Lost Hunting Dog Tore Her Leg Escaping From A Trap To Give Birth | Animal in Crisis EP90
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Lost Hunting Dog Tore Her Leg Escaping From A Trap To Give Birth | Animal in Crisis EP90

November 29, 2019

Informant: When there’s a person, she doesn’t come but when it’s left here, she eats it and goes PD: When you come later, the food is gone?
Informant: Yes, because the bowl is empty From three or four days ago A dog, who’s very wary, finds this place and leaves after eating the food Time passes by and a dog appears She looks around carefully for a while and she puts her mouth to the food bowl A gaunt body that exposes ribs Her hind leg which is severely injured And what strikes out to the eye is a black object hanging around her neck Could her ankle injury have anything to do with the object around her neck What could be the object around her neck Dog supply store: This is.. PD: Are you seeing this for the first time? Dog supply store: We only have such collars Collars that are ordinarily used But Dog supply store: This is a transmitter. Location tracker. The black object is a location tracker for hunting! Dog supply store: This is fastened when going hunting and the yellow collar is used to reflect light when going out hunting at evening A location tracker used to figure out the location of hunting dogs, and a fluorescent collar for nighttime hunting Is her identity a hunting dog? Hunting Dog Expert: She’s an ‘East Siberian Laika’ kind. / Laika? / Laika. Yes Then she must definitely be a hunting dog of the ‘East Siberian Laika’ breed! Known for catching tigers East Siberian Laikas are partners who have received love from hunters for a long time Hunting Dog Expert: If the hunting dog couldn’t find the owner then it makes sense the owner lost the dog. There’s a possibility that she may have gotten lost because a problem occurred in her GPS Permission is needed to hunt in South Korea Was there no hunter who was looking for her by chance Staff in charge: We haven’t yet received such report Why wouldn’t the person be looking for his or her precious dog If the person lost his or her hunting dog during a legal hunting season he/she must’ve made an effort to look here and there and to find the dog Must have done poaching, from what I reckon Her owner is presumed to be a poacher Wildlife Protection Association poaching watch group With the expert decided to take a look around a nearby hill “Ah, there’s a snare here” A poaching tool that was discovered by the expert “This here is a snare that’s set up on the corner of where animals come down” “It gets narrower so that the animal can’t come out of it” Was the lost dog given up on in case the covert hunting gets found out “If you follow the string like this” “It’s hidden among the leaves like this” “so that when animals pass by they’ll get caught” She must’ve gotten caught in a trap set up by someone “Can’t get out of it. Since this has the strength to clamp down on it.” “Whether it’s the front leg or the hind leg, the possibility of a fracture is almost 100%” “Or if a fracture doesn’t occur, there’s a possibility that (an animal) could escape from it with just a muscle torn but” “that’s extremely rare” An owner who isn’t coming and the agony of healthy flesh coming off After wandering in the mountain perhaps she had come down to a private home not being able to get over her hunger A vet has come to find the site, but it’s a situation where it’s difficult to approach her because of her wariness Vet: Her body is in pain and because she’s very thin Vet: she seems to have become more sensitive In the vicinity of a vinyl greenhouse she was discovered again Vet: She’s very unwell looking at her now Vet: She only seems to be 70~80% of her normal weight Vet: And the condition of her leg, toes is very bad Vet: Right now, they’re almost at a point right before falling off The vinyl greenhouse that she had stayed at Vet: I think she gave birth over there A trace of childbirth was found Vet: This is a trace of placenta Vet: There’s colour here. It’s just the size of a bottom Vet: She probably gave birth at this spot and had managed her puppies at this spot A possibility that she had given birth three or four days ago But the puppies aren’t seen anywhere Vet: (The mother) would definitely go to breastfeed. She’d go instinctively Vet: If the mother had spent the night alone here Vet: There’s a higher probability that the puppies aren’t alive right now Vet: There’s a higher probability that they died Spent time and watched her but she was always alone After losing her owner and her puppies how much pain must she have been in Because she couldn’t be further left like this we decided to rescue her In the vinyl greenhouse that she goes in and out of, we set up a capture frame, but will she come into the capture frame when she is very wary But, PD: There’s no location tracker? The location tracker that was fastened around her neck had disappeared Went back the mountain path that she had come from “It here, it’s here” The PD had found an old GPS Carrying this heavy thing around her neck, how long must she have wandered At that moment she appears at the vinyl greenhouse As if she must be very hungry she lowers her wariness and goes inside the capture frame Rescue success Deep wound of her body and mind.. Now this is also the end of that pain Does she know that as well A more relaxed expression The vet’s medical results Fortunately, she has no illness but the condition of her hind leg is worrisome Vet: There’s a mark of having been pressed by something sharp like a saw blade The ankle was caught in a trap and the flesh had fallen off Vet: There’s no flesh at all. There’s no flesh here right like this But what’s surprising is Vet: It hasn’t been very long since she got wounded Vet: I think it’s been now only 10 days, at most half a month If so, then she must’ve gotten caught in the trap with a pregnant body Vet: Because she was hurt while pregnant, she probably would have tried to escape more desperately to deliver her puppies Vet: Because of that, her wound also seems to have gotten deeper Vet: and also escape was possible After she had lost her owner’s hand how long must she have been in pain.. on a painful road even having had to send off her puppies Left alone again But because she’s strong, we believe that peace will come to her again

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  2. Seres de Luz que sólo dan Amor y las personas que ayudan y aman a los animalitos del mundo irán al cielo ????????????????????

