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Lucky or Good You Be the Judge

August 19, 2019

(wind blows) (dramatic orchestral music) – [Announcer] Yamaha presents
the Whitetail Diaries, chronicling hunting adventures
of the most plentiful and intelligent big game
animal in North America, join top whitetail
hunters nationwide embark on the amazing adventure that
is hunting the whitetail deer. (dramatic orchestral music) (slow guitar music) – You know, this
is our traditional, I call it our Cabela’s
week in deer camp, where we had different members of the Cabela’s team
come down, and we’re, we’ve done everything from talk about future
product development, in the past we’ve talked
about market strategy, we look at, you know,
trends and what’s coming up, but we get to go deer huntin’,
that’s my favorite part of that whole week is
we’re going deer hunting. – We come down here,
we have fellowship, and we talk business,
and we just get out there and enjoy the outdoors,
and share in the lifestyle that built Cabela’s. – [Wade] The conditions
are phenomenal right now, the deer are on their
feet, they’re chasing does, they’re rutting, you can rattle, you can see ’em chasing, so
this is just a great time to be here, and one of
the people we were able to invite this
week is Lucas Hoge. – I’m so proud and
honored to be a partner with Cabela’s, I’m one of
their brand ambassadors, along with Luke, Brian,
and Justin Juarez, their music ambassadors,
and I always wanted to be some way
affiliated with Cabela’s, ’cause I was a
Cabela’s fan, I mean, growing up in the Midwest,
it’s a Nebraska based company, I mean, that was our mecca,
that was our Disneyland, you know, and we
finally got to go to a great store like
that, and being able to go right before a hunt or
right after a hunting season, or something like that,
with Dad and my brother, it was just a
family treat for us. Finally being able
to come full circle and be an ambassador for
a brand like Cabela’s, it just makes my heart
sing, it really does. – [Announcer] Well, on
deck first is Jeremy Wonch. With the present
weather conditions, Wade and Jeremy head out
to the whitetail ridge, in hopes that the deer will
favor the rocky terrain during the wet weather. – For me, when I start thinking about where I’m gonna go
hunt, or what we’re gonna do, I base a lot of things on,
obviously, the conditions, the wind, what stages
the deer tend to be in, where I’m seeing
’em, what I’m seeing on the scouting
cameras, you know, you take all that information, as well as your history
and your past experiences, and you compile it together
to pick hunting spots. And we’ve had a
tremendous amount of rain, probably as much as seven inches
in the last 36 to 48 hours, and I know that our deer
like to be in rockier ridges and up on the hills,
and, you know, where it’s rocky,
that time of the year when you have those conditions, so when Jeremy and
I had the chance to get out and go hunting, I
knew right away a couple places that I thought would produce, that the deer would
be comfortable in, based on what was going on. – It was a cool place, and
we’re set up on the side of a hill, pushed
back into some brush, and we instantly
saw some action. We saw a little spike buck
come in, saw a doe come in, and then we had a whole
herd of sheep come in. – I normally just
kind of am impatient, and just let whatever
happens gonna happen, let the livestock kind
of do their thing, whether it’s a cow or, you know, a goat or a sheep or
whatever might show up, but in this case, they
were going to sleep, they were chilling out, they
were resting down there, and I’m thinking, man,
I’ve gotta do something. It’s about four o’clock,
we’ve got about an hour and a half of time left,
I need these sheep gone, so I literally
(laugh) go down there, and my whole mind,
while I’m doing this, is, well, this is probably
live on Facebook somewhere, Jeremy’s streaming
it and telling all of his buddies back in
Sydney what’s going on, and I’m walking
around, you know, waving my arms
like a bird, like, I mean, I’m out
there flying around, and the sheep are looking at me, but, you know, hey, it worked. I mean, maybe I have a
future to be a sheep herder, but I got them out of there, climbed back up on the
ridge and we laughed, and I thought, you know,
let’s just ride this out and see what happens, I mean,
we’ve got a great vista, we can see a long
ways, and, you know, when a deer is gonna
do what he’s gonna do, he’s gonna come in where
he’s gonna come in, and this just, gonna happened
to be one of those cases. (slow ambient music) And I mean, it
was instantaneous, I knew we had a shooter buck, and what the funny part
is, is that’s right where I’m walking
around, you know, not an hour before working
these sheep, you know, playing sheep herder, and here, here this buck comes down
