Low Mileage Datsun 510 and an imported Ferrari 400i  | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 26
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Low Mileage Datsun 510 and an imported Ferrari 400i | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 26

December 23, 2019

(rock music) – There’s a very good bookstore in Burbank, California
called Autobooks-Aerobooks. It’s been there for about 60 years and because I write books I go in there once in
a while and sign them when I’m in town. Well, the lady that owns
that bookstore, Tina, gave us a lead on a friend of hers, Astra, who lives very close to the bookstore, whose husband recently passed away. And he’s got a couple
of cars that he owned in their garage that they are looking to now, probably, sell. So, they’ve invited us inside to take a look at what they have. Hello, you’re Astra? How are you? Tom Carter. – Hi. – Hello, I’m Davis. – Davis, okay. And this is a bigger garage
than most houses around here. Did your husband build this garage? – [Astra] Yes. – Huh, it’s a beauty. – It’s a beauty. Well, let’s see what’s in there. – I’ll go turn the lights on. – [Tom] Uh huh, now can you
tell us about these cars? – I can tell you some about them. That’s a ’65 Citroën Ami Six. As you can see, it’s very original. I do understand there’s
a different engine, a larger Citroën engine put into it but original type is still the two-cylinder, air-cooled engine. – Two-cylinder, air-cooled? – Yes. – [Tom] So, it’s like a Dozier Vol motor? – [Davis] I believe so. – [Tom] Huh. And so how long did he own this? – [Tom] He’s owned this
for more than 30 years. – And that’s probably original paint, I mean it looks like
in fantastic condition. You know what year it is, though, right? – [Davis] ’65, yeah. – ’65! Oh, ’65, okay. Wow, that’s beautiful. So, this was last
registered 2003, so really, this has been 14 years since
this has been on the road. Just sit in this thing, I’ve never… I don’t think I’ve ever
seen one of these in person. – [Davis] Lift up a little bit. Press the button and lift up.
– Ah, there we go. Citroëns are French, and so the French just have different ways of doing things. Like designing a steering
wheel with one spoke. You know, so most wheels have two spokes or maybe three, and early
cars would have four. All the French decided,
why have all those spokes when one will do? So the spoke on the wheel
is actually connected right down to the steering
column, right through. Interesting, and it
still seems pretty solid. This has got 75,000 miles on it. It’s got a shifter that comes out of the dashboard, like a 2CV. That’s a nice little car. For a 1965 car, this is
in amazing condition. You know, we looked at the
French-designed steering wheel with the one spoke. Just take a look at this
hood here, it’s almost like a mustache, and it fits right in down here into the grille. What an unusual style. Everything about, you know, French cars, and especially Citroën, is unusual. They’re like, you know,
rolling sculpture in some case. They don’t have a lot
of horse power, but they really do look beautiful. Or unusual, I should say. And this car? – [Davis] This is a ’68
Datsun 510, all original. – [Tom] Did he buy this car new? – Wow. It’s funny, we’ve been doing
Barn Find Hunter episodes now for a year and a half, I
suppose, we’ve never run across a Datsun 510, and
we’ve run across two now, in two days. This is certainly the nicest one that I’ve maybe seen in my life, and I’m a Datsun 510
enthusiast, driver, collector, and I used to have a business
when I was just out of school, repairing Datsun 510s. I’ve raced them, I’ve rallied them. This car is a one-owner
car, it’s at 88,000 miles, which for a 510 is still brand-new. 88,000, these are 200,000 mile cars easy. The weak part of these cars was rust. They would rot out the quarter panels, rot out in the rockers. The floors would rot out,
’cause they used very thin metal and didn’t undercoat anything. This is a California car, it’s been off the road since the ’80s. It’s one-owner, it’s been
taken care of and garaged. It still has… come over here, take a look at this. This car was bought new,
being shipped from Japan. They had plastic covering the door panels so they wouldn’t get marred or dirty. Look at that, the plastic
is still on here from 1968. On all four doors. This is just an amazing car. You know, I get excited
about cars like this. It might sound unusual to some people, but this is a car that
is increasing in demand and respect these days, and people are looking for these cars. And so this car, I haven’t
spent much time around. Did he drive this car much,
or do you know him that long? – [Davis] Oh, I’ve known
him, yeah, many years. He did drive it, yeah. Like you mentioned, you
know, we speak Latvian. He drove this to the
Latvian Community Center once in a while. – And what a contrast between
a lightweight, low-powered French car to a heavyweight,
high-powered American car. So his interests were all over the map. You don’t have a price on this one yet? – [Davis] No, I do not. – [Tom] That’s a good, solid car. So you’ve shown us Astra’s cars here, but I’m told that she has a Ferrari that you’re working on at your house. Can we go over and take
a look at that as well? – Yes. (rock music) – [Tom] This is a 1981 Ferrari 400i. I stands for injection. There’s not many of these in The States. This is a great market
car, and what Davis said, these cars were never
imported to The States. People brought them in individually. What makes this car unusual is that it’s got a manual gear box. Most of the cars you see
like this are automatics, use a GM Turbo-Hydramatic. How many miles are on it? – [Davis] It has 102,000 kilometers. It’s very confusing, it has
the mile per hour speedometer, but the odometer is still in kilometers. (laughing) – So does it start, run? – Yes. – Let’s see this. Fire that mother up. (car revving) – Are those the fuel
injectors rattling in there? – The alternator has a loose bearing. – Oh, a loose bearing.
– That’s what that is, yeah. – Whoa! There’s a lot going on in there, man. That’s smooth, man, wow. So I guess it’s a, is it a four liter? – Yes. – Four liter, double
overhead cam, 12 cylinders, so little tiny pistons that
are able to move very rapidly. That was the whole idea
Ferrari always had, small displacement, lightweight cars that would race American
cars, like Cobras and GT40s with bigger displacement
engines, but they were heavier. That’s a nice car. Let’s take a look at the trunk. That sounds pretty, doesn’t it? So just some accessories
and parts in here. This is probably the jack. Ferrari toolkits are like
an industry in themselves. Some of the early Ferraris’
toolkits can go for $50,000. – [Davis] Wow. – [Tom] This is probably the
last affordable, front engine, 12 cylinder Ferrari there is. Every other 12 cylinder, front
engine Ferrari in history has gone up in value to millions, and in some cases tens
of millions of dollars, in the case of a GTO. So, if you were a Ferrari enthusiast, but can’t afford the traditional Ferraris, of racing cars and touring
cars, here’s an ’81 that might fit your budget. I’m looking at that
Hagerty value guide here, and in concourse condition this would be valued at $44,900, and that would be a clean
car with good tires, good paint, good chrome. Then we go down to excellent
condition, $33,200, and good condition, $28,500,
and in fair, $22,000. But down at the bottom,
there’s a little asterisk which says “Add 35% for a
5-speed,” which is what this has. So, suddenly these values,
you can inflate them somewhat. I would say this is in excellent condition for a car with 102,000 kilometers on it. It’s complete, it runs well. The only thing I can see
it missing is a radio, which could be sourced
without too much trouble, but it’s got a fifth spare tire
on the same rim as on here. It’s got the jack, toolkit, nice interior that could
be brought back up. The leather seems to be
in pretty sound condition with some age cracks, but I think that could be massaged out of it. This is probably the last
affordable 12 cylinder, front engine Ferrari
you’ll see in a while. – [Davis] I know all the parts
are in the backseat for it. – [Tom] That’s a pretty clean
motor for, what year, ’64? – [Davis] ’65. – [Tom] ’65, what a clean motor, whoo. Did he buy this locally, I guess?