  3. The last picture that we see on this video is that the dog appears to be out in the wild alone looking for her puppies no doubt. We need to know if she was eventually adopted was she cared for or did you simply x-ray and then put them back out now in the wilderness? We need to know

  4. Нельзя смотреть и не плакать.. Несчастные собачки, котики все животинки которые страдают большей части по вине двуногого существа. Люди перестали быть разумным существом сегодня человек разрушитель всему. Да именно всему, где появляется человек обязательно идёт процесс разрушения всего. Какими словами можно достучаться, что бы поняли… Надо. Беречь. Все. Нас. Окружщее. Эта земля не только для нас. ????????♥️♥️♥️?♥️?♥️?♥️??????????

  5. OMG she LOST everything !!! After loosing her babies, her health and heart..the trust is broken….She´s the most beautiful girl but the life of a hunters dog is NOT easy. If they don´t perform well enough, they often gets abandoned, injured or just killed by their owner, especially if he´s a poacher. Her babies might either be stolen or killed since no trace is found. I´m SO grateful you saved her do everything in your power to heal her body and mind….make her feel safe and loved once more..

  6. Hopefully theirs an update for this precious beautiful dog recovery after its rescue. Awesome rescuers to save the dog to treat medical attention. Super love for the dog and rescuers.

  7. Porfavor no se lo devuelvan al dueño ua que si lo hubiese querido se habría puesto las pilas y lo buscaría ya no mas daño para el animalito .

  8. I hope they never get The dog back to a Hunter. They dont care about Their dogs. Poor baby ❤️ ? those trapps should be put on tha humans Who use them for animals ?

  9. We despise the bastards of the flayers who kill our “Younger Brothers”, or make them disabled, or make money on them for their Account, as well as valuing them by throwing them away … They are innocent and defenseless – our animals, birds reptiles … We hate monster bastards from hell

  10. Why are people like this? I know a lot of people, including me, just wish they could see videos like this and know the pain they cause animals. Actually, when you think about it, we shouldn't really have traps for animals- even the ones we eat. We should stop animal abuse, avoid hunting and give animals a life just as enjoyable as ours.

    (Sorry if my english is bad)

  11. Quit eating meat and Quit trapping and hunting animals and farming and slaughtering animals to eat them when u dont need to. Watch earthlings the movie its free on youtube

  12. Looking for dog lovers, please take a moment to read Ruby's story. She's our beautiful 10yr old baby who needs to have surgery to remove a large tumor in her belly. We've spent thousands just trying to figure out what was wrong and have reached a point where we can't afford the life saving surgery she needs. I've linked a gofundme for her and am looking for any support from fellow dog parents who understand the struggle we're facing. https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-ruby-fund?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet

  13. Nói chung sự việc ngoài ý muốn, không ai muốn thú cưng của mình chịu cảnh vậy cả, cũng may e được cứu kịp thời


  15. No puppies? It doesn't take much to label a video, correctly. We'll still watch, they might have said something about puppies but no English.

  16. Io sono educata amo gli animali più della mia vita e quando vedo queste cose mi fanno male non è giusto povere bestie indifese dico solo vergognatevi non prendeteli se poi dopo li maltrattate nessuno vi obbliga a prenderli sono belli da piccoli e quando diventano grandi non vi interessano più vi odio

  17. Thank you wonderful
    Rescuing. This baby with all your time and effort. God bless you all the rescuers and team of vet. Please give us the feedback

  18. This channel the best chanal honest I don't know is Korean or Japanese they care so much for suffering dogs cats their VET the best of than any isian country very with love compassion ❤?

  19. OMG poor thing hes so emaciated. I'm glad you found him. It's nice to know theres good still in this world. I hope people learn from what they see here.

  20. Poor fog wish she he get treatment dog was hopeless when they took her sad ?God mercy to these suffering & thankyou for taking care of ? save place at least ???

  21. I don’t believe with hunting c I think it’s disgusting and torture all the animals x and hunters are asholl most of them! But thank you to all of you who saved and care to all innocent souls x remember they can’t speak and relay on us xthank you x we love you ? xHugs from England ??????

  22. большое вам спасибо за такую тяжелую проделанную работу! Смотрю каждый ролик и не могу сдержать слез. . . Очень хочется узнать о ее выздоровлении, всех сил ей и вам, дорогие создатели. ????

    Thank you so much for such hard work! I watch every video and I can not hold back the tears. . . I'd like to know about her recovery, all the strength to her and you, dear creators. ???

  23. What a great pain I feel in my heart to know that I am part of the human race that is capable of such cruelty to these friends, traveling companions in life that give us so much love. I don't want to cry and yet my tears come out alone …

  24. God bless you people y’all are amazing I’m so happy that we have amazing people in this world
    Thank you so much for finding and helping this dog

  25. Eso es maltrato animal porque la sacan a cazar si esta embarazada eso no se hace, Dios los perdone, Dios guarde a esa mamá que es fuerte y hermosa♥️?

  26. I love these foods to show how much people love these animals.. it’s so sad the way people treat them! It’s horrible I love animals so freaking much, please take care of ur animal even if u don’t like them that much please cause it’s harmful for a animal to go through pain they feel it so cherish while u can

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