the drain and down the draw, and I just said, “Hey,
you got a shooter, Jeremy, “if you like him, it’s
all up to you now.” (slow orchestral music) (gun fires) He (mumbles) bad, he’s
going down, he’s done, he’s done. He’s gonna go down right there. Good shot. Good shot. You crushed it. (group laughs) Dude, what a cool deer, you
see the tines on that thing? (overlapping chatter) – [Jeremy] It was just so cool
to see it all come together, and really, when you
look at the end result, everything worked perfectly. Oh, there he is. Oh, buddy. – [Wade] Look at
the tines on that– – [Jeremy] Oh, man. Look at him. – [Wade] I love those
high time racks, all those tine lengths there, I guarantee, that’s
gonna be about a, I bet that’s gonna be
close to 10, 11 there. – [Jeremy] Oh, my gosh. – [Wade] That’s an old
timer right there, too. – [Jeremy] Look at that deer. What a draw, man, I can’t
even tell you how happy I am, thank you so much. – [Wade] That was too cool. – [Jeremy] That was a fun day. What a fun hunt. What a good deer. – It’s so fun to get out and
go hunt with your friends and people that you work with, and that you
strategize, you know, on projects all the
time, so to be there and to watch him
make a perfect shot, and to see that green,
and see the excitement, and, you know, watching
him texting his wife and tell her how happy,
you know, excited he was, and she was happy, that’s
what it’s all about for me. – I can’t tell you
how excited I am, this has been just
an awesome day, and everything
that went on today, we had sheep coming through,
we had sun, we had rain, it was, it was perfect,
and I had a blast, this was, this is
fantastic, great deer. – [Announcer] Want to see more
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sides, real world tough. Cabela’s, it’s in your nature. Garmin Rhino Seven
Series, wherever you hunt, make it Rhino country. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. We’ve got a special group
of guys in camp this week from Cabela’s, and one
of them just happens to be country artist and
Cabela’s ambassador, Lucas Hoge. – You know, and I got to
meet Lucas a few years ago on some of our fishing trips,
and then I’ve become a fan of his music ever since then. The plan with Lucas is
he’s gonna be bow hunting, he’s been practicing with
the Cabela’s Fortitude bow, and that’s a fantastic setup
that is just dialed in, and I already know
Lucas can shoot, I’ve seen him in
action at the ACM at Cabela’s archery
contest that we do, you know, he’s got it dialed in, I’ve been fortunate to
have him both on my team and actually have to
shoot against him, so I know that he’s
got game with that bow, so I’m pretty excited
to see, you know, what we can have happen. – We got into camp, and
after flying with your bow, you definitely want
to check it out first, and they have a great
setup here with 3D targets across the property
at different ranges, so being able to get out
here, hang out with the guys, just chill out and
get your stuff dialed in nice and easy,
take the stress off, and make sure that your
weapon’s functioning accurately, is a huge deal, and
to be able to do it in such a great atmosphere,
man, it’s just great. – So we’re gonna start
Lucas off in a box blind. You know, we just put
this one up recently, and, you know, we know
the deer are there, it’s in one of
our favorite spots where we used to have to
put a pop up every year, and now we’ve got
a permanent setup, and you’ve got
shooting lanes out, you know, one side that go
back into a persimmon flat. On the other side, you’ve
got a big (mumbles) flat, and I mean, it’s just, it’s a
perfect place to go hunting. – So that first morning
we’re out there, and we get out there
well enough time before the sun comes up,
it’d just been raining, like, torrential rains, I
mean, it’s muddy and wet, but we got out there
and we got settled in before the sun comes
up, and the rain quits, and we’re sitting there,
and you hear crunching, and you could see the,
you could see a silhouette of a deer eating grass, and
you could just see that rack, just towering above him, and
it was just not enough light in the day yet, and the
camera couldn’t see him, I could barely see him,
and he just walked on off and we didn’t see him
the rest of the day. It was just fantastic,
so much action going on all around us, I ain’t never
seen so many deer (laughs) around me in all my life,
so to see all that activity, it gets your heart
going a lot, you know, and seeing great
animals coming in, just beautiful,
beautiful animals. Our interest was definitely
piqued when we saw that guy, that we wanted to
go back that night, so we went back
that night, set up, everything was great,
another, you know, great active crowd of deer
that came through there, and he never came
