I get anxious from all the hype that we are suppose to be good at this and then we die this easy. It would have been another thing if we had been playing at the playstation. Did you see that? Now it’s this one again.. Nice! Jakob, help me. I don’t have a gun. Come on and save me. I can feel the victory. Did you see that? I got him! What happened? Now it’s like that again! They kicked me out the game! But admit my grenades were awesome? I hit two persons with it. You can say that there is nobody better then me when it comes to throwing grenades. Keep on going, keep on going, keep on going.. That’s good. Have a grenade I knocked one out! Get back over again! I’m running They are here somewhere There he was! Easy! That’s just pure luck that we manage to record that Thumbs up Anders Look, he’s tangled up again It was great to do some gaming done with the boys Jakob is the best at boosting our team when we’re playing fortnite. Jakob is really stoked, he want’s to make team t-shirts and stuff. He’s out of control. We’re one man short and nobody wants to join us but Jakob is still convinced that we are the best even though we almost never get pass the lobby. Anders always keeps calm, he keeps us on the ground. So first I forgot my password and then I had to go to the reception where they helped me fix a new password. Then when I’ve changed the password, I restart the computer and I try to log in again and then it still doesn’t work. So then I had to go back to the reception where they’re wondering what I’m doing since I just were there. Then the game still doesn’t work. So I have to restart the computer again and then it still doesn’t work. It was the sickest ever. That makes me angry for real It’s my weak spot when devices won’t work But in retrospective I can laugh about it. Mabye it’s all conected that I’m forgeting about stuff like my wallet, password and so on. But I’m not forgeting the workout. It’s like the one thing in life I’m really good at keeping track of. I guess it gets like that when you’re really focused about something. All the other things comes in second place and in one way you don’t have the energy either. Walter had an ear infection so we got a cream for it with a label on it saying “Includes strong steroids” So that made me pretty nervous and I didn’t want to be anywhere near that cream. So Charre had to do it. But then we asked a doctor and he said that it was cool, that it wasn’t steroids only cortisons. It would have been so awkward if I got caught for doping at Games and told them that it was my dogs medicin. Nobody would ever believe that, it sounds like the worlds worst excuse ever.

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  1. Haha! I love the story about not wanting to go near the dog's ear infection cream! LOL Better to be safe than sorry!

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