looking for a place to deer hunt in or around Leesburg Florida
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looking for a place to deer hunt in or around Leesburg Florida

February 11, 2020

So I’m sitting here reading The laws and hunting regulations Of Florida I’m trying to learn all I can because I really wanted to do some deer hunting here in Florida And some watching dream TV It is really Watching some dream TV trying to learn a little bit about North Florida hunting He’s about ready to shoot a deer No, I well We’ll see a minute whether we got it or not So yeah, I’m trying to learn all the regulations everything’s different just for instance. The blaze orange that I used to have to wear was 400 square inches on your upper body And down here at Florida. It’s 500 square inches. So all the rules are different It’s a little confusing as to know where I can hunt where I can’t hunt I’d really like to find somebody that has some private land that wouldn’t mind me hunting on it But we’ll see how it goes Yeah, he got a doe muzzleloader season That’s what he’s huntin. How am I give him a thumbs up? Yeah I’m I tell them All right You go I’m watching his video Gave him a thumbs up. Give him a good comment. It’s awesome. Oh He didn’t shoot it though, it was a buck it was I Couldn’t see its head But anyway, so yeah I’m reading the hunting regulations and trying to learn it and I Still have some time and I’d like to get out there if I could find a place to hunt get my hunting license That’s not a big deal if I could find a place to hunt. I’m gonna get out there and do it. So if anybody out there knows of anybody in you know, my area of Leesburg area of Florida that Could get a hold of me leave a comment for me. That would be great and maybe I can get some hunting and Maybe I can get some venison in the freezer. That would be a great thing I’ve I’ve never shot at Florida deer and I would love to I’d love to get out there been hunting for a lot of years all of my life. I’ve been hunting and I’m a very ethical hunter and so You know, if anybody in in my area of Florida can help me out, that would be a wonderful thing So I’m gonna continue watching this there he is he’s got his deer He’s gonna get him back to the truck get him processed get him in the freezer And there he is sitting back in a stand again All right, so You know, I’m gonna put this out there I’d really like some help if anybody out there could help me out Point me in the right direction Maybe give me a little piece of property that I can hunt up here in Florida Because I don’t know how to go about doing it yet I haven’t been down here long enough to learn, you know the wildlife management areas and And that kind of stuff but maybe for next year I can but but this year I still got a little bit of time general gun season so Yeah, I’d really appreciate it and thanks for watching this is Bob from the prepper bhaag channel Ask y’all like share and subscribe my channel and I’m out

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  1. When I lived in Florida the thing I noticed about the deer was they are a lot smaller than the deer up north. Hope you find a place among my friend and as always thanks for sharing.

  2. Good luck, Bob! I dropped a nice one (buck, 8 point, 'bout 275 lbs) late this afternoon with only 2 hours left in the mule deer season.

  3. We just lucked out this year on a spot….weve never hunted this part of the property. Im excited. Good luck…

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