in, he never came in, so we figured he might be
a morning guy. (laughs) So we went back the
following morning, sure enough, he was right there, we got up before
the sun come up, we had plenty of time to set up, everything, all the
conditions were right, beautiful, bright,
sunshine-y day. And I got my shooting
lanes and the deer blind, and everything was perfect, and he was just chasing
doe left and right, eating a little grass here
and there and chasing doe, and he just would
not square up to me, and I’m not gonna shoot if
he’s not in the right spot, so he, the one shot that we got, he turned and just walked off. I mean, he was probably
two seconds, maybe, it was the perfect shot, but
he just walked off, (laughs) said, “See you later,
not this year.” – [Announcer] When we return, Lucas and Wade form
a new game plan, and it looks like
it could pay off. Be sure to stay current on our
latest prizes and giveaways, like us on Facebook
and follow along on all our entries into the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries. The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by Thompson Center,
America’s master gun maker. Purina Quick Draw
mineral blocks, a
difference you can see. StealthCam digital
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smoking made easy. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries with Wade Middleton. Country singer Lucas
Hoge has been hunting out of a box blind, but
after sitting there three different times
without any luck, well, it was time to
try something else. – I really, unless I’m hunting
a phenomenal food source, I get nervous going to a spot
four and five times like that. You know, the deer get nervous, you’re putting an undue
pressure in there, they get wise to you, and I
just think it makes it harder and harder, and we only had
a few days left on this hunt, and I thought,
let’s make a move, let’s try something
different this afternoon. And fortunately for me, I
was free that afternoon, and I was gonna be able
to tag along with Lucas, and we parked a
pretty good ways away, you know, made our way
across the big spring creek that runs through there, got up, got set up, and just kind of
had to sit there and wait. We got in there about two
o’clock that afternoon, and immediately we
saw a little spike that came crossing right
through, and in my mind, I’m thinking, boy, if a big
buck does the same thing, he is gonna get hammered. A doe kind of milled
around out there, we had a young eight
point come in not long after I’d started
rattling, and, you know, it was shaping up
to be fairly perfect for the late afternoon. – He took me to this great spot, the deer blind was
perfectly hidden, and it’s a big, one of
those pop up blinds, and it’s a big one, we
could get four people in there if we wanted
to, if not more, I could stand up straight,
and I’m 6’2, so it was great. Wade’s sitting there with me, and we just see all this
activity going around, and I peek up, you
know, over see the blind and there’s trees right there. Man, I just see this
beautiful, promising rack, and I’m thinking it’s
a 10 point, you know, and he’s pushing buck and
he’s pushing doe around, and so I was sitting
right where he came, and he came across to
my left side there, and it couldn’t
have been better. (bow string snaps) – You got him. Dude, I’m telling you right
now, I think you smoked him. I think you made a
perfect shot, right there, dude, I mean, it looked
like it disappeared, I mean, from my angle, it
looked in the heart, didn’t it? It looked. (laughs) It looked perfect in the heart. Let’s just sit here and wait
a bit, let him do his thing. – Good spot, my goodness, wow. – [Wade] You know, we give the
deer a decent amount of time, and we start tracking,
and, you know, Lucas had watched
the deer clear a, you know, big old black
brush bush out there, and sure enough, we go up there
and we start finding blood, and you find a few more drops, and you see that
he’s running hard, and in my mind,
he’s running dead. And that’s the term
that I say all the time when a deer’s been
hit in the heart and he’s gonna go
X amount of yards, and he’s just gonna
fall over dead. You know, because
that’s what I saw when I thought the arrow
went in and everything, and how it embedded and
how it was standing, but as we got up a
little bit longer, there was two big
puddles of blood, and I’m thinking, that deer’s
not running dead anymore, he stopped here
and he’s bleeding. And when they stop
and they’re bleeding, a lot of things can be going on. He may not be hurt as bad,
or maybe he’s staggering, getting ready to go down, but there was definitely
no splashes right there, he had stood in this spot and
bled, and we weren’t maybe, I don’t know, 55, 60
yards from the blind, and I heard a scrambling
and a few little rocks, and that made me
