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Lucas the Spider

October 7, 2019

– Hi, my name’s Lucas. I have too many eyeballs. I look around with all of the eyeballs. Where’s my spiderweb? Oh, there it is. Okay, bye.

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  1. Well people, my mother is so terrified of spiders that she's refusing to give Lucas a chance…

    That's sad…

  2. Peeps don’t lie to yourself when you say OMG LUCAS IS SO CUTE, I LOVE SPIDERS BECAUSE OF HIM!!!
    You only say that cuz he’s cute, not realistic.

  3. I would REALLY like to buy some Lucas products especially the phone case but… I don't have that much money?

    Edit: Sorry Lucas!?

  4. Спасибо . Мне понравились анимационные видео с милым паучком Лукасом

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