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  1. On the 510, is the gas filler up under one of those side "vent" panels? I borrowed a girlfriend's car once, it was very similar to that one except a 2 door. Darned if I could figure out where to put the gas in. I looked "normal" places like behind the license plate, and even tested the taillights thinking it might be like a 57 chevy… no dice.

  2. It's funny when americans talk about 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0L engines as low displacement and you are over here from europe :)))

  3. FYI the reason for the french cars (and other top sellers in europe) to have less power then the american cars is the fact that most governments in europe charge the road tax according to the power and/or displacement of your car.

  4. All these 2D 510 snobs.. Id rather have that 4 door, especially in that condition. You want coupes to mess with and make speedy, that one is for praticle cruising.

  5. Not the best video you've done. Skipping over the Buick and having some mystery car at the end wasn't your usual style. This one seemed rushed or overedited. I love that bookstore I spent lots of time there growing up.

  6. That was a different collection of cars you will ever find. The owner must have liked something different about each of them.

  7. Amazing Datsun find. I was just thinking how you never see any old Datsun's anymore. I just figured they all rusted away.

  8. Did not know Latvians own cool cars in USA. Latvian speaking here. And now I understand names Astra and Davis, those are Latvian aswell.

  9. hah, no wonder he did drive exactly that cat to a Latvian community as it resembles Latvian burgundy-white-burgundy state banner.

  10. $50,000 for a tool kit ? injectors noisy ? when its just a bearing in the alternator he gets a lot of things wrong for an expert

  11. I had a 4 door Datsun 510 that had a 8 track player with the Beatles Sargent peppers lonely hearts club band stuck in it…

  12. Wow a mint condition Datsun 1600 or 510 in the USA . I’m in Australia it need a Nissan fj20et engine under the bonnet

  13. Next time you're in Detroit look me up I know where there's a few cars you'd really like to look at I just got a few barn finds myself 67 Corvette big block been in the garage since 1969 17000 MI hope to see you soon

  14. Heart dropped over that 510. My god I think that is the best example I have ever seen myself. Stunning.

  15. I, too, will take the Citroëe Ami. (Please note I'm sufficient an anorak that I've put the umlaut over the e) Mad styling based on the 2CV chassis which is a kind of lightweight tractor. You'd think they'd be simple to work on but no! Special tools are required in many places but reliability is good. I'm afraid I don't get the adulation of the Datsun, it looks like it was carefully designed to have no style or aura whatsoever, still, whatever floats your boat… I reckon the Ami's steering wheel has more style than an entire car park of Datsuns.