nervous right then, and we just backed out,
we got out of there. That’s what I’ve always
said, if you don’t think that deer’s dead
and your sign’s not, get out of there,
you know, track quiet and if you think
something’s gone wrong, get out of there, and
that’s what we did. And we decided to go back
out and look a little bit that evening, and we
get back out there, recreate it all again,
we’re able to track the deer about another 100 yards, but we just weren’t
finding any blood. You know, we’re
thinking to ourself, did we jump that deer, you know, is the arrow still in
him, plugging it up? You know, if you’re
a bow hunter, you’ve got a million thoughts
in your mind right now. (slow ambient music) Anybody at home
right now is they’re, they’re either criticizing, or saying we should
have done this, we should have done
that, and yes, no, maybe, that’s what I always say
in these bow hunting deals, ’cause you never have
’em until you have ’em, but after tracking
for a little while, and the blood quit, you know, and we made a few big
circles, we got out of there. I, in my mind, I said,
this is a dead deer, there’s no doubt in my
mind this is a dead deer. We just come back with
a big army of people in the morning and
start all over. – [Announcer] The
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries
is brought to you by Smith & Wesson
Performance Center, performance when
it matters most. ConQuest Scent, hunting scents
and dog training scents. WileyX, absolute
premium protection. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. – Lucas made a perfect
shot last night, and you could see that
arrow go right in, it’s embedded perfectly
in the shoulder. We tracked that deer
for about 80 yards, and we possibly
jumped that deer, I’m a little nervous about that, but well, we don’t really
know, blood just kind of stops. I really believe
that the left side of that deer is, the
hole’s plugged up from the arrow, so we’re
not getting a lot of blood. We found a couple of big spots where he definitely stopped at, so we backed out
of here last night, we’ve got a search party
out here with us right now, we’re gonna kind of start
the Easter egg hunt, the sun’s just getting up, it
was really cold last night, so, you know, what we
know is the shot was here, the deer went that way, kind
of down into a little valley, and that’s our last sign. So we’ll take search
party, kind of spread out into a grid, and see
what we can find. – I feel good, I wish we would
have found him last night, but I think he’s gonna
be right up here, so it got awful dark,
easy to get turned around in this brush, so
we brought the A team out, we’re gonna find this baby
tonight, or this morning here. (dramatic slow music) We figured we’d call in
the A team in the morning, so we got all the
guys, and we decided to go back to that same
spot and just start from where we were
and just start looking and start looking,
and we found a little, a couple little pools of
blood that we couldn’t find at night, and man, that
led us right to him. Is he right there? – [Wade] He’s right there. (overlapping chatter) Jeff and I were
standing right here. Jeff and I were standing,
you and I were right here– (overlapping chatter) – I walked all that
treeline right there, and we came right
back passed it. – [Wade] We were literally, Jeff and I were standing right
here, looking at two does. – [Lucas] Are you kidding me? (Wade laughs) Yeah, boy, we got him, right
where we thought he would be. Look at that. – [Wade] Get in there, buddy. – Nice, oh, man. I’m pretty amazed,
this is just awesome, to see something
like this out here, it’s a great deer,
great hunt, great shot. It was cool to finally
get to hunt with Wade, I’d been fishing
with him before, but never been out in
the field with him, so it was really
cool, to be hunting with all my good
buddies out here, it’s just a good time,
good time for fellowship, and everything
like that, too, so. To get a monster like
this, I’m excited (laughs) to say the least. When you get an animal
in your sights like that, and you do everything
that you can possibly do to make it the best
shot, the best kill, everything just
like it needs to be, and then when you
finally see that animal in your hands for
the first time, man, it’ll almost bring
a tear to your eye. I’m so glad I got
to come down here, the Whitetail Diaries ranch, and hunt with Wade and the boys, and I look forward to coming
back someday real soon. – [Announcer] Hey,
be sure to check out Lucas Hoge’s new
album, Dirty South, now on iTunes, Amazon,
or at (laid back country music) Well, that’ll do it
for us for this week. Congratulations,
Lucas and Jeremy, on your entries into the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries. (dramatic orchestral music)

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