  16. Someone needs to tell Hagerty's subtitle person the difference between a "gray-market" car and a "great market" car.

  17. Nice cars alright, at one stage the Datsun would have been worth very little, nice light weight french car, and the old coupe beautiful interior.

  18. Interesting.. I saw an old 1st Gen Mustang found in a barn in Western MA-it had sat there for 12+ years-unfortunately, mice had eaten all the wiring insulation-it needed a new wiring harness.

  19. That citreon is really odd looking and I'm assuming rare ,but that 510 is not that rare but what a nice design !

  20. I have someone near my house in England that has the same Ferrari but the car it been sitting for 6/7 years

  21. I had a black 69 Datsun 510 A10. It had a inline six an a three on the tree automatic transmission. I paid $200 fer it an all it needed was one linkage to be connected to the throttle cable. An that Lil six banger would hightail it lickity split. I miss that low Lil monster. I later had to replace a floor panel an both rocker panels an I sold it to a local collector fer $4500. All in all I put $1500 into it not including the $200 I paid fer it.

  22. My criticism for this and other episodes – although I still LOVE them – is, "Let's spend time on all the foreign cars and when we get to the American car, barely mention it, omit mentioning the make and model or year." I take that a little offensively. I was looking forward to hearing, you know, even the most slightest amount of information on it.

  23. That was a 1939 Buick Coupe for those of us who felt offended by the disrespect shown to the American car. But hey – at least you know how many spokes are in the steering wheel of the foreign car.

  24. These shows are both exciting and unexplainable. Every episode is filled with 4 doors and oddball cars, not to mention the fascination with Volkswagen. Old and rare doesn’t equal value automatically.

  25. what he is not saying is, that plastic has now ruined the door cards, trying to pull it off will destroy them.
    ask me how i know that, lol.

  26. Hey I have a 68 Datsun 510 4 D # speed auto with plastic off one door at less than 18.000 miles. it is ruff but I got it. I just wonder $$$$$

  27. the later citroen ami has been originally sold with the 4 cilinder engine. it had some 55 bhp wich are like 25 more than the standard. with 135 wheels and soft suspensions was an interesting car to drive, fast for the time. sad to see how boring to drive are new citroens

  28. what an interesting life of cars, you buy new when price drops untill its 150 bucks 😀 when time passes by a lot of time 😀 and whan either car starts to rise in price or not. Rust eats other cars price goes up every year less cars bigger value. Some cars eats other cars on parts. Until no more left. damn i love those old cars they have style they are so different. If you think after a lot of time somebody will watch at prius and will say wow 😀

  29. In 82'' I went from Detroit to Dallas and bought a 72' 510 wagon 4spd. from a Datsun mechanic. He had put in a L20B motor. The car was light n quick. Had fun with it. Even though it did not have the sedans IRS it was reasonably tossable. Quit driving it because I bought a 80' Fairmont wagon w 4spd. The 510 sat for 2 years and rusted quick.

  30. I've gotta say nothing better on a Saturday morning to see a new barn find hunter on !! Keep up the great work Tom !

  31. Looking at the back of the Citroen, I wonder how far the trunk lid can actually open. The sharply canted rear window / roof intrudes so much above the lid that it appears it can only open up to a steep angle. If so, this would be a significant design flaw that would reduce the utility of the car.

  32. That Datsun is so familiar-looking. There were so many of these around for so much of my life, and now they are all gone.

  33. I do not understand what is what. Fiat is Datsun or Datsun is Fiat?. Or Russian Vaz is from both?. 🙂 Joks!. Sveiciens latviešu kopienai ASV!.

  34. The killer of old cars was rust. These survived in this condition due to a garage which was not very common and certainly not a standard to new houses as they are today. As well as more underground and covered parking at the shopping centers which was also not as common in the past.
    A bad exterior can condemn the car to the junk yard regardless of how good and perfect running condition the mechanical side are.
    Conversely an excellent exterior with a bad mechanical side is more likely to be repaired and restored.
    We are creatures of skin deep beauty, our motivation and level of care for the car exponentially drops the more blemishes it has and/or how old it gets.
    I have seen many near new condition OLD cars in the junk because the younger generation just have no interest because they are not SUV's, no touch screen and fixing 1 thing is 1 too many (with the new generation only into use and use and zero motivation or idea to repair).

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